Cockaigne Acadamy

Cockaigne Academy is the only school in Cockaigne for children between the ages of 11 and 18. There is a companion school, Cockaigne Primary School, for younger children, ages 5 to 11, on a separate campus. Located in England, Cockaigne Academy follows the English education system.

The academy is co-educational, boys and girls, with an approximately equal proportion of both genders, no classes are segregated, except certain sports, general physical education is mixed. All the changing rooms and showers are communal and mixed-sex.

At Cockaigne Academy, we ensure that every child in our charge fulfils and exceeds their potential.  We have high expectations of our students in terms of their approach to learning, and their involvement in the everyday life of the School. By doing this, we are learning, thinking and thriving… together. 

We educate our children to embrace their individuality and not be afraid of their bodies. Unlike other schools, we offer a well rounded and comprehensive education in personal, social and sex education with a grounding in mutual respect and developing relationships,

The ethos is to prepare each individual to live a full and satisfying life in Cockaigne.

We also have an extra special programme aimed at developing the character of the boys in our school to be well-rounded, self-sufficient individuals who will contribute positively to Cockaigne society. The ‘Stepping into Manhood‘ programme has been specially designed with our boys’ needs in mind.

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