David Heulfryn
David loves writing stories about Cockaigne. He introduced us to this wonderful town where the only limits are your imagination.

Firefish added the Brown family to the universe and enhanced Cockaigne society by creating the punishment levels and the concept of slavery. Those who wrong others must atone.

Mark McElroy
Mark introduces us to Ben and his husband, Mitch. They have moved to Cockaigne as Ben takes up a new post at Cockaigne Pharma.

Naked Justice
Daniel and Ian are residents of Cockaigne and enjoy the nudism and exhibitionism. Now Daniel’s brother comes to stay and he is not used to being naked.

Jack N Cox
Jack took the students of Cockaigne Academy and sheds light into what can happen at school. Students in Cockaigne don’t just learn the official curriculum.

Prospective Authors
Do you have an idea for a story? Then why not write it down and get your ‘face’ on this page. We welcome new stories from new writers.