Stepping into Manhood

The Stepping into Manhood programme is designed to support our students as they journey towards adulthood.

We believe that school is not just about qualifications and our philosophy is to treat each student as an individual and allow them to grow into the unique adults they want to become.

Give students extra time so they can gain a greater depth and breadth of knowledge of the subjects they have chosen to study. We don’t believe in simply ‘teaching to exams’.

Their education doesn’t stop with academic subjects: We also develop their physicality, emotional intelligence and spirituality.

Our physical programme opens up students to a huge array of sports and activities. We encourage physical activity to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind. Activity doesn’t always mean sport, some students, may not be sporty but we still encourage them to be physically active.

PSHE is taught by the Form Teacher as part of the programme, where students look at citizenship, sexuality and diversity while building close, supportive relationships with their Form Teacher and their classmates.

Philosophy lessons take place each week, nurturing emotional intelligence and spirituality, with the two main themes being: ‘What it Means to be a Man’ and later, ‘Living in Harmony with Others’.

Several key events are designed to build character, such as the ‘Twelve Mile Naked Cock Walk’ where students walk the nature trail that surrounds Cockaigne, and a formal presentation by the students accompanied by a significant male role model of their choice where they present what that person means to them and why.

Our aim is to develop a young man of character who is confident in himself and who is well on the way to realising his full potential – academically, physically, emotionally, socially and sexually.