Meet the Residents

The Walker Family

Ruth Walker
Ruth has been married to Mark for 3 years. Adam is her son from a previous marriage and Luke is Mark’s son. They are both protective of our own children.

Mark Walker
Father of Luke and Step-Dad to Adam.
A biochemist who relocated his new family after getting a new job at Cockaigne Pharma.
Stats: Thick seven-inch cock, bushy black pubes and low hanging balls.

Adam Walker
A shy 14 years-old redhead. New to Cockaigne, He found nudity embarrasing at the beginning but is used to it now. He and his step-brother hated each other, until Luke spent some time with us in Cockaigne. After Luke was punished, they became closer.
Stats: Age 14

Luke Walker
An angry young man after his parents’ marriage broke up. He was antogonistic to his new step-brother, Adam, and resented him for spending more time with his father than he did.
Stats: Age 16

The Young Family

Justin Andrew Young aka “Jay” or “Kes”
I am 18 years-old and joined a clinical trial that went horribly wrong. I now live in Cockaigne, and although I always thought of myself as straight, I now find I’m attracted to guys as well. My first boyfriend was Philip.
Stats: Blue eyes, light brown hair, weight 79kg, height 1.8m, Penis 5″ soft, 8.5″ hard.

Simon Young
I am 21 years-old and supported my brother when he told the family he was moving to Cockaigne. I am straight but split up with my girlfriend after we visited my brother in Cockaigne. After an unfortunate incident, I found myself being punished in Cockaigne.

Aden Young
I am 20 years-old and didn’t react well to my younger brother moving to Cockaigne. His decision split the family.

The Barren Family

Philip Barren
I work at Cockaigne Pharma on their reception desk. I am an administrator and help out during their drug trials. I was Kes’ first boyfriend
Stats: Age 24, black hair, slim, taut body, his body is completely shaved, closely cropped dark hair and neatly trimmed eyebrows, looks after his physical appearance. Uncut.

Kevin Barren
I am Philip’s younger brother.
Stats: Age 20

The Noble Family

Andy Noble
A proud resident of Cockaigne, I live here with my mother and fifteen-year-old brother, Freddie. I am very protective of my family and like to think that all residents are part of my extended family.

Freddie Noble
Younger brother of Andy Noble

Stats: Age 15

Marcia Noble
Mother of Andy and Freddie, and lover of Doug Dartos.

The Fletcher Family

Owen Fletcher
I’m a cyber-security expert and have just got a job in Cockaigne to ensure the town’s systems are secure and. My family have moved with me and are all settling in well. My wife has become more open and nudity and sex is now normal for us. My two sons are very close, both enjoy nudity, my youngest has come out as a fully fledged naturist.

Lily Fletcher
Farmer, 41 years old, father of two sons, wife deceased. Opponent of Cockaigne and its sexual freedoms, but after getting caught out by their rules while travelling through, he gets to experience what it means to be a resident.

Max Fletcher
I’m 15 years old and my younger brother has got me comfortable with my body and nudity. I like to me naked with him around the house, but I’m not yet comfortable going outside naked. My boyfriend, James, is 16 and lives outside Cockaigne. I enjoy his frequesnt visits.

Finn “Min” Fletcher
I’m almost 14 years old and have come out as a naturist. I’m train in gymnastics and until recently, swimming. I like to think I’m outgoing and cheeky. I have come to love my brother deeply, we share everything and have no secrets. I only allow my brother to call me Min.

The Dartos Family

Doug Dartos
Farmer, 41 years old, father of two sons, wife deceased. Opponent of Cockaigne and its sexual freedoms, but after getting caught out by their rules while travelling through, he gets to experience what it means to be a resident.

Archie Dartos
Eldest son of Doug, Archie is 19 years old. He helps out on the farm between going to college, he is straight and after pursuing a relationship with Officer Grace Bigwood of Cockaigne Security, he begins to enjoy the Cockaigne life.

Leo Dartos
Youngest son of Doug, Leo is 17 years old. He also helps out on the farm when he can. He always thought he was straight, but is now finding out he is also attracted to guys. He has started to meet residents of Cockaigne and is starting to convert to that way of life.

Other Characters

Roger Chapman
Clinical Director at Cockaigne Pharma.

Charles De’ath
Middle-aged manager of the leisure centre. Likes to be surrounded by young naked men. Likes to work in nothing but a jockstrap.

Josh McKenzie
mousey hair, which flopped over his eyes, almost concealing them
Stats: Age 16, in 6th form

Liam Fitz
New resident, no hair at all on his body, including eyebrows and lashes. Suffers from alopecia. Lost his hair aged 14. Deep baritone voice.
Stats: Late twenties/early thrities.

Nick Dawson
Works in an estate agent, dresses very smart in a suit and tie for his job.
Stats: Age 20. Well endowed, untrimmed pubes.

Elliott Dawson
Younger brother of Nick.
Stats: Age 16, Well endowed. In 6th form

Students of Cockaigne Academy

Eddie Mason
Mature for his age, could easily pass for 16 or 17. Tall for his age. A loner with few friends. Shows a good aptitude for Maths.
Stats: Age 14, Green eyes, hairy, wisps of hair surrouding his nipples and a dark treasure trail leads to a full bush of black pubes. Thick cock and large balls.

Scott Hayes
My best friend is Adam and I’m also good friends with Finn. Eddie was befrioended by Finn and he sometimes join our group when he feels up to it.
Stats: Age 14, Straight and desperate for a girlfriend.

Neil Wilson
I am the nephew of Mr Lawrence, the history teacher. My mother leads the local council and is chair of Cockaigne Academy PTA. With connections like that, I tend to avoid serious punishments.
Stats: Age 16,

Stuart Harrison & Kevin Sutton
Friends of Neil Wilson. They do anything he says and, along with Neil, enjoy causing trouble for others. Because they are in Neil’s shadow, students try to avoid them fearing they will get bullied.
Stats: Ages 16,

Elise Hadler
Best friend of Hannah Kang. Befriended Max when he was being bullied by Neil.

Stats: Age 15,

Hannah Kang
Best friend to Elise and, although she knows he’s gay, has a crush on Max Fletcher.

Stats: Age 15,

Eric Walsh
A young boy in Finn’s swim class.

Stats: Age 11

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