Living & Working

Cockaigne Council ensures all its residents are able to live the lifestyle they desire. They have eliminated poverty and homelessness by giving each adult resident a Uniform Basic Income (UBI) of £30,000 per year.

Due to the generous UBI offered, there are many outside applicants for every job vacancy. Employers have a duty to employ residents as a priority, however, when there is no suitable Local candidate then they may offer the role to an Outsider.

For an employer to offer a position to an Outsider they must ensure that they prescribe to the Cockaigne ethos and must commit to moving into the town for the duration of their employment.

Cockaigne offers employments in many and varied sectors.

Leisure & Fitness
Hospitality & Entertainment
Financial Services
Security Services
Correction Officers

For a full list of current vacancies, check out our Situations Vacant page.