The Laws of Cockaigne

The Cockaigne Public Health Act 2005

All residents must receive an inoculation of the revolutionary vaccine developed by Cockaigne Pharma. This is a multi-spectrum anti-viral and anti-bacterial vaccine which protects residents from many, but not all infections. A side-effect of the vaccine is that the residents become less ashamed of their bodies, nudity and sex.

Stop & Strip Search

Cockaigne has augmented the ‘Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) in relation to stop and search powers.

Security is empowered to strip-search any person they have reasonable cause to believe they have, or about to, engage in criminal activity or antisocial behaviour. This may also include a cavity search if it is deemed necesary.


Nudity and sexual activity is accepted in any area within the Parish boundary of Cockaigne. This includes at the workplace, at home, communal gardens and parks, or on the streets. As nudity is commonplace, all toilets and changing areas are communal and unisex.

The Age of Consent

The general age of consent in Cockaigne is sixteen, which coincides with the rest of the UK. However, Cockaigne has a provisional age of consent of fourteen. The provision being that those persons engaging in sexual activity must be between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. This acknowledges that young teenagers are increasingly likely to start having sexual relationships with their peers at a younger age, but this provision helps prevents youngsters from being exploited and abused.

Permitted Sexual Activities

Cockaigne does not outlaw any sexual practices between consenting persons, this includes incest, bondage and sado-masochism.

By definition, any sexual activity with animals remains prohibited as they cannot be deemed to have given consent.

Due to the body freedom nature of Cockaigne, there are no offences of exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Provisional Sentencing & Punishments

Security may inflict an immediate provisional punishment for misdemeanours. The offender may accept the punishment, in which case they will not be detained and there will be no permanent note on the resident’s record or if the offender wishes to contest the alleged infraction then the case will be referred to the duty judge.

For more serious infractions of the laws, a provisional punishment will be given and immediately referred to the duty judge for investigation.

A provisional punishment cannot be revoked, even if the accused is determined to be innocent. Where guilt is suspected or likely, then the offender is sent to trial by a judge who can issue harsher punishments, including incarceration and corporal punishments.

Punishments can be carried out at the discretion of the head of the family or Cockaigne Security. However, the family cannot overturn any punishment decreed by security.


Non-residents should be accompanied by residents at all times or obtain a visitors pass from Cockaigne Security, this includes all holidaymakers.