Trent Meets a New Friend
by Firefish

Another boring day started for Trent. The teenager sighed while turning on his Nintendo switch.

It had been a month since he and his two brothers had moved to Cockcaigne and Trent hated this town. Where he lived before, he was the most popular in his school, he had lots of friends and a girlfriend too, he was also the captain of his baseball team. Now he was going to be the new guy and have to start all over again. He hated his life. Especially since Caleb quickly integrated among the other teenagers in the neighbourhood.

It was the last straw. At 13 Caleb was a nerd, in their old school everyone laughed at him; he was short and skinny with big glasses, did not play sports, he was often harassed by other students. Trent had never intervened to defend his brother; he did not want to tarnish his popularity rating. However, they were only a year apart and could have been close, but on the contrary, they were too different.

It made Trent rage that his stupid little brother had integrated better than him. He got up from his bed and left his room to get a glass of water in the kitchen. Trent was blond with blue eyes, rather tall for his age, he was rather of slender build while being quite muscular, everyone called him a super handsome kid. He lost his parents in a car accident two years ago, and their 24-year-old older brother Ben was looking after his two brothers. Ben had the same physique as Trent, handsome athletic, he had recently accepted an engineer position in the town of Cockcaigne (a golden opportunity), which had earned the whole family a move to this rotten town.

Within a month, Trent had had time to learn more about their new city, including its bizarre rules. He understood that the authorities here were not lenient with any offenses and that circumventing the law could quickly put you in a very humiliating situation.

While sitting in the passenger seat to go racing with his brother, Trent had seen two teens and a man completely naked and after asking had learned that these people were punished. Trent felt a chill. Despite his sexy body, he was extremely modest and it was unimaginable for him to find himself naked in front of anyone, even after sport he always chose a private shower cubicle.

A week ago, Trent had regained hope, a family had moved across the street, it looked like it was a couple with a boy his age, then a few days later it looked like another boy who was a little older joined them. Trent had been watching the street in an attempt to meet this potential new friend, but had spotted little movement and had finally given up.

After drinking a glass of water, Trent felt the need to get out, he took his bike and cycled to the park behind his neighbourhood. It was the middle of July and the weather was pleasant, the track for walking or cycling was shaded so Trent was not too hot.

After an hour, Trent was going home when he saw two boys in the distance, walking in front was the tallest boy, he recognized his neighbour. His heart  began to beat faster and then quickened again when he  took the scene in front of him. He pedalled a little more and then stopped in front of the boy his age.

It was indeed his new neighbour, he had the same build as him, in his right hand he held a kind of leash and at the other end was a collar around the neck of the other boy. The latter was naked and seemed to have his hands tied behind his back. Trent took in the sight of older boy. He was of a fairly athletic build. He had no other visible hair than under the armpits and pubic area. These rather short ones seemed to have been cut. He had around his balls a black ring which surrounded them and at the base of his cock another black ring, Trent had never seen this kind of object before. The boy seemed painfully erect with his cock lying against his belly, his glans exposed and very red.

Trent saw that the boy blushed when he saw him scrutinising his nakedness and squirmed, unable to hide his exposed body.

It was the other boy who brought Trent out of his contemplation.

“Hi, I’m Adam and he’s Luke.”

“Ah, hi. I’m Trent. What happened to him?”

“Oh, my big step-brother was a very bad boy, huh Luke?” He said turning to the naked boy.

The latter bowed his head, muttering something inaudible.

Then Trent resumed. “And that’s his punishment?”

“My stepfather entrusted me with the responsibility for the punishment, I can walk him naked and punish him or take care of him.” Saying this, he brought his hand to Luke’s cock and stroked him, back and forth.

Luke blushed even more and groaned when his step-brother played with his cock.

“Wow,” said Trent, “I wouldn’t like to be in his place, it’s really too shameful.”

“Yes, you’re right, me neither. However, you can have a little fun if you want.”

An electric current seemed to pass between the two teenagers, and Trent considered the offer. However, he was too shy to touch the boy’s cock with his hands. He looked around and seemed to be looking for something to help him. Finally, he found an object that suited him. He got off his bike saying

“Wait i have an idea.” Trent said.

Adam watched him walk to the side of the road and pick up a feather that a bird must have lost here. Then Trent approached Luke with a big smile and started to slide the feather along the boy’s cock.

Very quickly, Luke began to squirm as his discomfort grew. His glans began to produce a translucent liquid which began to flow down his cock.

Adam and Luke, now very much accomplices, laughed when they saw the older boy more and more ashamed. Trent handed the feather to Adam.

“Would you like to try?”

“Yes with pleasure,” and Adam began to stroke Luke’s glans with the feather.

Luke felt the pressure mounting, he lost all dignity and begged his step-brother to stop, he did not want to offer him the pleasure of a final humiliation and enjoying it here in the middle of the park in front of a stranger. But his complaints were in vain and after three minutes of torture Luke grunted more and spasms shook his cock, spitting five shots of cum on his stomach and chest. The teenager almost fell to his knees, the orgasm was so violent.

The two other boys laughed in front of the naked boy, now completely humiliated.

Adam spoke and said to Trent. “Thanks, it was cool, but I’m going to have to go back, I don’t want to risk a punishment.”

“Yes, you’re right, I think we are neighbours, I live in the house opposite yours. Perhaps we could see each other tomorrow.”

“Yes, that would have been great,” exclaimed Adam, who also seemed very happy to have made a new friend.

They said goodbye, then Trent looked at a Luke completely humiliated, his belly covered with sperm in the process of drying, returned home.

Trent noticed that a very prominent bump appeared in front of his shorts, he looked around and blushed, trying to see if anybody was watching him. He got back on his bike and went home.

Finally, he had made a friend and he was looking forward to tomorrow.

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