Prospective Authors

Well, the good news is that there are no rules; anything goes.

Everything on these pages is a framework to help writers with the foundation for them to build their own stories; feel free to introduce new characters, new industries and new leisure opportunities.

If you use a character from another active author in anything other than an incidental role, then please seek their permission to make sure your story fits in with their character arc, collaborations between authors are very welcome.

If you use a character from an inactive author, then please be sensitive to their story so far and try to keep it in keeping with that character.

Are you feeling brave?

Create your own spin-off Cockaigne. Why not Cockaigne: USA, Cockaigne: Canada. Cockaigne Pharma could invest in another country and bring its inoculation to a new country and a new population.

What do I do with my story?

I would hope that once you have added to the Cockaigne Universe you would send it to me so I can add it to the website, just email your story to

If you would like your story to be added to the Nifty Archive, I can send it on your behalf so that it appears in the main Cockaigne Chronicles group of stories. But feel free to send it yourself if you’d prefer.

Let’s all have fun in Cockaigne.