Coach Teaches Middle School Sex Ed
by Jack N Cox

Based on characters from the chapter “Adam’s First Day at His New School”

Scott was under the hot shower after his first PE class when he saw the door to Coach’s office open. Coach walked out naked directly into the group shower area. His huge cock was hard and parallel to the floor, and swung back and forth as he walked. There was only Scott, and Robert with his three naked ‘slaves’, Sebastian, Oliver, and Jason. After Robert was the lucky boy to make Scott blow his load in front of Coach and the rest of the year nine guys Coach let Robert have the other three as slaves. Scott’s parents took him to the doctor for his inoculation weeks ago so being jacked off in front of all those strangers was only mildly humiliating. After hearing Adam talk about his shopping trip Scott decided to ask his uncles to take him shopping for a proper jock strap. Maybe Adam could go with him. He’d like that a lot. That thought plus the sight of Coach’s huge swinging log made Scott’s cock throb back to full hardon.

“Robert, congratulations for being the winner! I saw you take a taste of your cummy prize. Have tasted cum before?” Coach asked casually to break the white noise of the showers.

Robert looked around at all the guys and then to Coach. “I was just curious. I saw my Dad licking up his boss’ cum from the floor at his office and wondered what it tasted like.”

“Cum and precum are full of nutrients and other supplements boosted by the vaccinations everyone at Cockaigne receives.” Coach was soaping up his cock and balls while he spoke and now his cock was standing up tall on it’s own.

“I encourage you boys to slurp up your own cum whenever you jack off. Drink each other’s cum, too, or any man’s cum who will give it to you. The benefits of Cockaigne enhanced cum are received both orally and anally. So have fun, boys!” All the while Coach was stroking his cock and washing his balls each boy was stroking his own cock.

Coach then started soaping up his backside and looked like he was trying to finger his hole but was having a hard time reaching around.

“Robert, I need someone to help me wash my arse. Choose one of your slaves to come help me”.

Robert almost stepped forward himself but hesitated. Then pointed to Oliver, the biggest of the boys whose half-hard cock flopped against his thighs when he was running around the gym. Oliver walked over to Coach, his cock pulsing and rising as he went. “Oliver, good. Get your hands nice and soapy and slip a couple of your fingers up my ass to get it nice and clean for me.”

Coach crouched down with his hands on his bent knees and his ass spread. Scott realized he was absent mindedly stroking his hard cock watching Oliver stick three of his fingers up Coach’s muscled bubble butt. Coach was stroking his cock when he looked over at Scott.

“Scott, you performed admirably today under the curious hands of your fellow classmates. That was quite a load you shot. I need a couple of high school volunteers to assist me with the middle school sex education class this afternoon and want you to be one of them.” Scott nodded his head as his hand jacked up and down on his cock. “Great! I’ll work it out with your teachers to get you excused from classes. Meet me here in my office after lunch.”  “Yes, Coach.”

Coach was pounding his cock now as Oliver worked four fingers in his hole. Suddenly he roared and shot his cum into his hand. His ass muscles clenching and squeezing the fingers in his ass causing Oliver to winch a bit in pain. Coach turned around with the cum in his hand and asked, “Who wants it?”  Robert was the first to shoot his hand in the air and licked Coach’s hand clean.

Scott left the showers, got dressed and went to his next class. When he came back to Coach’s office there were two upper class students, a boy and a girl, who looked to be in the 11th or 12 year. The boy was naked, obviously being punished for something as he had a tight cock ring gadget that separated his balls and reached under his taint. His cock was rock hard and dripping precum down his shaft and balls onto the floor. His hands were in leather cuffs behind his back and there was a ball gag in his mouth, which caused him to drip drool down his chin and chest. The girl had the school uniform on but she obviously was not wearing panties and her tits almost fell out of her shirt.

The girl smiled at Scott, “Hi! Coach told us you were cumming. Are you Scott?”  “Yes”

“I’m Wendy and this is my brother, Jack. He’s being punished by Dad, that’s why he’s trussed up like this. Dad gave him a dose of X and Viagracock before school and he’s been leaking ever since.” She reached over and stroked Jack’s cock up and down a couple times, causing him to moan and twitch. But then she stopped. Jack screamed into his ball gag, his eyes pleading with Wendy. When Wendy proved she wasn’t going to touch it again Jack looked at Scott with lust-filled, desperate eyes, and tried to smile. Hard to do with a gag in his mouth. Scott could not stop looking at his dripping cock, thinking about what Coach said in the shower. He remembered the rules about naked students, any student or teacher could touch and feel them at any time, as long as it does not disrupt class.

Scott started to step closer to Jack to get a taste when Coach came into his office from the shower, naked and wet, with a towel around his neck. His cock hung soft and heavy like he had just blown a load.

“Ah, good! Everyone is here!” Coach quickly dried off and threw the towel in the hamper by his desk. As he slipped on his thin, nylon running shorts, without undies, he said, “We’re going to the middle school next door and you are going to help me demonstrate for the sex ed class. Jack here is perfect for this demonstration in his current circumstance. Jack, stand up, turn around, and bend over.”

When Jack bent over Scott saw he had a butt plug, black and shiny. “I have permission from Jack’s Daddy to make an example of him. Maybe he’ll think twice before talking back and being disrespectful in public.”

“Let’s go. The students should all be in the gym by now.”

When they got there Scott saw the bleachers full of 5th and 6th year boys and girls, 10-12 years old, all of them bare-chested in their underwear. Most of the boys wore tight, white briefs like Coach preferred. However, there were two boys wearing boxer briefs and one boy naked. The naked boy looked small for his age, like 8 or 9, and his little cock was hard as a nail. In fact most of the boys had tents in their pants. All of the girls wore cotton panties, some of the older girls had visible dampness in their blossoming, puffy crotches. The sight of the naked boy, tented tighty whiteys, and damp panties caused Scott’s cock to get hard again, which caused a damp spot in the front of his uniform shorts.

Coach led the three of them to the center of the gym floor where a couple of chairs and a massage table were set up. We all remained standing while Coach addressed the assembly.

“Good afternoon, students, faculty, and parent volunteers!” Which was met by a chorus of “Good afternoon, Coach!”

“Welcome to Sex Education, Unit 1, developed by Cockaigne Pharma and the town council. Everyone stand up and come down here to the gym floor. Leave your underwear on the bleacher where you sat. Remember where you sat and who was next to you. It is your responsibility to find your underwear when we are done. Teachers, you can remove your clothes if you wish, or not. Up to you.”

He turned to Wendy and Scott, “You, too. Leave your clothes on one of the chairs.” A couple of the boys and girls were shy and slow to remove their undies. Coach snapped, “Hurry up! We don’t have all day!”

Quickly everyone was naked surrounding Coach and the massage table. Scott thought there must have been about 20 or 30 kids, and counting Coach about 10 adults, both teachers and parent volunteers, male and female, all of whom took off their clothes.

“First I want to commend all of the girls for having the preferred cotton panties recommended by our school physician, Dr Leslie Munch. However, I noticed 3 of you boys were not wearing white briefs.” He pointed to the boy who was naked to begin with and the two boys who had the boxer briefs. “You three come up here and sit on this table. Everyone else have a seat on the floor.” Looking at the boys on the massage table Coach asked, “What are your names? You first,” pointing at the small naked boy with no undies.

“Uh…my name is Bobby.” “I’m Rufus and this is my cousin, Fergus.” Fergus looked up shyly at Coach and nervously smiled.

“You have quite an accent, Rufus, where are you boys from?”

“Ireland. My Daddy brought us to Cockaigne, he’s a chemist at the Company. He brought me, my Mom, my Uncle Seamus and Fergus, his son, and Grandpa Thomas, my Daddy’s Daddy. I’m sorry, we didn’t know about the white briefs. We grew up wearing boxer briefs.”

“Well, it’s not an official dress code, just what I prefer to see on my boys. What about you, Bobby, why did you not have any underpants?”

“Ummm…well…I…uh…” The boy stuttered and wrung his hands in his lap, not realizing that this made his little cocklet hard. “I had pantie…I mean underwear on when I got here this morning but I had to take them off during lunch time and I didn’t have another pair.” Bobby was looking down toward the floor, beet red, his cocklet throbbing against his wringing hands.

“Bobby, look at me. Why did you have to take your panties off at lunch time?”

“Because… I accidentally made a mess in them.”

The kids started giggling and Coach quickly put a stop to it.

“BE SILENT!  The next person who laughs will be running around the gym with one of their fingers up their ass. Don’t test me!” After glaring at each of the kids in turn Coach turned back to Bobby, put his arm around his tiny shoulders and pulled him close to his naked chest.

Quietly he asked the boy, “Now what kind of mess did you make in your panties, Bobby?”

Bobby looked up into Coach’s eyes, his own eyes pooling with tears of embarrassment. “My brhmmhrmm mumble-mumble” Scott could not make out what he was saying.

“Oh! So you soiled your panties with your brother’s cum?” Coach asked, loud enough that everyone could hear.

Bobby nodded his head and looked back to the floor. Coach reached out and lifted Bobby’s chin with his finger until he was looking Coach in the eyes. “Having cum in your ass is nothing to be ashamed of. Cum is good for a growing boy’s body, whether he takes it down his throat or up his ass.”

Coach looked out at everyone else, “Which leads me to today’s topic. Sex, and the different ways you can have sex. Bobby, get on your hands and knees on the table and face away from me. Rufus and Fergus, you can go back.”

Bobby got up on the table with his bum spread open, still moist with his brother’s cum.

“When a boy or a man’s cock gets hard he wants to play with it and stick it in various holes to get pleasure. Now when a man puts his cock into a vagina and cums, that is how babies are made. But there are other ways boys and girls, and men and women, can find pleasure with their genitals and bodies. You’ve all had the basic birds and bees in elementary school, so all of this should not be new. Today I want to show you a great alternative to vaginal sex to avoid the risk of creating an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Anal sex.”

Coach put his hands on Bobby’s ass cheeks and spread them apart. “Take a close look at Bobby’s hole. Notice how it’s pink and puffy, and moist. This is a freshly fucked ass. Who has not had a cock in their ass yet?”

A lot of hands went up but Scott noticed quite a few boys and girls whose hands stayed down. He tried to memorize their faces for later but he wasn’t sure why.

Coach pointed to one of the raised hands and said, “You, boy, come up here. What’s your name?”

“My name is Joy.” Joy was a slip of a child, smooth chest and hairless crotch. The cutest adorable cocklet stood up about 3 inches, however instead of little balls under his spike Joy had a smooth slit with slightly puffy lips.

“Ah! Joy! I see that you are intersexed. What, if any, gender do you go by?”

“Um…well, I don’t. Sometimes I feel like a boy and sometimes I feel like a girl. Mommy says I don’t have to choose one or the other and that I can be both. Daddy loves me just as I am, whether I’m a girl one day or a boy the next. Today I feel like a boy.”

“That’s wonderful, Joy! Hop up on the table on your hands and knees next to Bobby.”

Joy got next to Bobby with their asses touching and smiled at Bobby. Bobby shyly smiled back.

Coach spread Joy’s asscheeks apart and exposed his pink little asshole and bald little cunt. In this position Joy’s cunt lips parted and everyone could see a pearly smear of cum inside. Coach slowly ran his finger through Joy’s cummy cunt and touched it to his asshole, rubbing the cum around Joy’s pink and flawless rosebud. Joy could feel his cocklet twitching around as Coach touched him. He involuntarily winked his hole against Coach’s finger a couple of times.

“Now whose cum is this, honey boy?” Joy giggled and said, “My friend, Max. He’s older than me and can make sperms already. But it’s okay, the Dr. told my parents and I that I don’t have ovaries and can’t get pregnant.”

Coach dipped his finger in the boy’s pussy again to gather more cum and went deep to the third knuckle while Joy moaned. “Everyone, look how smooth and pink Joy’s asshole is compared to Bobby’s puffy hole. Neither one is better than the other. There is no competition. I merely want to show you the difference between a virgin asshole and one that has been fucked.” Coach said all this while slowly moving his finger in and out of Joy’s cunt. “Thank you, Joy and Bobby, you can go back with the others.”

“Scott and Wendy, please bring Jack and position him bending over the table.”

Coach took a key from a chain around his neck and removed the cock cage and butt plug, placing the contraption on the table next to Jack. Then he addressed the audience.

“The first thing you need to remember about anal sex, keep it clean. Not only when you’re washing with soap in the shower, but with an enema as well. Preferably within an hour before sex and before your next big meal. Dr. Munch will be giving douche and enema demonstrations in the grand shower room after we’re done here.”

“The second thing you need to remember – be gentle and use lots of lubrication. The tissues in the anal cavity are like wet paper towels and tear easily. Be patient and take your time opening an anus using your fingers. Some people like to use their tongues to loosen it up. When you can thrust three or more fingers without causing extreme pain then you are ready for a cock. You younger guys and those with smaller cocks will find it easier to prepare an ass for your cock. Those with larger cocks must be extra patient and careful not to hurt the one you’re fucking.”

“Scott, Wendy, and Jack are students at the high school who have agreed to help me demonstrate for you. Scott, grease up your fingers with the lube that I’ve laid out for everyone, and inspect the preparedness of Jack’s ass for your cock. His Daddy had this plug in him as punishment and gave me permission to use him for this demonstration, so he should be pretty loose. Wendy, get up on the table, straddle Jack and spread his cheeks open for us.”

This position caused Wendy’s juicy cunt lips to part and drip onto Jack’s back, exposing her pussy to the wide eyes of the kids surrounding the massage table. Scott had four fingers up Jack’s ass, almost his whole fist, as he looked around at the smooth naked flesh surrounding him. The boys were using Coach’s lube to stroke their cocklets and assholes while the girls were all doing the same, rubbing their clits and pussy lips while they watched Jack being used. The teachers and parents were all pleasuring themselves, one man had a boy sucking his cock. One of the women had a girl eating out her pussy. All the kids were touching each other as well, and Scott felt little hands on his balls and ass before the Coach asked him to remove his hand from Jack and step back.

“See how his hole does not close all the way when Scott removed his fingers? That’s when you know he’s ready to be fucked. I’m going to have Scott show you how. Scott, slick up your cock and step between his legs. The table should be at just the right height. Step back a little, girls. You boys make room for the smaller kids, and quit playing around. Pay attention. There, now Scott, press the head of your cock against his ring. Everyone, see how his anus opens like a flower to pull Scott’s cock inside? Good job, Jack! If you look you can see Jack is milking Scott’s cock with his ass muscles. That takes skill and practice and shows how much Jack is enjoying this.” Jack moaned into his ball gag.

Scott tried his best to go slow and make it last but too soon his body was clenching and his cum shooting into Jack’s ass while forty or more naked kids and adults watched. He felt Jack’s ass walls squeeze him tight as Jack had his own orgasm, creaming the table beneath him. Scott felt tiny fingers working themselves into Jack’s ass alongside his cock, gathering up the cum that was leaking down around Jack’s taint and balls. Scott collapsed onto Jack’s back, his cock still inside, as Coach went on to explain the benefits of fresh cum absorbed through the anal walls. He almost drifted off to sleep until he felt a slippery finger working its way into his own ass.

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