Old Cockton Farm

Old Cockton Farm has been in the Dartos family for generations and can be traced back to the beginning of the seventeenth century. Although anecdotally, the Dartos family say they have been farming the land since the fifteenth century but this can’t be confirmed.

The arable farm used to surround the village of old Cockton but in the eighteenth century the farm fell on bad times and the area around Old Cockton was no longer farmed and the adjacent woodland encroached onto the land. The Dartos family continued to farm the more fertile land north of Old Cockton.

The current landowner, Douglas Dartos, mainly farms wheat with the help of his two sons, his wife died of an unfortunate farming accident when a tractor Doug was driving crushed her to death. A subsequent investigation absolved Doug of any responsibility, although rumours abound that he planned the accident.

The extent of Old Cockton Farm was further reduced when parts were subject to a compulsory purchase order to free up land to build the Cockaigne Housing Estate as part of the grand experiment to create the town of Cockaigne.

Doug Dartos resented being forced to sell part of his farm, this resentment deepened when he learnt of the new bylaws of the town and the open attitude to nudity and sexual intercourse.

A small part of the farm remains within the Cockaigne boundary so they must obey the bylaws while farming that patch of land. The only vehicle access to the farm is a small track that is only accessible by driving through Cockaigne.

Doug Dartos
Farmer, 41 years old, father of two sons, wife deceased. Opponent of Cockaigne and its sexual freedoms, but after getting caught out by their rules while travelling through, he gets to experience what it means to be a resident.

Archie Dartos
Eldest son of Doug, Archie is 19 years old. He helps out on the farm between going to college, he is straight and after pursuing a relationship with Officer Grace Bigwood of Cockaigne Security, he begins to enjoy the Cockaigne life.

Leo Dartos
Youngest son of Doug, Leo is 17 years old. He also helps out on the farm when he can. He always thought he was straight, but is now finding out he is also attracted to guys. He has started to meet residents of Cockaigne and is starting to convert to that way of life.