The Teacher Clothing Exception Programme

The Teacher Clothing Exception Programme is a companion to the Student Uniform Exception Programme where teachers may enrol to support the students and teach naked.

While the student programme allows students to become aware of the naked teenage body, the teacher programme allows students to become aware of the adult body.

With young teens being exposed to porn from an early age, it is important they understand what real bodies look like and this programme offers them an alternative view of adult sexuality.

Teachers are expected to attend school naked and will remain naked throughout the entire school day.

Enrollment in the programme is voluntary.

Once enrolled teachers must stay in the programme for the remainder of the school year.

Clothes are not to be permitted in school or when travelling to or from school, except when the external temperature drops below 12 degrees Celcius, then a coat may be worn.

The wearing of shoes is optional and dependant on personal preference.

Teachers must not actively conceal their bodies or genitals at any time.

To encourage more comprehensive sexual education, with the permission of the participant, students and teachers are permitted to touch any teacher enrolled in the programme.

Sexual arousal is nothing to be ashamed of and masturbation is permitted by any participant in the programme at any time.

Sexual intercourse is also permitted during designated break times.

Any sexual activity must be undertaken in full view of any student or teacher who wishes to observe.

Failure to follow the rules or any reasonable instruction by the headteacher is liable for punishment.

Any student not showing any participants due respect then they will be liable to punishment, which may include compulsory enrollment in the School Uniform Exception Programme.