Cockaigne Pharma

Cockaigne Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that used its profits to create the town bearing its name to further its ambitions of a world accepting nudity and sexual freedoms.

The company continues to donate a proportion of its profits to the town, the rest is held in reserve or distributed to its shareholders.

The comapny develops drugs and devices to help society, some prove to be valuable globally, such as its reseasrch into new antibiotics, others are only useful in Cockaigne as they promote the town’s values.

Multi-Spectrum Vaccine
Cockaigne Pharma’s research into vaccines culminated in their patented multi-spectrum vaccine. It protects against most forms of bacterial and viral infections, but not all. It was never adopted globally due to the side effect of removing inhibitions and enhancing sexuality. It was these side effects that led to the idea of creating a society free of disease and the arbitrary constraints on life.

Type II Punishment Ring
This ring is designed to fit tightly around the penis and testicles and will cause the wearer to be in a semi-aroused state. It does not prevent intercourse, so the wearer may still pleasure their partner(s) but the ring prevents ejaculation by causing pain in the testicles moments prior to orgasm. (A Type I Punishment Ring is a standard ring fitted around the penis and testicles intended to cause the wearer embarrassment but does not prevent ejaculation.) Cockaigne Security is immediately notified if there is any attempt to remove the device.

Male Genital Encasement (Punishment) Device
This is a transparent device designed to encase the penis and is attached to either a Type I or Type II Punishment Ring, dependant on whether the sentence allows the offender to ejaculate or not. The device can be programmed to detach automatically after a desired period of time, for example, three months. Cockaigne Security is immediately notified if there is any attempt to remove the device.

Depilation Cream
A cream that, when applied to the skin will remove hair and dissolve the hair follicles. The body eventually regrows the hair follicles and hair will grow back. Dependant on the strength of the cream used, hair loss can be achieved for periods a multiple of three months. (testing has proven the time to be accurate within a 5% deviation.) The highest strength of cream has been proven to remove hair permanently.

This drug, administered in pill form, was developed to enhance male potency. Similar to viagra but proven to be much more effective. When taken it will cause the penis to become erect for a period of no less than four hours and will enhance sexual desire. When developed it was considered too potent for the general market and so is only available in Cockaigne. The drug is used recreationally by residents and as a punishment. Visitors may use the drug while in Cockaigne, but it is forbidden to export the drug outside the town boundary.

Sphincter Relaxation Cream
This drug, in the form of a cream, was developed to specifically relax sphincter muscles. The main use is on the anal sphincter to make internal investigations less uncomfortable. The company investigated its use to relax the anus to make anal sex less painful proved inconclusive. Some test subjects prefered a painful penetration, claiming it enhanced the pleasure, and a painless penetration proved less pleasurable. The cream continues to be used for both purposes but has proven less marketable as an anal sex facilitator.

Drugs failed Testing

Sexuality Enhancer
This drug was intended to enhance a person’s sexuality, reduce inhibitions and increase their libido. Upon testing, it was found to only enhance the person’s homosexual tendencies and all testing was abandoned. The drug was subject to a scandal at Cockaigne Pharma when a research scientist incorporated the drug with the sphincter relaxation cream and exposed it to test subjects. Cockaigne believes all sexualities are valid so has since destroyed the drug and all research notes. However, some test subjects continue to suffer the effects of the trial and Cockaigne Pharma has compensated them accordingly.