Family Conference on Nudity
by Mark McElroy

Mitch Masters sat in front of Mr. Price’s desk listening to the Headmaster explain the experiment skinny program. He refused to pass judgement on Daniel for insisting this for his brother Derek. Being a Nudist himself, he had always considered it free choice. Being an open minded soul, he believed the best way to build self confidence in his and Brads sons was by providing examples. Coming to a decision he waited til Mr Price was through with his explaining the experiment. Deciding to ask a question he said are any teachers taking part? A new hire Samuel Johnson, part of agreeing to hire him, I informed him he would teach in the nude.

Leaving Mr Price’s office he put a call to Brads cell. Hey babe what’s up answered Brad? I’m calling a family Conference tonight, something has developed here that I want everyone’s opinion on. Ok do you want to order Pizza’s? Sounds great to me, I’m going to invite Coach to join us Ok? Sure it’s fine I’ve got some good news to share too.

The rest of the day Mitch spent observing certain classes for future problems. During lunch he got a chance to speak to Coach. Hey buddy would like to join the family for dinner tonight? With your gorgeous sons and hubby? You bet your ass I do what time? 7:pm sharp ok? Of course may I bring anything? Nah just you, buddy. He met up with the twins after the final bell rang. We’re having Pizza for supper and Coach will be there and I’ve called a family conference tonight.

As soon as the twins, Aiden and Ethan arrived home with their Dad, they all went upstairs and stripped out of uniforms and hung them up neatly. Naked they went to their Dads room and watched him undress. Do you boy’s have homework? Yes sir, they answered. History and Science, along with a Math worksheet. Ok get started, they took their books to the table. Stepping outside Mitch turned on the lawn sprinklers. Brad drove up the driveway and entered the house. It was 5:30 and called for the Pizza’s asking for delivery was told they would be there at 6:45. Kissing Aiden and Ethan he asked where’s Dad? Upstairs Daddy, Ethan said, going up Brad walked in the bedroom and stripped. Going over to Mitch typing on the computer asked him may I have a kiss?  Of course my love, standing they embraced and kiss deeply. Brad said you and I made the rules of family conference so I know you won’t discuss it now. But? May I tell you about Ben and my discovery?

First, Ben has isolated the impotence problem. It’s a chemical imbalance in a man’s brain. Well that’s great news for millions of men worldwide, Mitch said. But there seems to be a curious side effect. And? Don’t leave me in suspense. Well you know as well as I do the theory about the Gay gene? Yes of course all humans are in theory supposed to have a gay gene in heterosexuals it’s dormant. Well this drug that Ben and myself has discovered has brought out Gay desires in straight test subjects. OMG this is huge I agree, so how do you proceed? What happens if a woman takes it? Instant bisexual craving. Damn, at that moment the door bell chimed. Dad pizzas are here.

Picking up a cash tip, they went downstairs. Hi Brad said taking the cc slip and signed it. Aiden take the Pizza to the dinner table, yes sir. Handing the driver the slip and the tip he said thank you. As the boy drove off, Brad walked over turning off the sprinklers off. Coach Peters pulled into the driveway. Hey Brad the man said giving him a hug. Hey Bryan how’re you doing? Bryan Peters was a schoolmate of Mitch and became friends with Brad at their wedding. Already comfortable with Nudity, and with his sexuality, Bryan saw nothing wrong with his state of undress. They walked inside and Mitch gave him a kiss on the lips. They sat at the table and Brad passed each twin 2 slices to start. Brad passed a pizza marked ‘The Works’ and both Bryan and Mitch help themselves. Eating, Bryan asked are you boy’s happy with school? Yes sir but don’t tell our Dads. Finished they all went to the living room. Ok so here is what I learned about today. Cockaigne Academy is experimenting with a skinny policy. It was requested by Daniel the co-owner along with Ian of the naked only gym. It seems that Daniel has custody of his 16 yo brother. He didn’t ask Derek if he wants to practice as a Nudist, he’s simply giving the boy no choice in the matter. How do you all feel about being naked at school? Bear in mind only Derek has to be naked. Mr Price has hired a new Math instructor who will also be naked, his name is Mr Samuel Johnson. Boys I really want your opinion on this Mitch said. Looking at each other the twins looked like they communicating silently. Finally Aiden spoke and said if either of you took our freedom of choice away Ethan and I would rebel. But that’s because as American’s we don’t like any of our freedoms taken away. But we live in England now and rules between adults and children are different here. English children are taught adults make the choices for children and the children don’t rebel. Now Ethan and I would like to sign up to go naked, but with one exception and that’s Coach. Me why me? Because Coach it is your policy that all boys wear Jockstraps. This Derek will be naked in PE class. What if his genitals get injured? Coach what do you think? I think I will have a chat with Price about adding you two to the experiment. What about you Mitch care to join? Brad would you mind asked Mitch? Hell baby it’s natural here maybe it will start a revolution. Nudist home nudist school, Nudist town.

Bryan don’t you enjoy being naked? Sure I enjoy nudity but I’m afraid I have to insist on gym attire to protect body parts. I wonder if either Ian or Daniel have received a speeding tennis ball to their nuts? All the guys said OUCH. Sitting in a class naked is one thing, but participating in naked sports opens doors to painful accidents. Ok boys tomorrow we go to school naked but you will dress out for gym.

The next day both Aiden and Ethan carried two bags, one contained books and supplies and the second contained their gym clothes. Mitch was naked as well. The boy’s filled their bowls with cereal and milk and sat down to eat. Brad came down dressed and said good morning my naked angels giving each one a kiss. I have to go to work see you all later. Bye my love see you this evening. Boys are you ready to go?  Yes sir they answered picking up their bags. As they strolled into school they entered the office. Mr Price my son’s are volunteering for the skinny program. And so am I. Mitch are you positively sure asked Mr Price? What about you two looking at the twins? Yes sir but there’s only one thing, looking to their Dad. Last night we had Coach Peters over and after we discussed it he has no problem with naked students, however all boys are still required to wear a jockstrap for protection.

Well in that case I better inform Daniel about the requirement. Sign here boys, and you also Mitch.

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