Meet the Staff

Headteacher: Mr George Price
Firm but fair with the students, success is celebrated but bad behaviour is punished. I have many years of experience leading schools and fostering the environment so all can succeed.
(He is 42 years old, bisexual and currently single. He is devoted to the success of the school and the students.)

Coach Bryan Peters
I am head of the physical education department. I hail from the United States and expect nothing but the best from my students. I am proud of what our students have achieved and we have an elite team in swimming, diving and rugby that compete nationally.

Assistant Coach Morgan Anderson
I am a recently qualified PE teacher who is also a trained sports therapist. I am able to provide treatment for sporting injuries, rehabilitation and support, and also give advice on prevention.
(A tall young man in his early twenties. He has very blond hair, blonde eyebrows and lashes. He shaves all the blond hair from his body, including legs and armpits. His cock is 6″ soft and grows to 9″ hard.)

Samuel Johnson
A newly qualified maths teacher I have only recently joined Cockaigne Academy. I was reluctantly recruited to the Teacher Clothing Exception Programme and have decided to present myself as a naturist to save face with the students.
(He is mid-twenties with brown hair in a side parting, brown eyes, slight all-over tan, a nice six-pack, neatly trimmed pubes and hung like a horse, at least 7″ soft.)

Brian Clarke
I am a 30-year-old English teacher, considered handsome by some, very interested in getting to know Samuel Johnson better.

Walter Lawrence
History teacher, close to retirement
Stats: Mid to late sixties

Christopher “Chris” Salter
Science teacher
Stats: Age 25

Mitch Mailer
I am the school counsellor, husband to Brad and an old friend of Coach Peters from when we used to live in the US. I am keen to promote a healthy attitude to the physical body and have agreed to take part in the Teacher Clothing Exception Programme.