Living & Working in Cockaigne
The town is multicultural with residents of all nationalities and faiths. Residents can be of any sexual persuasion; gay, bi-sexual, straight, lesbian, trans, etc. Unless you already live in Cockaigne, then you must have a job in the town to move in. But you don’t necessarily need to work in the town to live there.

Cockaigne Academy
The only school in Cockaigne for children between the ages of 11 and 18. Cockaigne Academy follows the English education system and curriculum. Our rules are strict and we expect all students to adhere to them.

Cockaigne University
The university serves both residents and non-residents of Cockaigne. All residents who pass the selection criteria are guaranteed a place on their chosen course. Non-residents must pass additional selection criteria based on their suitability for living in Cockaigne. Prospective students must submit an essay and attend an interview.

Cockaigne Pharma
The company develops and researches new drugs which help the people of Cockaigne. It is the major sponsor of the town and devotes a proportion of its profits to enhancing the life of the residents.

Security is here to protect and serve the people of Cockaigne. Firm but fair is our motto. We have a zero-tolerance policy and will give on the spot punishments for minor offences. If you plan on visiting, please remember to visit us to get a permit.

The Laws of Cockaigne
The town has some unique laws which make Cockaigne the special place it is. But freedom comes at a price, especially if you abuse the freedoms the town offers. Non-residents should pay particular attention and acquaint themselves with our law. It is important for non-residents to obtain their visitors permit from Security.

Punishments of Cockaigne
If you break the laws, be prepared to suffer some unique punishments. You may be sentenced to enforced nudity and wear a punishment ring to prevent ejaculation for minor infractions to a stint on the Punishment Stage where you will have to endure physical punishments.

Cockaigne Correction Centre
For serious offences and crimes that warrant a custodial sentence, 3C (as it is known colloquially) houses the offenders. Life inside is hard and tough, rules are strict and in-house punishments severe.

Old Cockton
Old Cockton can be traced back to the doomsday book of 1086. Cockaigne Pharma chose this quaint hamlet as the location to build their new town and was determined to keep the old town charm. Cockton is a slice of the old among the modern.

Old Cockton Farm
The arable farm has been in the Dartos family for generations and can be traced back to the beginning of the seventeenth century. Although anecdotally, the Dartos family say they have been farming the land since the fifteenth century.