Chronicles of The Brown Family
by Firefish

Trent Meets a New Friend

Another boring day started for Trent. The teenager sighed while turning on his Nintendo switch.

It had been a month since he and his two brothers had moved to Cockcaigne and Trent hated this town. Where he lived before, he was the most popular in his school, he had lots of friends and a girlfriend too, he was also the captain of his baseball team. Now he was going to be the new guy and have to start all over again. He hated his life. Especially since Caleb quickly integrated among the other teenagers in the neighbourhood.

It was the last straw. At 13 Caleb was a nerd, in their old school everyone laughed at him; he was short and skinny with big glasses, did not play sports, he was often harassed by other students. Trent had never intervened to defend his brother; he did not want to tarnish his popularity rating. However, they were only a year apart and could have been close, but on the contrary, they were too different.

It made Trent rage that his stupid little brother had integrated better than him. He got up from his bed and left his room to get a glass of water in the kitchen. Trent was blond with blue eyes, rather tall for his age, he was rather of slender build while being quite muscular, everyone called him a super handsome kid. He lost his parents in a car accident two years ago, and their 24-year-old older brother Ben was looking after his two brothers. Ben had the same physique as Trent, handsome athletic, he had recently accepted an engineer position in the town of Cockcaigne (a golden opportunity), which had earned the whole family a move to this rotten town.

Within a month, Trent had had time to learn more about their new city, including its bizarre rules. He understood that the authorities here were not lenient with any offenses and that circumventing the law could quickly put you in a very humiliating situation.

While sitting in the passenger seat to go racing with his brother, Trent had seen two teens and a man completely naked and after asking had learned that these people were punished. Trent felt a chill. Despite his sexy body, he was extremely modest and it was unimaginable for him to find himself naked in front of anyone, even after sport he always chose a private shower cubicle.

A week ago, Trent had regained hope, a family had moved across the street, it looked like it was a couple with a boy his age, then a few days later it looked like another boy who was a little older joined them. Trent had been watching the street in an attempt to meet this potential new friend, but had spotted little movement and had finally given up.

After drinking a glass of water, Trent felt the need to get out, he took his bike and cycled to the park behind his neighbourhood. It was the middle of July and the weather was pleasant, the track for walking or cycling was shaded so Trent was not too hot.

After an hour, Trent was going home when he saw two boys in the distance, walking in front was the tallest boy, he recognized his neighbour. His heart  began to beat faster and then quickened again when he  took the scene in front of him. He pedalled a little more and then stopped in front of the boy his age.

It was indeed his new neighbour, he had the same build as him, in his right hand he held a kind of leash and at the other end was a collar around the neck of the other boy. The latter was naked and seemed to have his hands tied behind his back. Trent took in the sight of older boy. He was of a fairly athletic build. He had no other visible hair than under the armpits and pubic area. These rather short ones seemed to have been cut. He had around his balls a black ring which surrounded them and at the base of his cock another black ring, Trent had never seen this kind of object before. The boy seemed painfully erect with his cock lying against his belly, his glans exposed and very red.

Trent saw that the boy blushed when he saw him scrutinising his nakedness and squirmed, unable to hide his exposed body.

It was the other boy who brought Trent out of his contemplation.

“Hi, I’m Adam and he’s Luke.”

“Ah, hi. I’m Trent. What happened to him?”

“Oh, my big step-brother was a very bad boy, huh Luke?” He said turning to the naked boy.

The latter bowed his head, muttering something inaudible.

Then Trent resumed. “And that’s his punishment?”

“My stepfather entrusted me with the responsibility for the punishment, I can walk him naked and punish him or take care of him.” Saying this, he brought his hand to Luke’s cock and stroked him, back and forth.

Luke blushed even more and groaned when his step-brother played with his cock.

“Wow,” said Trent, “I wouldn’t like to be in his place, it’s really too shameful.”

“Yes, you’re right, me neither. However, you can have a little fun if you want.”

An electric current seemed to pass between the two teenagers, and Trent considered the offer. However, he was too shy to touch the boy’s cock with his hands. He looked around and seemed to be looking for something to help him. Finally, he found an object that suited him. He got off his bike saying

“Wait i have an idea.” Trent said.

Adam watched him walk to the side of the road and pick up a feather that a bird must have lost here. Then Trent approached Luke with a big smile and started to slide the feather along the boy’s cock.

Very quickly, Luke began to squirm as his discomfort grew. His glans began to produce a translucent liquid which began to flow down his cock.

Adam and Luke, now very much accomplices, laughed when they saw the older boy more and more ashamed. Trent handed the feather to Adam.

“Would you like to try?”

“Yes with pleasure,” and Adam began to stroke Luke’s glans with the feather.

Luke felt the pressure mounting, he lost all dignity and begged his step-brother to stop, he did not want to offer him the pleasure of a final humiliation and enjoying it here in the middle of the park in front of a stranger. But his complaints were in vain and after three minutes of torture Luke grunted more and spasms shook his cock, spitting five shots of cum on his stomach and chest. The teenager almost fell to his knees, the orgasm was so violent.

The two other boys laughed in front of the naked boy, now completely humiliated.

Adam spoke and said to Trent. “Thanks, it was cool, but I’m going to have to go back, I don’t want to risk a punishment.”

“Yes, you’re right, I think we are neighbours, I live in the house opposite yours. Perhaps we could see each other tomorrow.”

“Yes, that would have been great,” exclaimed Adam, who also seemed very happy to have made a new friend.

They said goodbye, then Trent looked at a Luke completely humiliated, his belly covered with sperm in the process of drying, returned home.

Trent noticed that a very prominent bump appeared in front of his shorts, he looked around and blushed, trying to see if anybody was watching him. He got back on his bike and went home.

Finally, he had made a friend and he was looking forward to tomorrow.

Caleb Has a Bad Day

Robert had been looking after the maintenance of the Cockcaigne School for 30 years. The school was empty in the summer and he took this opportunity to maintain the exteriors. Robert lived alone and had nothing else to do. He was working early because from 9:00 am it was too hot. This morning, he planned to tighten a few screws on the gate of the main entrance. It was 8 o’clock, he was done, he was doing a final inspection when he noticed an object shining at the foot of the right post. He bent down and found a small closed metal case with a code that had been placed there. He untied it and put it in his pocket. He turned on his heels and went home, on the other side of town.

Two days after the pool day, Trent and Adam had planned a dayout. They had heard that a two hour walk north of Cockcaigne in the woods was an isolated waterfall where you could also swim.

The boys planned to leave in the morning and have a picnic by the waterfall. Mark and Ruth agreed. Well, once again, Trent was told to take Caleb who, according to Ben, was too young to be alone. This solution did not suit either of the two brothers, Trent not wanting his brother under his feet and Caleb disliking walking. But Ben had been adamant.

The morning they left, Trent woke up happily to prepare the snacks and put his plan into action. Everything was ready. He put everything in a back pack, then put it outside the front door. He put on his walking shoes and took action.

Caleb was in the shower, dragging his feet, it was going to be a very bad day. He hated walking. He was washing himself off when he heard the bathroom door sneak open and close.

When he was finished, he got out of the shower, and then he noticed that his clothes were no longer there, nor was his towel. He looked around, he breathed

Another rotten joke from Trent…

With the towel closet in the hallway, he had nothing to wear. He had no choice but to go back to his room naked. He half-opened the door and looked down the hall, nobody.

He opened the door and headed dripping towards his room, he was halfway there when he was grabbed from behind in an arm lock and pulling him back. He heard him say in his ear

“Don’t struggle you’re going to hurt yourself.”

He shouted and insulted his brother, but he was much beefier than he was. It all went very quickly, without much effort Trent dragged his brother to the back door, threw him out, and locked the door. Then he crossed the house, went out the front door, grabbed his bag and ran to Adam’s house. He explained to Adam what he had just done, Adam tried to make him change his mind explaining that he was going to have problems but Trent refused to listen to him and they both headed north.

Caleb found himself locked outside and completely naked. He bawled and pounded on the door, then finally told himself that he was going to disturb all the neighbours and he didn’t really want them to see him that way. Desperate, he started to cry when he heard his phone ring. He turned around and saw it on the living room table. He took it, he had just received a message from Trent. He had a little trouble reading it because he didn’t have his glasses.

Trent: Sorry but hairless boys are not allowed to come to the waterfall lol. You have two options.

– you wait for me to come home, but I think Carlie is celebrating her birthday today.

– you get a key to the house that I hid at the bottom of the right post of the main entrance of our future school in a small secure chest. I put the application in your phone to unlock it, you will just have to activate your bluetooth.

PS: Your trainers are outside the front door.

Caleb considered both options.

Carlie was his neighbour, she was his age, she was the captain of the cheerleaders, she was celebrating her birthday today, a lot of the girls in school were going to be around. It wasn’t a great start for his reputation for being caught naked by the most popular girls in school, even before school started.

Option two meant crossing half the city naked.

Caleb dismissed option 2, he told himself that by staying well hidden in the garden, he could wait until tonight for his brother to come home.

He sat naked on the terrace playing on his phone when the it told him that there was only 15% of battery left. So he stopped. After 2 hours, he was really bored, he thought about Trent’s message and his trainers. By being fast and careful he could recover them easily. The front of the house was completely exposed to the street. They accessed the garden by the left side of the house. There was a fence that blocked the view and in the centre, a garden door. Caleb opened the door, poked his head and looked out into the street. No one in sight. He took off, he started to run, the door slammed behind him, he came to the entrance, grabbed his trainers turned around and ran to the garden door, squeezed the handle. Nothing happened, his blood froze. Security, he forgot the security of the door, it only opened one way. Despite the panic, he realized that a small note was hanging on the door, he could not have seen it the other way. It was Trent’s writing:

Trent: Too predictable, nerd. You have option 2.

Caleb was raging, he had been stupid, he looked around, he was completely exposed. He looked at the time. 1:30 p.m. Carlie’s friends were soon to arrive. He had to think quickly. Option two going through the path behind the allotments could work.

He started to run, his small penis swinging from right to left, he crossed the street, took the perpendicular path, which led to the wooded path, he had almost arrived when he came face to face with Luke also naked holding a trash can between his teeth (Mark had probably asked to take it out) because his hands were tied behind his back. Surprisingly Caleb dropped his phone. Despite his tied hands Luke got it first. The latter dropped the trash on the floor.

“Hold on little neighbor.”

“Please leave me alone and give me my phone.”

“No, not so fast, why are you naked?”

“It’s … Trent.”

“The bastard,” and he laughed.

“Please, my phone.”

“Ok but before you do, can you do two things for me?”

“Uh ok which ones?”

“Can you take the trash over there.”

Caleb took the trash, quickly walked back to the edge of the street, put the trash down and went back down the lane to Luke.

“Ok, what else?”

Luke seemed embarrassed at once.

“Uh as you see i am being punished again, I’ve been tied up for two days and uh you see i have needs uh” he looked down uncomfortably.

Caleb did the same, in a panic, he hadn’t noticed the boy’s erect cock. Caleb who was not naive understood immediately what Luke wanted him to do.

“No, it’s disgusting, yuck.”

“Ok I’ll keep your phone,” and he started to leave.

“No,” yelled Caleb, “it’s okay I’ll do it.”

Luke came closer and waited

“Good, then it’s for today or tomorrow.”

With a trembling hand, Caleb grabbed the hot limb that vibrated in his fingers. Caleb was red with shame, he was naked outside jerking off an unknown guy.

Luke, who was torn between pleasure and embarrassment, noticed that the situation was not without effect on his neighbor, whose cock poked straight out.

Caleb quickened the movement, Luke started to moan, then without warning contracted and ejaculated several sprays against the boy’s chest and thighs

“Damn you could’ve warned me, shit.”

“Sorry,” laughed Luke, very happy to have been relieved. He turned to give back the phone and went home without saying anything.

Caleb found himself in the middle of the lane, naked, erect and his stomach covered in semen.

He had nothing to wipe himself off, he continued on his way, it was 2:30 p.m.

He continued hiding behind the bushes for about 1.5 hours, he was not far from the school. The sperm had dried on his thighs and belly, he smelled and his cock had not deflated since his meeting with Luke.

All he had to do was cross the skatepark. It was hot and there was no one there. He looked at his phone, it indicated 5% battery.

He started to cross the playground, when he heard someone shout on his left. He couldn’t see them before, three skaters around Trent’s age sat in the shade of the ramps. Very quickly they surrounded him. His cock suddenly deflated.

“What are you doing here, damn but wait is that sperm, look at the guys he’s covered in cum!”

The others snickered.

“What’s in your hand?”

“It doesn’t matter” Caleb said.

Another boy took his arm and snatched the phone from him.

“Give it back to me please.”

“What will you give us in exchange to get it back?”

Caleb was tired, humiliated and no longer wanted to fight or argue. He offered them the same thing that Luke had asked him earlier today.

The other three looked at each other, as if they had just won the lottery. They moved out of the way of the ramps and made a circle around Caleb who had to kneel and they injured pants. The three of them were about the same size. They were all uncut.

Caleb used both hands but it quickly frustrated the skateboarders because Caleb had to change partners frequently.

Whoever seemed to be the leader said:

“It’s boring that you don’t jerk us off at the same time.”

“I can’t help it I don’t that two hands.”

“You’ll just have to use your mouth.”

“No, it’s gross.”

“Ok as you wish, I’m going home but I keep your phone,” he said, pretending to keep his phone.

“No wait, it’s good, I’m going to do it.”

While Caleb jerked off his two accomplices, the leader brought his cock near the boy’s mouth. He forced the entrance a little and Caleb opened his mouth further. At first, he thought he was going to choke, then started to get used to it. He was afraid of the taste too, but finally it was tasted a little salty. Caleb was therefore jerking off two boys and sucking a third when the leader began to laugh and said to the other two:

“Well, guys, it looks like the little pig likes it, his cock is hard.”

They all snickered. Caleb had died of shame. He was sucking a cock and at the same time his cock betrayed him. What would Ben say when he saw him naked in the middle of a skate park relieving three teenagers.

Then Caleb’s work began to take effect. There was nothing but groans around him. Then the three boys froze at the same time, the leader had just time to come out of Caleb’s mouth and ejaculate in his face while the other two came on his head and shoulders. The semen ran down his arms. The leader spoke to Caleb:

“You were super nice, we will not let you go in this state,” he said pointing to Caleb’s erect cock with his finger.

He stepped forward and grabbed his cock with two fingers and started going back and forth. It was like an electric shock that passed through Caleb, no one had touched him here.

One of the two other guys went behind Caleb and stroked his buttocks.

“Damn, you’re sweeter than a girl.”

They started to play with his breasts, it was not painful, on the contrary it further increased the pleasure, soon his nipples became very hard and hypersensitive. The leader bent down and took Caleb’s cock in his mouth and started sucking.

Caleb was ashamed, but he was also a prisoner of the pleasure that the others gave him. It was not long before he reached the point of no return, he let out a groan of pleasure and his cock started its contractions, although he could not yet enjoy, it was still the most intense moment of his life.

Caleb had fallen on his knees, when he regained consciousness, he saw his phone on the ground next to him. He picked it up and crossed the road in the direction of the school gate.

His face was all sticky and as the sperm dried it pulled his skin.

He approached the place Trent indicated, and he started to look for the box that held the door key. Caleb panicked, there was nothing, then he noticed a piece of tape on the post. He understood that someone had taken the box. Caleb cracked, he sat back against the railing and began to cry, his head in his arms, resting on his knees. At this point, he hated Trent more than anyone. It was all his fault, he didn’t even want to go on this hike and then he couldn’t help it if he hadn’t started puberty and had no hair.

He finally calmed down, he looked at his phone, it indicated 1%. He was only allowed one call. He no longer had the strength to cross half the city in this state, and then he did not want to be humiliated any further.

So he decided to call Ben, and explained it all to him. Ben arrived 30 minutes later. The car parked in front of Caleb. He got up and approached the door, he saw his reflection in the tinted glass, his face covered with sperm and matted in his hair.

He took a deep breath and opened the door, he stayed there, taken aback, it seems that it was not only him who had a bad day.

Ben Has a Very Bad Day

While Caleb went through humiliating day, Trent and Adam had a great day, the hike was going well, it was not too hot in the shade of the woods. After two hours of walking, they arrived at the famous waterfall. The place was superb, there was a small lake that allowed swimming. The boys approached the water and felt that it was not too cold.

They picnicked at the edge of the water, chatting about one thing and another. Adam tried to reason with Trent on the fate of his little brother, but Trent did not want to hear anything. Adam somewhat disapproved of Trent’s behaviour towards Caleb, but above all he was afraid that his friend would pay dearly the price for his attitude towards the Caleb.

When they were finished eating, they took a short nap, lying on the grass, to the sound of the waterfall. Then Adam said:

“What if we go for a swim?”

“Ah damn, I didn’t bring a swimsuit.”

“We don’t care if we have to swim naked, there is nobody here and anyway we are in Cockcaigne, it is legal here.”

While debating, Adam had started to take off his clothes, he was now naked in front of his friend, who was aroused and trying not to fix his friend’s sex. It made Adam smile as he entered the water. When he was submerged to the waist, he turned around and called:

“Come on, don’t be shy, plus it’s super good.”

Trent ended up undressing, protecting his privacy with his hands. Adam could only partially see the object of his curiosity.

They had a good time, then they lay down on the grass to dry themselves. Of course, Trent got on his back.

Finally, it was time to get dressed and get back, the afternoon was already nearly over.

Ben, on the other hand, had started his working day as usual, he had entered the large open-space where he worked, he had just put his car keys and his phone on his desk which was near the door to Entrance. At the far end of the room was Roger’s office, the head of the department. Between Roger’s and Ben’s offices, there was a long corridor that passed in front of twenty offices.

Ben loved his new position, he had been able to shine in front of the bosses of the upper floor at a few meetings, he knew it had been frowned upon by his colleagues and especially by Roger. But Ben didn’t care, he was not there to make friends but to do a good job and move up the hierarchy. He felt like the king of the world.

Ben was brilliant, he had always had excellent results in school. In addition, he was as handsome as a god, he had a sporty, muscular and firm body, a still youthful face, blond hair ruffled with style and a blue lagoon look. You could say that Ben attracted everyone’s attention.

However Ben had not had an easy life, after the sudden death of his parents in an accident, he had to make a lot of effort so that the family did not break up and that his two brothers were not placed in a Children’s Home. The parents hadn’t left much money and he had to work while studying to feed his two brothers. So, when he had this opportunity in Cockcaigne which provided them with significant financial stability, he did not hesitate. Ben had wanted it very much. Ben loved his two brothers very much, but if Caleb was generous and lovable, Trent could be very selfish and self-absorbed. He couldn’t see the efforts his big brother was making for him. To start with, the lack of a love life in order to be able to raise his little brothers.

Roger was settled in his office. At 55 he was short and pot-bellied, he had worked here for 20 years and expected nothing more except peace. And for a month, he was upset, the new guy was causing him problems, he was putting himself too far forward and if that continued, he would compete with him. He had made two coffees, put a Viagra in one and brewed until it melted, then called the new guy in his office.

He watched him cross the aisle, sure of himself, the feline and elegant step, Roger murmured in his beard:

“All that will change soon.”

Ben knocked on the half-open door of Roger’s office.

“Come in Ben, sit down I made you coffee.”

“Oh, ok thank you Roger.”

Ben sat down and started drinking coffee.

“I just wanted to see how you were getting on with your work.”

While drinking his coffee, Ben was happy to show how fast he was going and returned to his desk once it was done.

He had been working for a good quarter of an hour when he started to feel weird, his cock was hard and formed a very prominent bulge in front of his trousers. He squirmed in his chair trying to think of something else, but it was difficult. His phone rang, Roger still needed him. Shit …

Roger watched the new boy cross the office, he had a lot of confidence now, he was all red and was trying somehow to hide his lump as he walked past his colleagues.

Roger had brewed him another coffee, they quickly talked about a file, then Ben returned to his desk.

Within an hour, Roger called Ben at least five times to tell him about unimportant details, and each time offered him a coffee or a glass of water, which he accepted.

At ten o’clock, Ben couldn’t take it anymore, he was unable to work, he was obsessed with one thing, he had get some relief. However, as he was entitled to, Roger had all the bathroom doors removed from the floor to monitor that people did not spend unnecessary time in the toilet. This meant Ben could not masturbate surreptitiously. Ben was beginning to consider the idea of ​​going to another floor, which was normally prohibited, when Roger called him again.

The walk was even more difficult due to his bulge, Ben now had a big damp spot that had formed in front of his trousers, and walking in the middle of the offices of his colleagues who all gave him a sly smile, had made him lose all confidence.

He arrived again at Roger’s office, who offered him nothing to drink this time. He was comfortably seated in his leather chair and stared at Ben with a mocking eye.

“Well, I thought about it and I tell myself that we are not doing enough for the new employees here, I looked for a way for people to recognize you, it will allow you to integrate faster and receive more ‘help’.

“Uh very well and what is it?”

“Your outfit.”

“What about my outfit?”

“You need to be more recognizable.”

“Uh, ok but what?”

“Take off your clothes.” It was an order not a question.

But Ben didn’t flinch, so Roger repeated, and the young man replied

“No, I’m not going to undress, you have no right.”

“I imagine you know which city you live in, you read the internal rules of the club when you arrived, so you know that I have the right. You are free to refuse, but that means no job, no house, and you and your two brothers on the street.”

Ben seemed to think and then, trapped, he could only obey. He started to take off his clothes and put them on his chief’s desk. Soon, all he had left was his orange boxer shorts, on the front of which was a huge wet spot that made then almost transparent.

“Remove the underpants as well. Don’t be shy.”

Ben hesitated then lowered the underwear, his sex slammed against his belly to take a horizontal position, at the end of his glans was a long translucent wire. Roger took all the clothes and hung them on a coat rack behind him. Then he gazed at the naked body in front of him, a face of an angel although red with shame, protruding pectoral muscles, well-drawn abdominals, muscular legs, a thick pubic fleece which went up to form a well-defined line towards the navel, his balls were quite hairy, his armpits also showed abundant hair, on the other hand his chest was smooth and his legs sparse.

“It’s okay, you can go back to work now.”

“What,” choked Ben, “What about my clothes.”

“Well they’re your clothes,” said Roger gesturing to Ben’s naked body with his hand.


“Listen, you start to tire me of always discussing orders, either you return to your office or you go home.”

Ben sighed deeply and turned to the door, put his hand on it, hesitated and opened it.

It was the greatest moment of humiliation in his entire life. He was forced to cross the aisle and appeared naked in front of all his smiling colleagues saying to themselves “not so clever now”. He could not hide his erect penis, nor the dripping translucent rope which swayed to the rhythm of his steps.

He finally arrived at his desk, he wanted to cry, and hide in a tiny hole and disappear.

Roger took advantage of the situation three more times by taking him across the aisle leading to his office, each time he drank the glass of water that Roger offered him.

It was almost time to go to the canteen, where the whole company met to eat, about 150 people, who would all see him in this state, his life was over.

It was then that Roger called him again. Ben was more excited than ever with every move he had the feeling he was going to enjoy. Once in the office Roger said to him:

“I thought about it and you’re right, I found something for you.”

And he slipped a kind of ring on the desk.

“What is this?”

“It’s a cock ring, it’s goes around your thing.”

Ben didn’t seem to understand.

“Come next to me, I’ll put it on you.”

Ben hesitantly approached, Roger who did not find him close enough took him by the waist and almost pressed him against him. He took the ring then grabbed Ben’s testicles, he stepped back. Like his little brother later in the day, it was the first time that anyone had touched Ben there, he was still a virgin and he had never had intimate contact with anyone. His studies, his job, his brothers, he never had time for that. Roger pulled him towards him again, grabbed his sticky penis and pulled the ring over the cock, then stretched it a little to let his balls pass through. Ben gritted his teeth so as not to ejaculate. Once finished, Roger rubbed his sticky hand against Ben’s thigh to clean it.

Ben looked down, the object made his cock even bigger and completely engorged, it was all red and the veins were swollen and clearly visible, his glans with almost turned purple, the scene was almost comical as his cock seemed enormous.

Roger decided it was time to go eat and all the office went to the canteen. Ben was in the elevator with Roger and three colleagues, the canteen was three floors below. He was staring at the door, but he could feel all eyes on him. Then, he felt the vibrations, the thing around his penis vibrated, Ben just caught a cry because he had almost come. Just before the doors opened other vibrations came much stronger. Again, Ben barely held himself in check, he wanted to shout at Roger but of course he couldn’t.

He had arrived at the canteen had taken a tray and his meal, he was in the middle of the refectory looking for a place to sit, holding his tray in both hands, when the cock ring vibrated even more strongly but did not stop this time. Ben almost fell and let go of the tray, he kept his balance and his lunch, but could not contain his cock which spit there in the middle of the canteen. Four powerful jets of cum splashed on the tiling. There was silence in the refectory, everyone was watching him. The first thought that came to Ben was “they’re going to put me in prison” but we were in Cockcaigne, what had happened to him was most humiliating but he hadn’t broken any rules here. Someone patted him on the shoulder, it was Roger who took his tray with one hand and with the other handed him a cloth.

“You have to clean up my boy, someone could slip.”

So additional humiliation, Ben was forced to get on all fours in the middle of the canteen to clean up his spunk, with hundreds of eyes turned to look at his nakedness.

The meal passed, and going back, Roger summoned Ben to his office again to ask him:

“So, do you prefer it on or off,” and pointed to the Cock Ring.

“Without, Sir.”

“All right then, I’ll take it off and the next you will all obey immediately…”

Again, Roger fiddled with Ben’s private parts.

“And don’t forget that at 2:30 p.m. we have a presentation meeting with the big boss.”

Indeed, Ben had to present the progress of his project to the Director General, standing in front of a flipchart with his cock still hard with precum dangling at the end.

After the meeting, red with shame, he returned to his office.

He tried to work for the next hour, then his phone vibrated, it was Caleb. Ben anxiously picked up his brothers and was instructed to only call him in an emergency.

Caleb sobbed on the phone, he seemed completely dejected, he quickly explained the situation and the place where he was, Ben told him that he was arriving quickly and hung up. It was not time to leave and he had to ask Roger for permission. So, he went to knock on the door of his office. His boss said to come brought him in.

“Roger, I need to ask you something personal. This is important.”

He straightened up and said

“Um ok, but before you have to do something for me.”

“Ok what is it.”

Roger pulled his chair back, spread his legs and opened his fly.

“If you want me to please you, you must also make me happy.”

Ben was going to protest, then he thought of Caleb who seemed so desperate. So, without thinking, he approached his boss and knelt before him. He had taken out his cock which was rather small and already hard.

“Take it in your mouth.”

Ben did so, he thought he was going to throw up, the taste was awful, acrid. But he got used to it, so he went back and forth hoping that Roger wouldn’t hang around too much. And indeed, it was not long and his leader withdrew and came over Ben’s face and hair. Ben wanted to protest but restrained himself, then Roger said:

“So, what’s your request?”

“I need to leave now; my little brother has a problem.”

“Ok, go ahead. You can go.”

Ben was going to pick up his clothes when his boss stopped him.

“Oh no, I didn’t say you could take them.”

“But I did what you asked.”

“Yes, but that was to be able to leave early, not to take your things, so hurry before I change my mind.”

Ben didn’t insist, he was exhausted, and Caleb was waiting.

Final humiliation of the day, he crossed the office with Roger’s sperm on his face. All his colleagues could see it.

Ben turned off his computer, took his cell phone and his car keys and went to the bathroom to clean his face. He found the door closed with a panel on it that said, “Closed for maintenance”. It was definitely not his day.

He left the building, the contrast with the morning was startling, he had arrived proud and upright, he was leaving naked. His back arched and a string of pre cum dangled miserably in front of him.

He got in his car and drove to the school. Caleb sat there completely naked too. When he approached Ben saw that his face seemed to be covered with the same substance as his. Then Caleb opened the door and remained frozen when he saw his big brother was as naked as him.

He finally climbed in and Ben drove off. And while Caleb told his story he couldn’t take his eyes off his brother’s erect cock, it was as if he was hypnotized by the transparent thread that hung at the end. Ben succinctly explained why he was also naked, and his face covered in dried semen. He was ashamed to tell this to his little brother.

He parked his car in the driveway, they had finally arrived, the two brothers only wanted to wash and put some clothes on. It was then that Ben shouted:

“Shit the house keys are in my trousers.”

Ben had to show a lot of mental strength to keep from crying.

It was hot in the car, it didn’t have air conditioning, and the heat was unbearable. So he and Caleb went to sit by the front door; naked, in sight of the first person who would pass in front of the house. However, with the day they had lived, it didn’t matter much.

Caleb hugged his brother’s warm body, he needed comfort, Ben put his arm around his shoulders, the youngest looked down at the still erect sex of his brother, it hardened his. Ben noticed it and it made them both laugh.

Trent came out of the woods at dusk, very happy with his day, he arrived in front of the house, he saw two dark masses sitting at the door. It was as he got closer that he saw his two brothers completely naked and all dirty, they did not seem to have had a good day.

Then he met Ben’s gaze who glowered at him. Ben shouted at him

“You went too far this time.”

The evening might not be very good.

Trent’s Worst Day

This morning, two days after the hike near the waterfall, Ben got into his car to go to work. The evening before had not been easy, but he was the head of the family and it was up to him to make the decisions. Ben was anxious because work was not going as planned. It had been two days since Roger, his boss, forced him to take off all his clothes and put them on the coat rack behind his desk. More humiliation followed under the pretext that erections made Ben lose productivity when Roger made him wear a metal cage around his cock and balls; which was very unpleasant in addition to being humiliating. So, yes Ben was anxious…

On the other side of the street, lying on his bed, Adam was also anxious. It had been two days since he had seen Trent, and he was no longer responding to his messages. Adam wondered if he had gone too far at the waterfall by bathing naked and forcing Trent to do so as well. He looked at his phone and thought it was silly, he decided to find out. So, he crossed the street and knocked on the door of Trent’s house.

It was Caleb who answered, a smile lit up his face.

“I expected you earlier.” Caleb said.

“Oh well, your brother no longer responds to my texts. Is there a problem?” Adam asked.

“Not really, Ben confiscated his phone from him. Come in, Trent is in the garden. Come follow me.” Caleb beckoned.

They went through the house and into the back garden to find Trent. When he saw his friend, Adam almost dropped his jaw as he was almost unrecognizable.

Trent was naked, he no longer had any hair on his body, all his hair had disappeared, only his eyebrows remained.

He wore a collar identical to what Luke wore a few days ago, the only difference was two rings on the side to which wrist hooks were hung leaving his hairless armpits completely exposed.

In Trent’s mouth was a red ball held in place by a leather band fastened behind his head that made him drool profusely.

He also wore a ball stretcher and a cock ring like what Luke had worn. His cock was stretched to the extreme and a translucent string hung at the end of his unsheathed glans.

Trent became even more scarlet when he saw his friend.

Caleb spoke, which brought Adam out of his contemplation.

“And yes, as you can see, Trent is being punished for everything he did. He must remain harnessed like that for 15 days then is no longer allowed to wear clothes for 6 months. In addition, he must be on ’Pill-E’ for 1 week.”

“What is ‘Pill-E’?” Adam asked.

“It’s a pill that he has to take every morning which makes you super excited all day.”

Adam was really sorry for his friend because he was going to have to go back to school in three weeks, completely naked and his hair will probably not have grown much.

Caleb approached his brother and grabbed his hard cock. He just needed a few strokes to make him come and send his sperm spraying the floor of the terrace.

“You will have to clean this now, slave.” Caleb told Trent.

Adam saw that Caleb really enjoyed humiliating his brother. He watched the younger brother approach the elder to remove the ball gag.

Caleb said to Trent, “Go on stupid loser, clean it up with your tongue.”

Trent didn’t dare meet his friend’s eyes because he was ashamed. He also did not try to plead with his brother, he knew that the little sadist could inflict much heavier punishment on him.

It was not easy to get on your knees with your hands clasped around your neck, and it was even less easy to lick your own sperm on the floor. He had to spread his thighs to keep his balance. As he was facing away from his friend and his brother, he was perfectly aware that they had an unobstructed view of the most intimate part of his body.

Sure enough, Adam was stunned as he watched his friend lick up his own cum and he couldn’t take his eyes off Trent’s perfectly smooth arse either. Adam was embarrassed because he was excited by the action in front of him, a big lump distorted the front of his trousers.

When Caleb was tired of seeing his brother so humiliated, he told him to get up and replaced the ball gag.

Caleb told his brother, “Come on, let’s go for a walk, let’s enjoy the beautiful day.” Then he spoke to Adam, “It’s a shame that Luke has gone, I’m sure he would have liked to take revenge on my brother.”

Adam said nothing but followed the two brothers who walked to the front of the house in the direction of the wood. As they arrived on the street, they came face to face with Carlie.

“Hi Carlie,” Said Caleb.

“Uh hello,” replied Carlie, whose gaze was on Trent.

Trent squirmed, it was his bad luck that they met one of the most popular girls in high school. This time it was official, his life was over.

“It’s nice to see you.”

“Yes, me too,” she seemed hesitant, then asked, “can I take a selfie with your brother? it’s for my Facebook.”

Trent’s eyes widened, he suddenly seemed horrified. He took several steps back.

Caleb had a weakness for Carlie, even if he knew that being 2 years younger, he had no chance with her. But now he saw an opportunity to shine in front of his neighbour.

Caleb pulled on his brother’s leash and sat down on a small wall that by the pavement. He bent Trent over his thighs, then without saying anything, he began to spank the him.

Adam, who was silently watching the scene, felt for his friend whose buttocks quickly turned scarlet red. Then Trent started to cry, and tears appeared on his cheeks. He struggled but his brother held him tightly.

When he was finished, he straightened got up and forced Trent to pose with Carlie for a selfie. The photo of Trent, tearful, without any body hair and completely naked was shared among the students of the school in the space of a few minutes.

Then the boys said goodbye to Carlie and headed for the wooded path. There were no crowds which started to annoy Caleb. They had been walking for 5 minutes when a boy of Caleb’s age on a bicycle approached. He stopped in front of the Caleb.

“Hi Caleb.”

“Hi Curtis.”

“Is that your brother?” Curtis pointed at Trent.

“Yes, he is being punished, you want to come with us?”

“No, I have to go get something for my mother. Are we still ok for tonight?”

“Yes of course, at what time?”

“I’ll pick you up at 5 pm” Curtis said.

“Ok.” Caleb replied, then the boy, who was very clearly overweight, climbed onto his bike and rode off.

There was no crowd this afternoon, which frustrated Caleb who wanted to humiliate his brother even more. So, he decided to go for a ride on the skate park. Adam followed them, he walked behind Trent and stared at his buttocks, they were still very red.

They arrived at the skatepark and Caleb was not disappointed; people were there today. He looked around and very quickly saw the three boys who had tormented him two days earlier. He addressed the leader directly.

“Hi guys.”

“Hi kids, how’s it going?”

“Great, you?” Caleb replied.

“Yep. What do you want?”

“Would you like to carry on from before?” Caleb asked.

“Oh, it seems you liked that.”

“No.” Caleb laughed, “not with me.” He turned around and pointed to his brother.

“Wow, he had to have done something really bad to be punished like that.”

“Yes, that’s for sure,” answered Caleb, “that tells you.”

He turned back to his two friends then looked back at Caleb. “You surprise me.”

“Where do you want to do this?” Caleb asked.

“Here would be fine.”

“Here! But there’s lots of people here.”

“So what?”

Caleb had forgotten that he was at Cockcaigne and here it would be normal.

Caleb drew his brother to him, removed his ball gag and explained to him what he should do. Trent protested. But Caleb did not let him finish his sentence, he tipped him on his lap again and spanked him. After 3 minutes of punishment, Trent stopped protesting.

Caleb untied Trent’s hands and forced him to squat in the middle of the three skateboarders, who had already released their hard cocks.

Adam watched the ultimate humiliation of his friend, there he was, crouching in the middle of three boys his age. He had one cock in each hand and another in his mouth. The crowd of about twenty or so, had stopped what he was doing to watch the scene, some were filming with their phones.

Adam met his friend’s distressed gaze, but he was helpless. Trent had put himself in this situation on his own. Worse still, Adam was mortally aroused by his friend’s situation, even if Trent had no hair left, he still found him super sexy and couldn’t help getting an erection.

Groans could be heard around Trent, then the three skaters came. Caleb was thrilled. He replaced the ball gag on his brother and tied his hands again. He said goodbye to the skateboarders. Then with Adam and Trent, set off back home.

When they arrived, Caleb said, “Come on, it’s shower time, come with us Adam.”

Once in the bathroom, Caleb put his brother in the shower, he removed the ball gag.

“I warn you, at the slightest protest, I resume spanking.” Caleb threatened.

Trent said nothing.

Caleb thoroughly wet his brother and then began to soap him. First the chest, then he attacked his crotch and managed to make his brother cum twice.

Then he asked his brother to lean forward, he stroked her buttocks.

“Fuck, they’re still very red.” Then he ran his soapy hand through the crack between Trent’s buttocks.

“Everything has to be cleaned.” Caleb said.

As he spoke, Caleb put a finger in his brother’s hole, using the soap as lubricant, he entered without any problem. He pushed in and out several times.

Adam watched Trent’s face flush red, ashamed to be touched in his most intimate place.

He was rinsing his brother’s body when the doorbell rang.

“Shit! It’s Curtis already, you’re going to finish drying him.” Caleb said to Adam. “I have to get my things.” He handed the towel to Adam.

Adam tried to dry all parts of his friend’s body.

When he had finished, he heard Caleb shout.

“Adam I’m going, you take care of Trent until Ben comes home.” then he heard the door slam.

Adam led his friend to his room, helped him to sit on the bed, his back against the headboard.

“Please untie me, Adam”

“You know I can’t.”

“Please go. Look at me, I’m completely humiliated, my social life is over and I can’t even go to the bathroom without someone’s help and …” Trent couldn’t finish his sentence, he burst into sobs.

Adam was embarrassed, he did not know what to do, he really loved his friend and even if he had earned was happening to him, he did not want to see him suffer, and then there was something else.

Then Adam found some courage. He did not know if it was the excitement of the day or the inoculation of the beginning of the week, but he took the plunge. He began to undress and quickly found himself also naked in his friend’s room.

Trent had stopped sobbing, but tears were still running down his cheeks, he looked at his naked friend in front of him. Trent stared at Adam’s erect cock, his orange hair, his milky skin.

Adam approached and pointed to the bed, between his friend’s spread legs. He put his head forward. He felt Trent’s breathing speed up, he brought his lips closer, Trent didn’t resist, on the contrary he opened his mouth wider. Their tongues embraced.

Adam moved both hands to his friend’s nipples, they were hard. He played with them. Trent groaned.

Then while kissing him, Adam pressed himself to his friend. His cock came into contact with Trent’s hole. Trent didn’t try to slip away, on the contrary, he arched a little more and Adam helped.

The “E-pill” had made his friend’s body super excited, it also had an effect on his anus; Adam entered without any problem.

He began to go back and forth so as not to hurt his friend. Trent groaned with pleasure in Adam’s arms. They were good, they had forgotten the day and time seemed to have stopped. In the room only groans could be heard.

Then Adam arched his back and his cock throbbed, he came inside his friend. At the same time, as Adam played with Trent’s cock with his right hand, he also ejaculated. Exhausted, Adam collapsed on his friend. They fall asleep, naked against each other, having each in their own way lost their virginity.

Ben entered the house, he was naked, his cock was shaved, and Roger decided that it was better to put it in a cage. He went upstairs, without a word he put his head in Trent’s room. He found his brother and his friend, naked. Their tangled bodies on the bed, sleeping. He left without saying anything and closed the door.

Curtis Takes Control

Curtis was the same age as Caleb. Curtis was overweight, even very overweight. Despite his young age, his weight bothered him when he played sports. Everyone at school made fun of him. It was worse in the locker room; they would point at his rolls of fat and his breasts, which hung like a woman’s.

Curtis was also 100% gay; he was a lonely boy with no friends who spent most of his time in the dining room playing video games. He avoided others who bullied and humiliating him. The only human relationships he had outside of school was in the arcade, in downtown Cockcaigne, where most of the town’s geeks gathered to play on the arcade machines.

It was there that he first met Caleb, he fell in love with him immediately. It was tousled blond hair, his rather thin and not very muscular body, those azure blue eyes hiding behind his glasses; everything about him made him vibrate with love.

Against all expectations, when Curtis had approached Caleb in the arcade, he didn’t reject him, on the contrary, they had talked for a long time about video games and about their lives.

Caleb had just arrived in town; he didn’t know anyone. Curtis had seen an excellent opportunity to make a real friend. But very quickly it did not quite go as planned. Caleb, who was better at almost everything compared to Curtis, quickly gained the upper hand in the relationship, and the Curtis very quickly found himself very unbalanced. After a week, it was Caleb who decided what they were going to do, what game they were going to play, where to go. And then over the summer, Caleb had been a little more distant, meeting other people or spending more time with his brother.

The situation saddened Curtis, who thought that he was going to find himself alone again. Then hope returned during this hot afternoon when he had crossed the skate park. Nobody had seen him, but he had seen everything.

He had suggested to Caleb to come for a sleepover at his house; to have a video game evening. Caleb had been difficult to convince because he had the responsibility for his brother, and he had every intention of taking advantage of it as much as possible. Finally, Curtis had promised to give him his latest video game, which is what had finally convinced him.

Curtis had met Caleb earlier today when he was out doing some shopping for his mother. Caleb was dragging his brother on a leash and was accompanied by an older red-haired boy, no doubt his brother’s friend.

His big brother seemed to have been severely punished, his hair had even been shaved, which was a rather unusual punishment, even at Cockaigne. Curtis couldn’t help but look at Trent’s naked, hairless body. He was indeed handsome, but Curtis much preferred Caleb who was much less athletic and much more to his liking.

Curtis arrived at the door of the Brown brothers; he rang the bell. Caleb opened the door, telling him that he was just getting his bag ready and then closed the door without letting him in.

A few minutes later, Caleb came out with a bag on his back. He didn’t seem eager to leave his brother and go with Curtis. He did not say a word when they set out for Curtis’ house. The walk would last at least a good quarter of an hour.

It was Curtis who broke the ice. “What did you do this week to torture your brother.”

“I haven’t tortured him, he is punished, and he deserved it.”

“Oh. What did he do?” Curtis asked.

Caleb had no intention of telling him how Trent had made him walk across town completely naked. So, he was elusive and just said that Trent had not obeyed his big brother Ben, many times.

“Really? It’s a pretty severe punishment, just for that.”

“Ah, you’ll find it’s the rules here. But you probably don’t know too much about them, you’re always by yourself.” Snapped Caleb.

Curtis did not flinch and continued the discussion. “Anyway, I saw you the other day, and you seemed to be having fun.”

This surprised Caleb, who stopped and turned to his big friend.

“What are you talking about?” Caleb asked.

Curtis didn’t answer right away, he took his phone out of his pocket. He started to look for something and eventually brought up a photo on the screen. He handed the device to Caleb.

He heart felt like it was going to stop; he couldn’t believe it. On the screen, there was a photo of him crouching naked, masturbating two boys and sucking a third. The photo was taken side-on so you could see his hairless cock stand well out between his legs.

Curtis brought his friend out of his contemplation, “I have it on video too.”

“What! What! Were you there?” Stammered Caleb.

Indeed, Curtis had found himself there entirely by chance and had captured everything on his phone. Since that day, he had masturbated fifty times while looking at the pictures.

“Yes. I saw everything, and you seemed to like it.” Curtis said. “You really don’t want this video to go around the school, it’s clear that you’re doing it of your own free will because you’re not wearing a punishment collar. You’re going to pass for a big cock sucker at school; I hope you weren’t planning on dating a girl this year?”

Caleb seemed utterly stunned. “But you’re not going to show anybody, are you?”

“It depends on how nice you’re going to be to me. Oh, and if you try to erase it from my phone, I have also saved it on my PC.”

Caleb didn’t know what to say, he had tears in his eyes. He always considered the fat boy a bit dim, and as more of a spare friend rather than a true friend. Caleb liked to feel superior when they were together, and he always wanted to decide what they did. But, now that Curtis was blackmailing him, suddenly everything was reversed.

“So,” said Curtis, “what do you think?”

Caleb did not answer, he felt betrayed, humiliated also at the idea that Curtis was able to watch the scene at the skate park.

“Ok. What do you want?” Caleb said, finally.

“You obey me for three days. You do whatever I tell you, and I destroy the photos and videos.” Curtis demanded.

Caleb reflected, he weighed the pros and cons. He really didn’t want to have the reputation that Trent was going to have next term at school. For once, he could consider himself better than his brother. It was this last argument that made him accept Curtis’ offer.

“Ok,” whispered Caleb.

“What? I didn’t hear you,” Curtis said smiling.

“Ok. I agree to do what you want for three days.”

Curtis was all smiles; Christmas had arrived 6 months early.

“Ok. Give me your bag.”

Caleb slid his bag off his shoulders and handed it to Curtis.

“Ok, now give me your clothes, even your socks. However, you can keep your trainers on.”

“What! Are you kidding?”

“After all, it is up to you. I won’t do anything in public as humiliating as what is on the video. But if you prefer that everyone sees how you had fun at the skate park, it’s up to you.”

“No, no, ok. It’s good.” Caleb agreed.

They were in the middle of the street, but Curtis didn’t seem to want to go elsewhere, so Caleb started to strip where he stood.

While Curtis enviously looked at him, a lump grew in the front of his pants.

Caleb took off his shoes and socks. Each time he took off a garment, he handed it to his friend, who stuffed it in the bag. He took off his t-shirt, leaving his little pink nipples exposed to his friend’s gaze. He then took off his jeans. He found himself in boxers in the middle of the pavement. He stopped his hands on the elastic of the underwear. He attempted to negotiate.

“Please Curtis, let me have my underwear on. At least be nice.” Caleb pleaded.

“I’m not sure that you’ve been super nice to me these last weeks, so no. I want your boxer too.”

Caleb breathed, he hesitated then lowered his boxers.

While he dropped them at his feet, he heard Curtis say, “and then, of course, there’s a ban on hiding your crotch with your hands. Otherwise, I send the video.”

Caleb took off the underwear and handed them to Curtis, who put them in the bag with the rest of the clothes. He closed it and put it over his shoulders. He watched Caleb finish putting on his trainers.

Caleb was mortified, once again, he was naked in the street. He knew that in Cockcaigne, it was possible, and normal, to walk naked in the street, but still felt terribly ashamed and humiliated. He thought they were about to resume their journey when Curtis took something in his pocket and held out his sizeable open palm. Caleb immediately recognised the pink pill. It was an E-pill, the same pill he gave his brother that morning.

“But you’re not allowed, it’s for those being punished,” said Caleb, who also wondered where Curtis had gotten the drug.

“Oh yeah well, go complain if you want, and at the same time, we will show them your little video, right?”

Caleb didn’t negotiate any more, he took the pill and swallowed it whole without saying anything else.

The two boys continued on their way. Curtis couldn’t take his eyes on his friend’s naked body, his pale skin with no apparent hair, even on the legs. His little testicles barely hanging and his penis that swayed to the rhythm of walking. Curtis wanted to jump on his friend and stroke him, lick him, kiss him everywhere, though he would never have dared to.

Caleb, for his part, walked with his head down, he was perfectly aware of being watched. Then very quickly, he had another concern and started to feel the effect of pill E on his body. He began to get hot as if his cheeks were flushed. His legs began to tremble then his cock rose straight ahead of him. Finally, his nipples also popped out, becoming hard and sensitive.

Although still aware of being naked in the street, Caleb had a new urge, it was to take hold of his cock and masturbate until he came. He found it hard to curb the urge. He had never felt so excited in his life. Then the height of humiliation happened, a transparent liquid emerged from the tip of his glans and dripped on the pavement.

Curtis was contemplating the effects of E-pill, and his crotch became sticky. He wanted to run as quickly as possible to his room and shut himself in with Caleb. But before he could carry out his plan, he wanted to give a teach Caleb a lesson for thinking himself better than him and not respecting their friendship.

They arrived at a crossroads. They should have taken a left, but they turned right. Caleb stopped and turned again to his friend.

“But your house is on the other side,” Caleb said.

“Yes, but we don’t have to go home right away, I want to play a little at the arcade.”

Caleb went white.

“No please, not over there, all our friends will be there. They will see me naked.”

“Don’t worry, they’re all from Cockcaigne, it won’t be the first time they’ve seen a friend naked. We will tell them that you want to integrate as quickly as possible and trying all the customs of Cockcaigne. But then you’re not entirely naked.

Saying this, he surprised Caleb with a quick gesture by grabbing his acorn of a cock and yanking his foreskin back fully exposes his head.

“Now you’re naked,” Curtis said laughing.

When his friend touched him, it sent a shock wave all over his body. Then when his glans was exposed, each time a draught came to caress the exposed skin, it made him even more excited.

They finally arrived at the arcade. Unfortunately for Caleb, there was a crowd. And almost all the boys Caleb had got on with since his arrival was there.

Curtis and Caleb went from arcade machines to arcade machines to greet everyone. Caleb found that he was the only one naked. Everyone had the opportunity to look at his hairless body and his unsheathed penis, but no one made any comment. That didn’t stop Caleb from feeling extraordinarily uncomfortable and humiliated.

After they had looked around, Curtis chose the game he wanted to play. Once he’d lost, Curtis stooped to pick up his tokens. Caleb’s crotch was close, he took the opportunity to furtively caress the two little testicles and stroke his erect penis a few times. Caleb trembled in shame but dared not protest for fear that someone would see the scene.

Then after half an hour Curtis got fed up and decided it was time to go home, much to Caleb’s relief.

Curtis was an only child; his parents had an import-export business, and they were on the road all week, so the boys had the house for themselves.

As soon as they arrived, Curtis led Caleb to his room and made him get on all fours on his bed. The fat boy had waited long enough, and he couldn’t take it anymore. He stood by the left side of the bed and began to undress. In a flash he was naked.

It was the first time Caleb had seen him like this. Naked, he looked even bigger, with fat bulging everywhere. On his chest were two fatty breasts that hung like those of a girl. His belly was huge and almost completely obscured his little uncut cock, above which Caleb could catch a glimpse of an emergent pubic bush. His testicles were a good size for his age and hung low between his legs.

Curtis climbed onto the bed and stood behind his friend. Caleb started to get nervous; he felt a hand on his buttocks. Curtis gently caressed them, and Caleb jumped but dared not protest.

Curtis was in seventh heaven; he had been hoping for this for so long. He began by caressing the buttocks, they were so sweet, then the back and the thighs. Curtis felt his friend tremble. He didn’t know if it was from fun or fear, but he didn’t care; at that moment, only his own pleasure counted. He pushed between Caleb’s thighs, his finger touched his soft and hairless balls, he rolled them gently then, with his right hand, touched his penis and started to masturbate him, slowly.

Caleb was confused; he was ashamed of being touched by another boy, yet at the same time, his body responded to the gentle caressing. He groaned when Curtis started to jerk him off.

With his index finger of the other hand, Curtis stroked Caleb’s hairless crack and stopped to tickle his tight pucker.

This shocked Caleb, who let out a cry. He was red with shame, then he felt something moist against his anus. He started to panic.

“Please, don’t do that. Don’t rape me.” Caleb pleaded.

The moist thing moved away

He heard Curtis tell him, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that if you didn’t agree.”

Then the moist touch returned, Caleb didn’t think that it wasn’t Curtis’ penis, but his tongue. And very quickly the shame gave way to pleasure. Caleb never imagined that it would be such a pleasure to be touched there.

Curtis released his friend’s penis to take care of his own. Caleb felt his friend jerking off while continuing to use his tongue on his anus. Caleb couldn’t take it anymore, and he grabbed his own cock to masturbate.

The two boys were moaning, and Curtis came on his friend’s buttocks. Then he penetrated Caleb a little deeper with his tongue. He pushed his friend’s hand off his cock and Curtis continued to wank Caleb.

Caleb began to moan more and more, then he felt an unimaginable spasm and spat the first sperm of his life on his friend’s bed.

Exhausted they both collapsed on the bed and fell asleep until morning.

When they woke up, Curtis insisted they take a shower together. Curtis washed his shamed friend in full, but at least “E-pill” was no longer working and he wasn’t bound.

Then they had lunch. Curtis imposed a new rule on Caleb. For the next two days, he had to stay naked all the time. He would explain to his brothers that he wanted to adapt as quickly as possible to the customs of Cockcaigne.

When they had eaten, Curtis took Caleb home.

At the Browns’ house, Trent was alone, Ben was at work, and Adam had to leave to buy his new school clothes. Before leaving, his friend had given him a shower while not neglecting any part of the body.

Trent was looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. He stared at his shaved head, his hairless body, he had trouble recognising himself. Around his neck was a punishment collar, and rings were around the base of his cock and his balls. He had not yet wholly accepted his new condition; he was humiliated to be exposed in public.

He was also confused because of what had happened with Adam. He had never considered himself gay, yet admitted he had a particular attraction for Adam;  the previous night had been the best of his life.

But for the moment, he was tormented by a much more irritating situation. He needed to go to the bathroom, and since he was alone, he had no one to wipe his arse.

Then as if someone had heard him, the front door slammed. He looked who it was and was stunned and upset. Stunned because his little brother had just come home, completely naked, and upset because Curtis, the overweight boy he met yesterday was with him.

Caleb bowed his head, visibly embarrassed to find himself naked in front of his brother.

Curtis took the lead and explained to Trent that Caleb had lost a bet and had to do what he wanted for two more days. In fact, as Trent had to obey Caleb, he also had to obey Curtis.

Then very quickly, Trent’s stomach pains brought him back to reality, and he had to explain the situation to the two young boys.

Curtis found it hilarious that he had to take Trent to the bathroom. Trent was bright red with shame, having to do his business with the door open, in front of his brother and friend. And it was even more humiliating when Curtis wiped his arse.

Despite his own situation, Caleb couldn’t help but smile at his brother’s new humiliation.

Curtis couldn’t stay very long, so he asked the two brothers to go to Caleb’s room. He made Trent lie on the bed and asked Caleb to climb on his brother but upside down.

Curtis dreamt all his life of seeing a real 69 so asked each brother to take the other’s cock in their mouth.

Trent was already hard from the E-pill. It took Caleb a little longer to get stiff.

Curtis loved the show, he could see from the two brothers’ faces how humiliating and uncomfortable the situation was for them.

Sucking noises filled the room, then each brother began to moan, then finally, and at the same time filled each other’s mouth.

Satisfied, Curtis turned on his heel and left the two brothers, naked, one on top of the other and feeling completely ashamed.

The Browns Lose Control

Two months earlier:

The postman arrived in the street, he was looking for the Browns’ house, it was not often that newcomers came to the neighborhood. He found the house, but there was no mailbox. He walked over to the house and knocked on the door. No one answered, he looked around, nothing to put the mail on, he hung the letter in the doorway. He returned to his vehicle, he looked up at the sky, a storm was brewing.

The postman was not wrong, a thunderstorm was coming. No sooner had the man left than a flurry of wind tore the envelope marked important and urgent off the door, and carried it away.


Curtis left Trent and Caleb with the taste of each other’s cum in their mouths. Neither brother dared to look at the other. Finally, Caleb went to take a shower and, still naked, went looking for his brother.

It was weird for Caleb to walk around naked in front of his brother. He dragged Trent into the shower and washed him.

Much to the dismay of the two brothers, Curtis returned an hour later. He told Caleb that he was inviting them for a sleepover that night. Caleb messaged Ben to ask for his permission. Ben agreed without hesitation, happy to spend a quiet evening alone.

Curtis had the ball gag put back in Trent’s mouth, then tied the leash around his neck and the three boys went out into the street. It was almost noon, Curtis decided to go eat at Burger King. He walked proudly in front, the two brothers followed behind, naked. Trent had his hands tied to the collar, the ePill making him hyper sensitive and excited, his nipples were hard and his cock was as hard as it could get, a translucent string dripping at the end of the glans due to his excitement.

The breeze on his hairless body made him shudder. He would have given a lot for Adam to be here to support him through his humiliation.

Caleb was not much happier, he had lost the advantage he had over his brother, the only consolation prize, he had not been given the ePill today.

Just outside Burger King, Curtis stood in front of Trent and grabbed his cock, he made him cum in a few strokes. Although there was no audience, Trent felt completely humiliated. Thankfully for Trent and Caleb, they didn’t meet anyone they knew inside.

After eating, Curtis decided it was time to go to the arcade. There weren’t too many people there at the time, but there were enough to make the situation humiliating enough for Trent and his brother.

The assembly of geeks who were there, were impressed to see Curtis as he walked in with Trent on a leash, pulling him along like a sort of Adonis. Trent had the physique of a popular boy, those who despised the geeks. Suddenly, no one felt any compassion for him.

Curtis paraded Trent across the room, he was living his hour of glory. A boy who looked about Caleb’s age asked if he could touch Trent. The chubby boy seemed delighted with the idea. He asked the teenager to come closer, but he didn’t do it fast enough.

Curtis saw another opportunity to showcase himself. He went to get a chair from the corner. He sat down and pulled Trent over his thighs. He began to spank him for five good minutes before an ecstatic audience. Trent’s bottom had turned scarlet red. The boy couldn’t hold back the tears that ran down his cheeks.

Caleb, who could have been happy with Curtis, was left a little quiet, feeling sorrow and embarrassment to see how his brother was being treated, he began to find that things were going too far.

Curtis allowed the boy to touch Trent, who made him cum on the floor. Curtis removed the ball gag and ordered Caleb’s brother to clean the floor with his tongue. Trent did not even protest, he seemed completely dejected, he got down on his knees with difficulty, then under the mockery of the room, he started to lick up his own cum. Some of the geeks were filming the scene which would soon tour the school’s social networks.

Curtis allowed free access to Trent’s body all the afternoon and he was forced to endure countless orgasms.

Some asked if they could take advantage of Caleb as well, but Curtis replied that Caleb was not being punished, so they could only do so unless he gave his consent, which he did not do.

In the late afternoon, Curtis decided it was time to get back, and the trio headed for their house.

Once back, Curtis decided to wash the two brothers, he started with Trent, Caleb watched the scene. Like the Caleb did a day earlier, Curtis did not neglect any part of his body, he also made his finger penetrate inside Trent. He again felt completely humiliated.

During the shower, the fat boy made the teen cum twice more. When he was done with Trent, he worked on Caleb, concentrating on his crotch causing him to get an erection.

When finished, he took the two brothers to his room, he untied Trent’s hands and then asked the two boys to kneel side by side on all fours on the bed. Curtis was standing behind them.

Once again, Caleb felt a tongue against his crack, he jumped and turned red like a tomato. He was so ashamed because he was with his brother. But Trent didn’t understand what was going on, it was only when he felt the tongue on his anus that he understood.

When he had had enough, Curtis took the brothers’ cocks, one in each of hand and began to masturbate them as if he were milking cows. Trent, because of the pill was already hard and Caleb in turn became hard after a few minutes.

Curtis now only stroked Trent, and asked Caleb to stand in front of his brother. He started to play with the Caleb’s nipples then brought his mouth to his and pushed in his tongue and delved inside. Once again Caleb was completely ashamed to be treated like this in front of his brother. Without removing his mouth, Curtis began to manipulate Caleb’s cock who ended up spurting cum over Trent. He asked the Trent to clean his brother’s penis with his mouth.

Then Curtis decided it was time to sleep. The two brothers both had to sleep in Curtis’ single bed, their naked bodies huddled together. Curtis slept in his parents’ bed.

While these two brothers had a very bad evening, Ben parked his car in front of the house, he had a big smile. His day had been good, Roger had gone on holiday, so he had not been forced to wear the cock cage and had been able to keep his clothes on. He was already anticipating a quiet evening. He was putting the key in the lock when a police car arrived behind him with the sirens on. The vehicle parked in front of the house and officer James Parks got out

“Benjamin Brown?”

“yes, that’s me.”

“I’m officer James Parks”

“Good evening Officer. What can I do for you?

“I will ask you to follow me, you are under arrest.”

“What, it must be some kind of mistake.”

Ben approached the policeman, who, with a quick gesture pushed him on the bonnet of the car. Before he could react, Ben found himself with his hands handcuffed behind his back. Then Ben regained his senses.

“Officer, I repeat, it must be a mistake, I have not committed any offense.”

“Mistake. You did not respect article 2 of the town of Cockaigne, I quote: “All new residents will receive a notice that within seven days of his arrival they should report to the medical centre to receive their inoculation.” However, while we have received the postman’s confirmation of delivery, you did not present yourself and your brothers to the medical centre.”

“No, I assure you, we have not received any notice.”

“You’re lying. We have proof of the postman.”

Ben was in a panic. He tried to calm down and think. As he was about to open his mouth, a man approached and spoke

“Good evening James.”

The officer turned around

“Good evening, Mark how are you?”

“Good and you.”

“Well thank you.”

“I saw your car arriving with the sirens blaring, what’s going on here?”

“I came to arrest this individual.”

The officer explained the reasons to Mark, then Mark questioned.

“And what punishment can he expect?”

“It depends on him, if he continues to deny, then prison. Otherwise I am open to negotiation.”

Ben, who had of course heard, asked, “Ok Officer. If I admit my mistake what will happen to me then?”

“You seem sensible and friendly, I would say that I would punish you with the “e-Pill” for a week. But for that you would need a referee to supervise your sentence.”

“I can take care of it, I live in the house opposite. It will be simple,” said Mark.

“What do you think, Mr. Brown?” asked James

Ben, who had no desire to end up in prison, accepted without too much hesitation.

The officer James straightened him, he pulled out a sort of mini billhook and began to cut off Ben’s clothes. In a short time Ben found himself, naked except for his shoes, in front of the two men.

Ben was red with shame. The officer placed a collar around his neck. Then he removed the handcuffs and placed leather bracelets around the wrists which he fastened on the sides of the collar.

Then he began to kneel and slipped a cock ring and ball stretcher around Ben genitals. Finally he asked Ben to open his mouth and popped in a pill, the effect of which was instantaneous and his cock stood up straight.

The officer stood next to Mark to admire his work. He handed him a box of e-pills and said, “He’s all yours for a week, of course you won’t need to tie his hands to the collar for the working day but he shouldn’t wear any clothes and must keep the collar on as well as the genital equipment.”

“Thank you, Officer, I can share him with you if you want.” Mark offered.

Saying this, Mark began to undo his fly and take out his hard cock. He asked Ben to come and place himself on his knees before him and for him to take the huge member in his mouth.

Ben felt completely humiliated, but was terrified of being put in jail if he protested.

The officer accepted Mark’s offer and took out his cock. Ben had to take care of him too. The two men ended up cumming in turn on Ben’s face. Then James thanked Mark, said good bye and returned to his vehicle.

Mark turned to Ben still on his knees, his face dripping with cum.

“Go next door, it’s time to clean up.”

The two men entered the Browns’ house. Mark found the bathroom. He undressed then brought Ben with him into the shower. Although Ben had a rather muscular body, he had the impression of being a teenager in front of the virile and imposing body of his neighbour. In addition, the fact that Ben was not a very hairy blonde, and even less since Roger had him shaved, added to the contrast.

Mark soaped his neighbour’s body who trembled under the effect of the caresses and the ePill. He stood behind Ben, soaped his back and his crack. He soaped his cock and balls. Then he stuck to Ben’s torso and began to stroke his chest and tickled his nipples. At the same time his cock stuck against Ben’s pucker.

Mark pressed, with the help of the soap as lube, the anus parted and his cock entered. Ben jumped, he was surprised not to be in pain. Mark started pumping while jerking off his neighbour.

Ben started to moan and then he came in the shower while Mark came inside of him. If the Mark had not held him, Ben would have collapsed in the shower as his legs trembled.

When the two men recovered from their orgasms, Mark finished washing Ben and wiping him.

He had to go home, he untied Ben and said to him, “See you tomorrow Neighbour, I’ll come round and give you your pill.”

Mark left the house without Ben commenting.

Caleb woke up with Trent hugging his back. He felt a hard, sticky cock against his buttocks. Curtis arrived to rouse them. They had lunch then Curtis imposed a whole lot of humiliation on them. The two brothers had to kiss each other with their tongues, make a sixty-nine again; they did everything that the big boy told them.

They had lunch then Curtis decided to return to the arcade. Before leaving, Curtis gave an ePill to Trent and, this time, to Caleb. So, it was two excited brothers who arrived at the arcade. There were many more people than the day before. Yesterday’s filming had attracted more geeks.

They had been there for 30 minutes when a teenager pointed to Trent and asked Curtis

“What can you do with him?”

“Almost everything as long he is not injured.”

The other boy seemed embarrassed and hesitated before asking his question then he murmured

“And you can make him suck too?”

A smile lit Curtis’ face

“Of course, but not here, come into the alley behind the arcade, get the message out if you have any interested friends.”

When Caleb, Trent and Curtis arrived in the alley, about fifteen excited boys were waiting for them.

Curtis asked Trent to kneel against the back wall and asked, “Who wants to start?”

Everyone seemed hesitant, then a tall, skinny, pimply boy of Trent’s age came up.

He opened the front of his jeans and took out his cock. He was already hard. He approached Trent, pulled his head back, grabbed his hair and pushed his glans against the teenager’s lips.

Trent seemed completely dejected, he opened his mouth without even protesting. All the other boys were watching the scene. The skinny boy ends up cumming on Trent’s face. Another smaller boy was already approaching.

Trent had tears in his eyes, the situation was really distressing for Caleb. He looked around, there were a lot of boys at least 13 more to go. He decided to intervene with Curtis.

“You’re not going to let everyone abuse Trent!”

“Why not, I have the right, he is punished he must do whatever we ask him.”

“Please Curtis be nice.”

“Then there is a way he sucks less.”

“Ah yes which one?”

“You just have to help him.”

Caleb looked at Curtis with wide eyes, then Curtis told him, “I promise I won’t film you with my phone.”

Caleb looked at Trent sucking the second boy, then he looked at Curtis with his victorious look. He now felt really guilty about his brother’s distress and humiliation.

Head down, he went to kneel next to his brother. Curtis motioned for a boy to approach. When he had released his cock, Caleb opened his mouth. After a few minutes, Curtis approached Caleb and crouched near him. He whispered in her ear.

“Finally, you have more in common with your brother than you thought.”

And while he was sucking the boy in front of him, Curtis started to jerk him off. He came at the same time that his mouth was filled with the spunk from the other guy.

The blowjob session appeared endless at Caleb, he was covered in spunk, some had chosen to cum in his mouth but others had ejaculated in his face. He turned to his brother who found that he was in the same condition.

When the last boy was gone, Curtis decided it was time for the two brothers to go home; he accompanied them.

When they got home, they saw that Ben’s car was already there. They entered the living room and were speechless.

Ben was naked on his knees in the middle of the living room. He carried the same items with him from Trent. He was sucking Adam’s stepfather; Adam was with him.

“Hello boys, as you can see your brother is in a little trouble and I ‘m now in charge of him.” Mark said.

Then he turned more specifically to Trent.

“As a result, I’m in charge of you too. Come put next to your brother and take care of your friend.”

Trent did so and Adam unbuttoned his jeans. Trent approached Adam’s hard cock and started sucking on it.

Curtis was very excited by the scene before him. He turned to Caleb.

“The day is not over, you must continue to do what I tell you.”

Caleb said nothing.

“Go and kneel next to your brothers.”

Caleb obeyed, and like Adam, Curtis opened his trousers and plunged his cock into his comrade’s mouth.

Thus, the day ended with the three Brown brothers, completely naked and hairless, all three side by side sucking off three boys.

Punishments Imposed

Ben and Trent were sitting in the courtroom waiting room. They were both naked. Trent’s hands were shaking, he was holding an information sheet on Cockaigne punishments. He was rereading the document for the tenth time.

The document said:

Any person deemed violating the laws of Cockaigne may be deprived of all their clothing and fitted with a cock ring and ball stretcher by the security authorities without the intervention of a judge.

The same is true of parental control, the legal representative of a minor may decide on the deprivation of the right to wear clothing and may also enforce the complete removal of body hair if disrespectful and repeated behaviour is found.

In the case of serious offences, and in the case of repeated offenders, the offence will be evaluated by a judge who may decide to place the offender in a slave state. Although nudity is permitted and encouraged in Cockaigne, in contrast, the slave status is considered particularly degrading. A slave no longer has civic rights and must obey free people, especially requests for touching and sexual favours. The slave state has several levels:

Level 1: Deprivation of clothing for six months, the installation of a cock-cage for three months and deprivation of body hair except that on the head and face. Attendance at the punishment centre is required every Thursday evening for one month.

Level 2:  Deprivation of clothing for twelve months, the installation of a cock cage for 6 months and deprivation of body hair except that on the head and face. Attendance at the punishment centre every Thursday evening for two months

Level 3:  Deprivation of clothing for eighteen months, the installation of a cock cage for twelve months and deprivation of body hair except that on the head and face. Attendance at the punishment centre is required every Thursday evening for three months. The nipples will be pierced, and nipple rings must be worn at all times. The offender will also be assigned to the service of a nominated person as a personal slave.

Level 4:  Deprivation of clothing for twenty-four months, the installation of a cock cage for twelve months and deprivation of body hair except that on the head and face. Attendance at the punishment centre is required every Thursday evening for six months. The nipples will be pierced, and nipple rings must be worn at all times. The nipple rings will be connected to each other by a chain for 12 months, after which the chain will be removed, but the nipple rings will remain in place. The offender will also be assigned to the service of a nominated person as a personal slave.

Level 5:  Deprivation of clothing for life, the installation of a cock cage for twelve months and all body hair, including the hair on the head and face are permanently eliminated. The nipples will be pierced, and nipple rings must be worn at all times. The offender becomes the property of Cockaigne and will be auctioned off, after which the offender is assigned to serve the purchaser as a personal slave for life.

Trent put the sheet back in his lap, he sighed, how could he have put himself in this situation. His mind went back to the day before, a few days after the start of the school year.

He thought about going to the school with Adam, but he had not answered his text messages, worse he had met him several times in the corridors and he’d more or less ignored him. Adam was with a group of boys, one of which was always naked; he could be fiddled with by anyone who asked.

This raised tensions in Trent who felt jealousy seize him. He was also targeted by Tyron as soon as he arrived, he was the most popular student in the school and the captain of the Baseball team. Tyron was a tall, athletic black man, adored and well-liked by all. But he had learned about Trent through social media and found out that he had been captain at his old high school. Therefore he saw Trent as a potential rival and immediately took a dislike to him.

However, Tyron had been lucky since his arrival as a lot of compromising, and humiliating photos of Trent were circulating, it was his good fortune. So, every morning he would chase Trent with his group of friends and comment on the pictures everyone was sending each other, many students had already nicknamed Trent the “Naked Cocksucker.”

It was the same during lunch breaks, Adam did not come to eat with Trent, so he became even more anxious.

Then, on the third day in the last hour of class, it was the selections for the Baseball team. There was a warm-up, everyone had to run around the stadium. Tyron came up behind Trent and tripped him up. Trent fell and ended up sprawling out, full length on the floor.

After the tension of the last three days, which had been the most horrible in his life, Trent’s anger rose to boiling point. He got up and without thinking threw a considerable punch to Tyron’s face, broking his nose.

Trent was immediately taken to the headmaster who called the police. Acts of violence were considered very serious in Cockaigne, and he risked a hefty penalty.

Ben sat next to his brother, he was also accused of a serious offence; failure to appear at the Cockaigne inoculation service.

After waiting for 30 minutes, both were called to see the judge. Their hands were tied to leather bondage collars, and both had been given an ePill; both of their cock’s were painfully erect, their glans moist from profusely leaking pre-cum. Both Ben and Trent dribbled, and each had a long transparent thread of precum dangling from the end of their cocks

They did not have a lawyer; they were not permitted in Cockaigne for this kind of case.

They entered the courtroom, their hands clasped behind their heads to ease the strain on their arms. The room was packed, and they were in full view of everybody. It was not every day that there was a judgment, it had attracted a lot of people.

The two brothers walked in with their heads bowed red with shame. Trent couldn’t help but look around. All his class was there, the neighbours too. Ben’s boss, Roger, was seated in the front row.

On the left sat Caleb, he wore a suit to give a good impression. He was nervous. Not far from him was Tyron, a large pad covered his broken nose.

The brothers walked up to the stand; the judge perched in his seat watching them sternly. Their cock’s remained painfully erect and leaked continuously, a small puddle was forming in front of each of the boys.

The judge spoke. “Benjamin Brown, the offence with which you are charged is very serious; not going to the inoculation centre is a particularly shameful act. To punish you for this affront to the town of Cockaigne, I forbid all members of your family to receive the inoculation for a period of two years. This means you will remain shameful and aware of your nakedness during this period. In addition, I condemn you to Level 2 in the Cockaigne punishment scale”.

Ben jumped at the penalty, but the judge had already turned to Trent.

“Trent Brown, the offences with which you are charged are even more serious. Violence is completely prohibited in our beautiful town. You deserve the maximum sentence. However, given your young age and that you are a recent resident in this town, I condemn you to Level 3. You will serve Mr Tyron Hossender as a personal slave for 10 months, and you will remain available to him from Monday after school to Saturday 23:00.” The judge banged his gavel. “Justice has been rendered in Cockaigne, the meeting is adjourned. Lead the two offenders to the preparation room, I will see them again on Thursday at the punishment centre.”

The silence that had fallen as the judge spoke was broken. A cacophony erupted as the room seemed excited at the announcement of the sanctions.

The guards made the brothers kneel and lick the puddles of precum that had formed in front of them, all while the audience mocked them and watched them do it.

They were taken to a room opposite the courtroom. Only Caleb and Tyron were able to return.

Their collars and cock rings were taken off, then the two brothers had to walk up to two cabins. The man in the white coat walked over and said. “So, what do we have today? Oh yeah, so you’re a year, said the guard looking at Ben so it’s the pink foam and you are the green,” he said turning to Trent.

They were placed in a sort of shower tray, and then their entire bodies were coated in the coloured foam.

They were left like this for 10 minutes. The two boys started to feel a tingling sensation, and then a strong jet of cold water hit them. Their bodies were rinsed for five minutes, and the two brothers found that not a single hair was left on their skin; they were as smooth as babies.

“Here,” said the guard, “you are to be caged for two and three months.”

Then another guard approached Ben with a syringe, he pricked at the base of his penis, which was still hard from the effects of the ePill. In less than 2 minutes his penis shrivelled like it had never done before.

The man knelt in front of Ben. He placed a ring around his testicles, pushing through each testicle one at a time, then he bent his cock and slid it through until the ring fitted snug around the base of the penis. He then slipped on a transparent shell which imprisoned his member, Ben heard a click. He looked down, his cock was trapped in a kind of transparent tube.

But Ben’s penis began to swell, and he started to feel discomfort. The cage wasn’t large enough to take his hard cock. Ben noticed that there was a hole at the end of it, probably for urinating. However, Ben was surprised because he did not find a padlock to keep the cage closed.

The guard looked satisfied at his work.

“That’s how we treat criminals in Cockaigne, they wear a chastity cage. Don’t let it fool you, it’s not plastic, the material is unbreakable, and it’s magnetically closed, it will open on its own in 6 months.”

The guard began to repeat the operation with Trent and imprisoned his penis for a year.

Another man in a white coat approached Trent. He also had a syringe in his hand. He pricked first the left nipple and then the right. Trent began to feel numb, so he could no longer feel his nipples.

Then the man gripped the left nipple with a kind of giant stapler. There was a little ‘clap’, then he withdrew the pliers. Trent saw that a ring about 1.5 cm in diameter was present at the end of his breast. The man repeated the operation on his other nipple.

At the sight of his nipples, Trent cracked and began to cry. He was so fed up, now he was going to be naked for 18 months and be the personal slave of his worst enemy.

Ben saw that state that his brother was in and wanted to hug him, but he refrained for fear of being punished further.

Caleb, seeing his brothers like this, also had tears in his eyes. He now hated this town, even though it wasn’t him being punished.

The two brothers were given a metal necklace and metal rings on the wrists. A leash was attached to the collars.

Then two men took hold of the leashes, pulled the two brothers out of the room and out of the courthouse. They were taken to the square opposite, the punishment square. There was an excited crowd waiting at the foot of a large stage.

Ben and Trent were forced upon this stage. To the right were two pillories, they were locked in them, facing the crowd.

A tall, strong man stepped forward with a sort of small wooden plank with a handle. Without waiting, he began to spank Ben. He received 20 blows on his backside which turned his arse was bright red. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Trent received the same treatment as the spectators cheered.

After the spanking, they were released and moved closer to the crowd. Ben and Trent were forced to sit on chairs that had a plug protruding from the middle of the seat. The two brothers felt the object invade them when they sat down. Their wrists were fastened to the armrests of the chair, and their calves the legs. They were now completely immobilized.

Suddenly the plugs began to vibrate against the boys’ prostates.

Very quickly, they began to scream as their orgasms washed over them and semen flowed from the end of each cage. The two brothers endured this treatment for fifteen minutes under the laughter and mockery of the crowd.

Finally, to finish, they were brought down from the stage, they were placed in stands with their wrists tied behind their heads. They had to remain like this and be available to visitors. During this hour of availability, half of the boys in Trent’s class came in his mouth. Ben had his co-workers do the same.

Then the ordeal ended, and Trent was taken away by Tyron.

Ben’s hands were untied so he could go home with Caleb. The moment he sat in his car; Ben collapsed in tears on his steering wheel. Caleb was embarrassed, it was the first time he had seen his brother so desperate. Not knowing what to do, he stroked her back gently to console him.

Six months later…

Like every weekday, Ben woke up at 7:00 am, he had been sleeping naked for six months. He stroked his crotch and was almost surprised not to feel the cage. Of course, he had to stay naked for another six months, he had to wait as long as it took for his hair to grow back, but at least Ben was no longer a slave in the strict sense of the term since he no longer carried the cage.

The past six months had been hell. Ben felt shame every time he walked either in his office or in town, with his conspicuous cock cage. He was obliged to respond to all requests, and one day a colleague laid him on his back on a desk in the middle of the open office. He fucked him in front of all his other colleagues and in front of his boss. Roger watched the scene with a mocking look.

Ben got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. The house was still quiet, and it would remain so. Only Caleb was at home, Trent was serving Tyron at his home.

When he came out of the bathroom naked, he passed Caleb in his pyjamas coming out of his bedroom.

“Happy birthday, big boy.”

Caleb glared at him and walked into the bathroom; he locked the door behind him.

“Ah, these teenagers are always in a bad mood,” blurted Ben.

Caleb took a shower. Afterwards, he dried his hair and stood naked, looking at himself in the mirror, looking desperate.

He was fourteen today and still not a bit of hair was visible above his cock. Although he had grown a bit in recent months, he was still one of the smallest in his class. His hairless cock was still not very big and looked more like that of a 10-year-old boy. Although he could ejaculate, his bald, hairless balls were still not of a substantial size.

Caleb had observed the other boys in his class, especially in the gym, he was the only one who had no hair and looked like a child. Fortunately, although he was at Cockaigne Academy, his teacher never came to the locker room and had therefore never forced him to take a shower and reveal himself in front of others.

Outside of his puberty issues, Caleb’s life was pretty cool, the little story with Curtis was over, and the episode in the alley behind the arcade games oddly hadn’t leaked. So Caleb, although regarded as shy, was rather popular and well-liked in his class. Caleb liked to go to school, despite avoiding Curtis like the plague since the start. He had never spoken to him since the fat boy blackmailed him.

A few blocks away, Curtis was struggling to wake up. He hated school, everyone laughed at him, in the locker room they poked him as if he were a girl. They would catch him from behind him and knead his rolls of fat and drooping breasts. Not a single day passed when he thought about the three days he’d had with Caleb, blackmailed into doing whatever he wanted. The three happiest days of his life.

Curtis was present when Caleb’s two brothers were sentenced. He had fantasized so many times that it was Caleb in their shoes. It had been 6 months since Curtis thought about it, and he’d come up with an idea. He let his idea mature in his mind these months, and now it was time to take action and get Caleb back.

Curtis was very angry with the Caleb, admittedly he had blackmailed him, but Caleb had not treated him very well either. Curtis was ignored, and he had repeatedly caught Caleb making fun of him with other boys. But soon the wheel would turn.

A Slave’s Life

Like every morning, Trent woke up at 7.15am. He slept on a mattress on the floor. He climbed into Tyron’s bed, placed himself between his legs and took Tyron’s cock into his mouth.

It had become a ritual since he had become a slave in Cockaigne. But it wasn’t the worst. It had been 3 months since his cock was imprisoned in the cage. And since he was always on the ePill, he was continually going through hell. Trent felt best in the mornings as that when the effects of the pill had worn off.

Tyron knew perfectly well how to torture Trent with the cage. He had made him discover anal pleasure. Tyron knew how to play with Trent’s prostate, who had found that he could cum very hard without touching the cock.

It was really humiliating for Trent because whenever he wanted to cum, he had to ask Tyron to penetrate him. And Tyron took a perverse pleasure in fucking Trent.

Trent had no friends in school. Because of his status as a slave, everyone shunned him, which prevented him from making friends or developing any relationships. The only interaction he had was with the baseball team. Tyron, who knew Trent was a good player, possibly even as good as him; so Tyron forced him to play for the team.

This humiliated Trent. He would have to play completely naked, exposed to all. It was worse on match days when there was a lot of spectators, cheering and hollering. Trent wondered how much of it was for him.

Trent’s ordeal continued after training. Tyron would put Trent’s mouth at the disposal of the whole team, and Trent had to satisfy everyone who wanted it.

Trent still couldn’t stand the sight of his pierced nipples, he found it really degrading, and they would stay in place long after the cage had come off, which would continuously remind others of his status as a slave.

To think that eight months ago he was on top of the world, the most popular boy in school, the star of the baseball team. Now he was naked, caged, hairless, his nipples pierced and forced to follow everyone’s orders. He was an inferior being now.

The only comfort Trent had was on Sundays because he could go home. His brothers tried to do whatever good they could, but Trent was often very depressed.

Back in his bed, Tyron started to moan; a sign that he was going to cum soon. Indeed it was not long before his cock erupted into the mouth of his classmate.

Tyron straightened up and said, “Come on, it’s shower time.”

This was another ritual. Each morning they showered together, and Trent was forced to wash Tyron’s body.

Trent wasn’t feeling well, it had been a week since he last came and he was finding it harder and harder to concentrate. So while he was still in the shower, he turned to Tyron, and asked: “Please let me cum.”

“Hmm,” Tyron pondered, “not now, but after training, if you still want to, I’ll let you cum in the locker room.”

“In front of the whole team,” Trent shrieked, “I can’t do that.”

“It’s up to you.” Tyron shrugged, “but if you’d rather stay the way you are, that’s fine with me.”

Trent had never been fucked in public, and Tyron seemed determined to humiliate him further.

At breakfast Trent received a double dose of the ePill, he also received a double dose at lunchtime. The situation was becoming unbearable for Trent, he felt he was going to go mad if he couldn’t cum soon.

After practice, while the whole team was stripping down to take a shower, Trent crept up to Tyron.

“Please let me come,” Trent begged.

Tyron turned around and said for everyone to hear, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

Trent spoke a little louder. “Please let me come.”

All the players were silent and were looking at him, he could hear sneers burst out behind him.

“And how can I do that?” Tyron said.

Trent hesitated, and red with shame, said, “Please enter me.”

Everyone burst out laughing.

Tyron finished stripping off his baseball kit and sat down on a bench. He asked the entire team to stand in an arc in front of him.

Then he ordered Trent to stand in front of him, facing the players. Trent immediately obeyed and saw the mocking smiles of all the boys. Tyron pulled him towards him and forced him to sit on his cock. Due to the ePill loosening Trent’s arse, he entered him without any problem.

“Now jiggle up and down on me, like a woman,” said Tyron.

Everyone burst out laughing.

Trent started to move up and down and felt Tyron’s cock sink deeper into him. He felt so ashamed, but he also needed to cum, so badly. Tyron’s cock pressed against Trent’s prostate; the heat invaded his stomach. It felt so good, for a moment Trent forgot where he was. He moved harder and began to utter very audible cries.

“Damn,” someone blurted out in the locker room, “she’s a real bitch.”

Tyron was in heaven. When Trent had moved to Cockaigne, he had seen him as a rival. He had been so afraid that he would steal his place as captain and his status at school.

So, it was very satisfying to see him so humiliated.

Trent felt Tyron’s cock throb as the pleasure swept over him more and more. Then both boys came at the same time. Tyron emptied himself into the bowels of his slave and a long thread of cum spewed from the end of Trent’s cage.

It took a few seconds for Trent to come to his senses. He straightened up and looked around. He found that the scene had made the whole team horny. Tyron noticed it too. And like a good captain, he couldn’t leave his team without help.

He forced Trent to get on all fours and then addressed the team. “Come on guys, enjoy him, it’s up to you if you want to.”

One guy had already approached Trent and forced his cock into his mouth. The moment he opened his mouth, he also felt someone behind him push their hard cock into his arse.

For almost an hour Trent took it at both ends. The guys came in his mouth and his arse. Others squirted on his face or on his back. In the end, Trent was covered in cum.

The others withdrew to take a shower. Trent was exhausted and struggled to get to his feet. He felt empty.

He headed for the showers when Tyron called out to him.

The tall black man was already washed and dressed.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to take a shower,” Trent replied.

“No,” Tyron called out to him, “we don’t have time, we’re going home now.”

Trent no longer had the strength to protest, he followed Tyron through the school to the car park. His hand was on the door handle of Tyron’s car. He was about to open it when he heard Tyron shout at him.

“Hold it! You don’t think you’re going to get into my car like that, do you? You look fucking disgusting. You’re going home on foot.”

Trent didn’t react and just watched as the car drove off. He had the whole town to walk through, naked and covered in cum, he smelled terrible, and his nipple rings twinkled in the evening sunlight.

Trent walked down the street with his head bowed, not looking ahead. He was crying, his life was so miserable.

He had been walking for 10 minutes when he collided with a man’s shoulder.

“Fucking can’t pay attention.”

Trent looked up, the man was a punk in his twenties. Next to him was another punk that looked about the same age. The two men were loudly chewing gum.

“Damn look,” the man said to his mate, “he’s a slave.”

“You’re right, it’s our lucky day. We’ll be able to have a little fun.”

The man Trent had bumped into walked over and slapped him twice in the face, then forced him to kneel.

He took the teenager’s head, opened his fly and stuffed his cock into his mouth. He quickly came over Trent’s face. The other punk took his place and did the same. They sneered at the humiliated boy as they zipped up their trousers.

Before leaving, the two guys spat out their chewing gum and smeared it on the top of Trent’s head.

Trent walked like a zombie for another 30 minutes before he reached Tyron’s house. Trent no longer felt anything, he was completely drained. He rang the doorbell and Tyron opened the door.

“Damn you’re in a bad state,” Tyron said when he saw the state Trent was in. “Come into the bathroom.”

Tyron washed Trent, rubbing him vigorously, but he couldn’t get the gum out of his hair.

“Well, I’ve got no choice.” Tyron sighed.

Tyron took the clippers from the bathroom cabinet and cut out the clogged mass of gum. Then he shaved the middle of his Trent’s head. He removed the hair down to the scalp.

He stepped back and observed his work. “Damn, you look like a moron like that. Come look at yourself in the mirror.”

Trent looked in the mirror, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had a bald strip about ten centimetres down the centre of his hair, his normal hair on each side of the skull. He looked more than ridiculous. Trent had tears in his eyes. He wanted to grab the clipper to remove the rest of the hair.

“No, you don’t.” Tyron stopped him, “from now on you’re going to stay like that, we’re going to have a good laugh at school tomorrow.”

Trent went to bed, devastated. It had been the worst day of his life. What he didn’t know was that he wasn’t the only one.

Caleb is Framed

The headmaster, Mr Price, entered the gymnasium at the same time as a group of boys in Year 9. He was surprised, but given the text message he had just received, he preferred to hurry. He went to the locker room, followed by the group of boys, he opened the door that led to the showers, and it was there that everyone was stunned by the spectacle they discovered before their eyes.

Curtis Hartcombe was kneeling naked against the back wall, his arm raised and his wrist was handcuffed to the shower. His nose was bleeding, and his back was severely marked with welts, some of which were also bleeding. Above him, someone had spray-painted in red, ‘Curtis is a big bastard, he deserves to die’. The spray paint was lying on the ground. But what shocked people, even more, was that in front of the fat, weeping Curtis was Caleb Brown.

Caleb stood frozen, in his hands was a whip with long leather thongs dangling down.

Everyone knew the new student; Caleb was a bright, kind and well-liked boy. If they hadn’t caught him in the act, the headmaster and students thought it unimaginable to believe that Caleb had done such a thing.

Caleb turned to the crowd around him, then to Curtis, his eyes darted between them.

As if he had just realised something, he shouted. “It’s a misunderstanding, it wasn’t me, there must be a mistake.”

“I will ask you to be quiet, Mr Brown.” Shouted the headmaster.

Curtis didn’t say anything else, he turned to his school friends for support, but they just stared at him, with a mixture of hatred and disappointment in their eyes.

Mr Price knelt next to the sobbing Curtis.

“Are you okay, Curtis?”

“It hurts. I want my clothes, please.” Curtis pleaded.

“We have to untie you first. Do you know where the key is?” The headmaster asked.

The fat boy jerked his chin to Caleb. “He told me it was in his locker.”

The headmaster turned around and spoke to the boys at the entrance to the showers.

“Someone go to the gym teacher’s office, there must be some towels in there. Go get one to cover up Mister Hartcombe.” He turned to look at Caleb, “As for you, Mr Brown, follow me to your locker.”

The journey seemed endless to Caleb, he walked behind the headmaster with his head down, he didn’t understand what was going on, it was all a mistake, Mr Price would realise that when he opened his locker.

They arrived in front of Caleb’s locker. He feverishly took his key and, trembling, inserted it into the lock. The moment he opened the door, Curtis’ clothes fell to the floor. Caleb looked inside the locker and saw a key lying there, as well as another spray can of red paint.

He turned to the headmaster. “It’s not mine, I swear.”

“I think you had better not say anything else, Mr Brown because I think you are going to be in serious trouble.” The headmaster looked down at the scared boy.

Two hours later, Caleb was sitting in the headmaster’s office, Curtis was beside him. Mr Price was behind his desk, and they had been joined by Security Officer Heartclow and Judge Melikial.

They listened as Curtis told his story.

Curtis explained that it had all started during the summer. Caleb had wanted to become his friend, but very quickly, he had become quite obsessed with him. Curtis explained that Caleb was madly in love with him. Together they would walk around the town naked with him, and didn’t hesitate to give blowjobs to other boys behind the video game room. Caleb wanted to show Curtis what he could do to him. He wanted to be his boyfriend.

Then he had pestered him with text messages, Curtis showed the messages on his phone to the judge and security officer. He explained that one evening Caleb had been spied on him from his bedroom window and had taken a picture of him masturbating. He had been blackmailing him ever since.

But today Curtis had told him that he’d had enough, and he could show the picture to anyone he wanted. Caleb became angry, trapped Curtis in the gym showers and threatened him with a whip. He forced Curtis to undress and then handcuffed him to the shower pipe. Caleb left and put the handcuff key and Curtis’ clothes into his locker. When he came back, Caleb punched him in the face and whipped him.

Caleb tried to protest, but everything seemed to have gone against him. Curtis even had text messages that he’d never sent. If security checked, they could find witnesses who would say Caleb had been giving blowjobs to boys behind the arcade games.

At the end of the story, the judge spoke.

“Well, these are grave allegations. Caleb will need to be tried by the court in a week. Considering his young age, I need him to have a medical examination before I can comment further.”

Then the judge turned to Caleb.

“In the meantime, you are no longer allowed to wear clothes, I will exempt you from ball stretcher and ePill while waiting for the medical examination and you will go to your lessons as normal.”

Caleb was stunned, he looked in turn at everyone in the office. He was terrified he was going to have to be naked at school.

He felt intimidated by the judge and the officer, he felt guilty even though he had done nothing.

He lowered his head and began to unbutton his shirt.

Curtis, who was still pretending to cry, was looking at him longingly. The plan had worked wonderfully.

Since school had started, Curtis had built the trap for Caleb. He had bought a phone first, then, during a gym class, he went into the locker room and took Caleb’s phone from his bag, took out the sim card and copied it using a program he’d downloaded on the internet.

So the phone number and everything on it was now in Curtis’ possession.

For several months, he had created a false conversation between them, making it appear that Caleb was harassing him. And it was he who had taken a picture of himself masturbating.

He then bought another phone and anonymised it. He sent Caleb anonymous messages for over three months. He posed as a college girl who was in love with him. Caleb had fallen for the trap.

The next stage was to buy two copies of the same outfit, including shoes.

Finally, the day of the trap had arrived.

Tuesday was a good day. Curtis had observed that due to Caleb’s schedule, he wouldn’t go to his locker after lunch. With the second phone, Curtis sent Caleb one last text. Still pretending to be his anonymous lover, he wrote that it was time to meet and he’d arranged to meet him in the showers of the boys’ locker rooms.

Every message sent for more than three months contained a hidden program; 30 minutes after sending the message, the program activated, and all messages on Caleb’s phone sent from that number were erased.

Then after the lunch break, he went to Caleb’s locker, there was no one in the corridor. He forced the lock open (it was so easy with a little practice). He planted the key to the handcuffs, a spray can of red paint and the set of clothes identical to those he was wearing, not forgetting the trainers.

He then went to his own locker, left his bag, took the whip, which he slipped under his shirt, and grabbed the handcuffs, the spray can of red paint and the two phones. He went to the gym.

It was 1:30 p.m., the time to put the plan in motion, the timing was tight.

He went into the gym locker room, stripped to the waist, and whipped himself. The pain was horrible.

Caleb went into the showers and sprayed the graffiti on the wall. He gave himself a few strokes of the whip again. There were many welts now, some were oozing blood.

1:50 p.m., he left the gymnasium, and on the left were the school’s rubbish bins. He stripped completely naked and threw all his remaining clothes in the rubbish bin.

1:54 p.m., using the anonymous phone, he sent a message to the headmaster.

‘Come quickly, something serious is happening in the boys’ showers in the gym.’

Then with Caleb’s fake phone, he sent a group message to all the boys in his class.

‘Come quickly, guys, I’ve trapped fat Curtis in the boys’ showers at the Gym, we’re going to have a good laugh.’

He threw the two phones into one of the bins. Then he sprinted to the showers, fixed the handcuffs to his wrist and to the shower pipe. He took a deep breath and punched himself hard in the nose. He didn’t think he broke it, but it bled. He didn’t have to force himself to cry, it hurt like hell.

2:00 PM, hopeful, Caleb walked into the showers, but instead of finding a pretty young girl, he found Curtis naked, bleeding and kneeling on the tiled floor sobbing; he was holding something in his hand.

Caleb approached, “Curtis, what happened to you?”

At the same time as he spoke, he heard footsteps behind the door, it was the signal for Curtis to throw the whip at Caleb.

It was a natural reflex for Caleb to catch the whip, just as the door to the showers opened.

Everything had gone exactly to plan, and Caleb was made to look like the bully.

Caleb continued to strip in the headmaster’s office. After removing his shirt, the boy took off his shoes, socks, and trousers. He placed his hands on the elastic waistband of his boxers, he hesitated but seeing the impatient looks of the judge and officer Heartclow, he quickly removed them.

Once again, he revealed his hairless body. Except for his eyebrows and hair on his head, Caleb still had no hair visible on his body.

Due to fear, his cock retreated and measured no more than two centimetres. His balls had entirely retracted in his scrotum, leaving the impression that he was a eunuch. As the lessons were now over, he was asked to go home.

The headmaster informed him that he was going to call his brother to inform him of the situation.

No one accompanied him out of the office.

When Caleb closed the door behind him, he found himself completely exposed in the main hall of the school, it seemed unreal to him. He walked over to his locker to retrieve his things, luckily there was hardly anyone left at this late hour.

It was two days since Caleb had fallen into Curtis’ trap. Except for Ben, no one had seen him. Everyone at school now took him for a bully.

That previous evening, after the headmaster’s call to Ben, Caleb broke down in tears in his brother’s arms and explained to him what had happened. Ben believed him but was helpless to do anything as they had no evidence against Curtis. Ben asked him to be patient, to accept the situation while waiting for them to find a solution.

Returning to school had been horrible for Caleb. Everyone had turned their backs on him, thinking he had tortured Cutis. Also, all his friends laughed at his hairless little boy’s body, but as his legal situation was not clear, no one dared to touch him.

He was in maths class when there was a knock on the door, the headmaster entered accompanied by a man in a white coat. The head introduced the man as Doctor Andy. He told the class that he was here to perform Caleb Brown’s medical examination and that it would be done in front of the whole class, at the same time it would allow them to learn about sexual development.

Caleb instantly turned red with shame.

The doctor called him to the front of the class, telling him to stand with his back against the blackboard. He measured his height, then took some scales out of his bag and weighed him.

The doctor made Caleb raise his right arm and looked very closely at his armpit.

“No visible hair.” He said out loud.

He checked his other armpit.

Each time, Caleb saw his classmates smile or laugh as the doctor pointed his finger at him.

Then the doctor asked him to get on the desk and kneel in front of the class.

The doctor walked over with a tape measure, he clutched his hands to Caleb’s crotch and manipulated his private parts in front of the whole class, speaking aloud so that no comment escaped the class.

“The flaccid penis measures 2.1 cm, the foreskin retracts easily, and without discomfort, personal hygiene is sufficient. The testicles are not yet fully descended, and the testicles are relatively small for a boy of his age. We also note the total absence of pubic hair. This means that we are in the presence of an uncharacteristic delay in puberty, it is not necessarily a cause for concern at the moment, and there is no need for medical intervention.

Caleb’s cheeks were on fire, he was ashamed that every inch of his anatomy was being inspected and in front of the whole class.

The doctor asked Caleb to stand in profile in front of the class, still on the desk. The doctor put on gloves and stood behind Caleb. Suddenly, the boy felt a cold liquid flow between his buttocks then the doctor placed his finger against his anus spreading the liquid. A finger penetrated him, sinking painlessly into his bowels. The man seemed to be looking for something then Caleb heard him speak, at the same time he heard loud sniggers in the classroom.

“The prostate is still small, which confirms the previous diagnosis.” The doctor said.

As the finger rotated inside him, Caleb felt a heat invade his stomach. Very quickly, his cock began to stand up. The moment his cock was hard, the doctor pulled his finger out of Caleb’s anus and pulled his cock back. He held the tape against his penis.

“9.5 cm, which places the individual in the very below average for a 14-year-old boy.” The doctor declared.

The doctor didn’t let go of Caleb’s cock. He began to move his fingers up and down and placed a small transparent Petri dish under the boy’s penis.

Soon Caleb felt the excitement build up from the doctor’s manipulation and he came in the Petri dish in front of all his school friends. The doctor brought it closer to take a look at the contents.

“We can see the presence of thin seminal fluid, but it looks like there is little to no sperm, which again corroborates the diagnosis of him being a late bloomer.” The doctor said to the class.

When he was finished, the doctor cleaned Caleb’s arse with a wipe and put his things away. He picked up another bag, opened it and asked the boy to return to his knees on the desk.

Then he addressed the class as well as Caleb.

“Now the medical examination is finished, I will make my report to the judge. In the meantime, I will equip you as is required, since you broke the rules of Cockaigne.”

The doctor put a collar around Caleb’s neck and straps around his wrists. These could be attached to the collar.

Then the doctor put a ring around the boy’s balls pushed his penis through, it felt quite tight. Finally, he made Caleb swallow an ePill.

“Whenever someone asks to examine you, you must allow them without protesting.” The doctor told Caleb.

The doctor said farewell to the class and left.

The rest of the day was horrible for Caleb, he had to comply with a whole bunch of requests. The effects of the ePill meant his cock stayed constantly erect, despite multiple orgasms.

Worse still, at lunch break, he was joined by Curtis who did not hesitate to fiddle with him everywhere, even in the crack of his buttocks.

The week passed slowly. At first, Caleb had been hopeful that he or his brother could prove his innocence, but he had to face the facts, Curtis’ trap had no flaws, and Caleb was without a solution.

Caleb was therefore completely desperate when he entered the courtroom, naked. The whole school was there. Ben, Curtis, and the headmaster were in the front row. In the middle of the room, he saw Tyron with his naked brother beside him. He noticed he had a weird hairstyle with a shaved band right in the middle of his head.

Caleb’s wrists were attached to the collar, and his cock was erect from the effects of the ePill. He walked over to the stand and looked up at Judge Melikial, who looked at him sternly.

The Judge asked for silence and then spoke.

“Caleb Brown, the facts with which you are charged are extremely serious. I have never had to deal with such a serious case involving a boy so young. Therefore, after reading the requested medical report, I had to adapt my sanction to your body which is still developing. This sanction does not correspond to any level and has been adapted just for you.

“So, I find you guilty of all charges that you are accused, namely harassment and battery. If we were to believe what you wrote on the wall, then you want to do much harm to your classmate. I, therefore, condemn you to the deprivation of clothing until you are 18 years old. As soon as your first pubic and body hair appear, they will be removed until you are 18 as well. You will be publicly punished at the punishment centre every Thursday for one year. Your nipples will be pierced, and rings will be in place for the duration of the sentence. The installation of a cock cage is impossible because it would be detrimental to your development, your glans will also be pierced, and a ring will also be installed until you are 18 years old. Finally, you will serve Mr Curtis Hartcombe as a personal slave from Monday 8:00 a.m. to Saturday 7:00 p.m. for a period of two years.”

The judge banged his gavel three times. “Justice has been rendered in Cockaigne.” He told the courtroom.

Caleb felt like the sky had just collapsed on him. Sentenced until he was 18 when he had done nothing wrong. He was in shock, unable to react, he felt like a spectator of his own humiliation. He said nothing when he was led into the room across the street. He also didn’t react when a man pierced his nipples and put the rings in. He had no reaction either when someone pulled on his foreskin, and a syringe pricked his glans. He stared blankly as his penis was pierced and a thick ring was inserted into the hole. He let it go when a leash was attached to his collar, and Curtis pulled him outside. It wasn’t until he saw Ben with tears in his eyes on the courthouse steps that Caleb collapsed and began to cry.

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