Trent’s Worst Day
by Firefish

This morning, two days after the hike near the waterfall, Ben got into his car to go to work. The evening before had not been easy, but he was the head of the family and it was up to him to make the decisions. Ben was anxious because work was not going as planned. It had been two days since Roger, his boss, forced him to take off all his clothes and put them on the coat rack behind his desk. More humiliation followed under the pretext that erections made Ben lose productivity when Roger made him wear a metal cage around his cock and balls; which was very unpleasant in addition to being humiliating. So, yes Ben was anxious…

On the other side of the street, lying on his bed, Adam was also anxious. It had been two days since he had seen Trent, and he was no longer responding to his messages. Adam wondered if he had gone too far at the waterfall by bathing naked and forcing Trent to do so as well. He looked at his phone and thought it was silly, he decided to find out. So, he crossed the street and knocked on the door of Trent’s house.

It was Caleb who answered, a smile lit up his face.

“I expected you earlier.” Caleb said.

“Oh well, your brother no longer responds to my texts. Is there a problem?” Adam asked.

“Not really, Ben confiscated his phone from him. Come in, Trent is in the garden. Come follow me.” Caleb beckoned.

They went through the house and into the back garden to find Trent. When he saw his friend, Adam almost dropped his jaw as he was almost unrecognizable.

Trent was naked, he no longer had any hair on his body, all his hair had disappeared, only his eyebrows remained.

He wore a collar identical to what Luke wore a few days ago, the only difference was two rings on the side to which wrist hooks were hung leaving his hairless armpits completely exposed.

In Trent’s mouth was a red ball held in place by a leather band fastened behind his head that made him drool profusely.

He also wore a ball stretcher and a cock ring like what Luke had worn. His cock was stretched to the extreme and a translucent string hung at the end of his unsheathed glans.

Trent became even more scarlet when he saw his friend.

Caleb spoke, which brought Adam out of his contemplation.

“And yes, as you can see, Trent is being punished for everything he did. He must remain harnessed like that for 15 days then is no longer allowed to wear clothes for 6 months. In addition, he must be on ’Pill-E’ for 1 week.”

“What is ‘Pill-E’?” Adam asked.

“It’s a pill that he has to take every morning which makes you super excited all day.”

Adam was really sorry for his friend because he was going to have to go back to school in three weeks, completely naked and his hair will probably not have grown much.

Caleb approached his brother and grabbed his hard cock. He just needed a few strokes to make him come and send his sperm spraying the floor of the terrace.

“You will have to clean this now, slave.” Caleb told Trent.

Adam saw that Caleb really enjoyed humiliating his brother. He watched the younger brother approach the elder to remove the ball gag.

Caleb said to Trent, “Go on stupid loser, clean it up with your tongue.”

Trent didn’t dare meet his friend’s eyes because he was ashamed. He also did not try to plead with his brother, he knew that the little sadist could inflict much heavier punishment on him.

It was not easy to get on your knees with your hands clasped around your neck, and it was even less easy to lick your own sperm on the floor. He had to spread his thighs to keep his balance. As he was facing away from his friend and his brother, he was perfectly aware that they had an unobstructed view of the most intimate part of his body.

Sure enough, Adam was stunned as he watched his friend lick up his own cum and he couldn’t take his eyes off Trent’s perfectly smooth arse either. Adam was embarrassed because he was excited by the action in front of him, a big lump distorted the front of his trousers.

When Caleb was tired of seeing his brother so humiliated, he told him to get up and replaced the ball gag.

Caleb told his brother, “Come on, let’s go for a walk, let’s enjoy the beautiful day.” Then he spoke to Adam, “It’s a shame that Luke has gone, I’m sure he would have liked to take revenge on my brother.”

Adam said nothing but followed the two brothers who walked to the front of the house in the direction of the wood. As they arrived on the street, they came face to face with Carlie.

“Hi Carlie,” Said Caleb.

“Uh hello,” replied Carlie, whose gaze was on Trent.

Trent squirmed, it was his bad luck that they met one of the most popular girls in high school. This time it was official, his life was over.

“It’s nice to see you.”

“Yes, me too,” she seemed hesitant, then asked, “can I take a selfie with your brother? it’s for my Facebook.”

Trent’s eyes widened, he suddenly seemed horrified. He took several steps back.

Caleb had a weakness for Carlie, even if he knew that being 2 years younger, he had no chance with her. But now he saw an opportunity to shine in front of his neighbour.

Caleb pulled on his brother’s leash and sat down on a small wall that by the pavement. He bent Trent over his thighs, then without saying anything, he began to spank the him.

Adam, who was silently watching the scene, felt for his friend whose buttocks quickly turned scarlet red. Then Trent started to cry, and tears appeared on his cheeks. He struggled but his brother held him tightly.

When he was finished, he straightened got up and forced Trent to pose with Carlie for a selfie. The photo of Trent, tearful, without any body hair and completely naked was shared among the students of the school in the space of a few minutes.

Then the boys said goodbye to Carlie and headed for the wooded path. There were no crowds which started to annoy Caleb. They had been walking for 5 minutes when a boy of Caleb’s age on a bicycle approached. He stopped in front of the Caleb.

“Hi Caleb.”

“Hi Curtis.”

“Is that your brother?” Curtis pointed at Trent.

“Yes, he is being punished, you want to come with us?”

“No, I have to go get something for my mother. Are we still ok for tonight?”

“Yes of course, at what time?”

“I’ll pick you up at 5 pm” Curtis said.

“Ok.” Caleb replied, then the boy, who was very clearly overweight, climbed onto his bike and rode off.

There was no crowd this afternoon, which frustrated Caleb who wanted to humiliate his brother even more. So, he decided to go for a ride on the skate park. Adam followed them, he walked behind Trent and stared at his buttocks, they were still very red.

They arrived at the skatepark and Caleb was not disappointed; people were there today. He looked around and very quickly saw the three boys who had tormented him two days earlier. He addressed the leader directly.

“Hi guys.”

“Hi kids, how’s it going?”

“Great, you?” Caleb replied.

“Yep. What do you want?”

“Would you like to carry on from before?” Caleb asked.

“Oh, it seems you liked that.”

“No.” Caleb laughed, “not with me.” He turned around and pointed to his brother.

“Wow, he had to have done something really bad to be punished like that.”

“Yes, that’s for sure,” answered Caleb, “that tells you.”

He turned back to his two friends then looked back at Caleb. “You surprise me.”

“Where do you want to do this?” Caleb asked.

“Here would be fine.”

“Here! But there’s lots of people here.”

“So what?”

Caleb had forgotten that he was at Cockcaigne and here it would be normal.

Caleb drew his brother to him, removed his ball gag and explained to him what he should do. Trent protested. But Caleb did not let him finish his sentence, he tipped him on his lap again and spanked him. After 3 minutes of punishment, Trent stopped protesting.

Caleb untied Trent’s hands and forced him to squat in the middle of the three skateboarders, who had already released their hard cocks.

Adam watched the ultimate humiliation of his friend, there he was, crouching in the middle of three boys his age. He had one cock in each hand and another in his mouth. The crowd of about twenty or so, had stopped what he was doing to watch the scene, some were filming with their phones.

Adam met his friend’s distressed gaze, but he was helpless. Trent had put himself in this situation on his own. Worse still, Adam was mortally aroused by his friend’s situation, even if Trent had no hair left, he still found him super sexy and couldn’t help getting an erection.

Groans could be heard around Trent, then the three skaters came. Caleb was thrilled. He replaced the ball gag on his brother and tied his hands again. He said goodbye to the skateboarders. Then with Adam and Trent, set off back home.

When they arrived, Caleb said, “Come on, it’s shower time, come with us Adam.”

Once in the bathroom, Caleb put his brother in the shower, he removed the ball gag.

“I warn you, at the slightest protest, I resume spanking.” Caleb threatened.

Trent said nothing.

Caleb thoroughly wet his brother and then began to soap him. First the chest, then he attacked his crotch and managed to make his brother cum twice.

Then he asked his brother to lean forward, he stroked her buttocks.

“Fuck, they’re still very red.” Then he ran his soapy hand through the crack between Trent’s buttocks.

“Everything has to be cleaned.” Caleb said.

As he spoke, Caleb put a finger in his brother’s hole, using the soap as lubricant, he entered without any problem. He pushed in and out several times.

Adam watched Trent’s face flush red, ashamed to be touched in his most intimate place.

He was rinsing his brother’s body when the doorbell rang.

“Shit! It’s Curtis already, you’re going to finish drying him.” Caleb said to Adam. “I have to get my things.” He handed the towel to Adam.

Adam tried to dry all parts of his friend’s body.

When he had finished, he heard Caleb shout.

“Adam I’m going, you take care of Trent until Ben comes home.” then he heard the door slam.

Adam led his friend to his room, helped him to sit on the bed, his back against the headboard.

“Please untie me, Adam”

“You know I can’t.”

“Please go. Look at me, I’m completely humiliated, my social life is over and I can’t even go to the bathroom without someone’s help and …” Trent couldn’t finish his sentence, he burst into sobs.

Adam was embarrassed, he did not know what to do, he really loved his friend and even if he had earned was happening to him, he did not want to see him suffer, and then there was something else.

Then Adam found some courage. He did not know if it was the excitement of the day or the inoculation of the beginning of the week, but he took the plunge. He began to undress and quickly found himself also naked in his friend’s room.

Trent had stopped sobbing, but tears were still running down his cheeks, he looked at his naked friend in front of him. Trent stared at Adam’s erect cock, his orange hair, his milky skin.

Adam approached and pointed to the bed, between his friend’s spread legs. He put his head forward. He felt Trent’s breathing speed up, he brought his lips closer, Trent didn’t resist, on the contrary he opened his mouth wider. Their tongues embraced.

Adam moved both hands to his friend’s nipples, they were hard. He played with them. Trent groaned.

Then while kissing him, Adam pressed himself to his friend. His cock came into contact with Trent’s hole. Trent didn’t try to slip away, on the contrary, he arched a little more and Adam helped.

The “E-pill” had made his friend’s body super excited, it also had an effect on his anus; Adam entered without any problem.

He began to go back and forth so as not to hurt his friend. Trent groaned with pleasure in Adam’s arms. They were good, they had forgotten the day and time seemed to have stopped. In the room only groans could be heard.

Then Adam arched his back and his cock throbbed, he came inside his friend. At the same time, as Adam played with Trent’s cock with his right hand, he also ejaculated. Exhausted, Adam collapsed on his friend. They fall asleep, naked against each other, having each in their own way lost their virginity.

Ben entered the house, he was naked, his cock was shaved, and Roger decided that it was better to put it in a cage. He went upstairs, without a word he put his head in Trent’s room. He found his brother and his friend, naked. Their tangled bodies on the bed, sleeping. He left without saying anything and closed the door.

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