There is no police force in Cockaigne. Instead, under and act of Parliament, Cockaigne has created its own Security Services.

The Cockaigne Security Service is responsible for keeping residents and visitors safe. Our security officers take a proactive approach to law enforcement and are integrated into society; your friendly local security officer is never too far away.

We take a zero-tolerance approach to crime and have the powers to issue on the spot punishments. Fortunately, most of our residents respect our laws and are free to enjoy the freedoms Cockaigne affords them.

If the attending security officer considers the infraction serious enough then the crime may be referred to the magistrate’s court.

The attending magistrate will evaluate all the evidence presented and will issue a ruling at an advised time and determine the appropriate punishment.

Cockaigne Security Personnel

Chief Security Officer Dennis Longstaff
I head a dedicated team of officers who are dedicated to serving the community. I ensure all our laws are enforced consistently and fairly. Although not on the front line, I am available to meet any resident to hear their concerns.

Senior Security Officer Nathan Morehead
I am responsible for the day to day smooth running of Cockaigne. I am often seen in town and I like to think I am approachable. Come stop me and have a chat, we like to be close to the community.

Officer Andy Noble
A proud resident of Cockaigne, I live here with my mother and fifteen-year-old brother, Freddie. I am very protective of my family and like to think that all residents are part of my extended family.

Officer Grace Bigwood
I like to think I’m the feminine face of security, often seen behind the main desk in the central security office. I’m here to take down your reports of suspicious behaviour and offer support to victims of crime. I love the social aspects of the job and meeting fellow residents, it’s not just crime we deal with!

Officer Eric Heartclow
I am currently assigned to the magistrates’ court to ensure the safe and efficient function of the court. I handle the offenders and am an essential part in the investigations of alleged crimes.

Officer James Parks
I am beat officer who also helps the community by assisting parents and guardians punishing their family.

The Judiciary
The centre of judicial justice is based at the ‘Old Cockton’ Magistrates’ Court. Outside of Cockaigne, court cases are heard in either a magistrates’ court or crown court, Cockaigne Court has combined the functions of both and all cases are heard by a judge. It is a judge he decides guilt as there are no jury trials. Any resident of Cockaigne may apply to be a judge.

Chief Judge Randall Cowper
As the chief judge, I am responsible for ensuring justice is served in a transparent and impartial manner.

Judge Berat Melikial
I am one of several circuit judges that preside in the magistrates’ court. A resident of Cockaigne, I am proud to uphold the laws and traditions of the town.