Trent and Caleb Go to the Pool
by Firefish

Trent and Adam saw each other again the next day as agreed. The meeting had been sort of like a friendly thunderbolt. And in a few days their relationship became a solid friendship. They had a lot in common and had mutual admiration for each other. Trent really liked the adventurous and reckless side of Adam. And Adam would have liked to be as good in sport and elegant as Trent.

They spent all their days together mainly at Trent’s house because Ben was at work during the day. Trent was not yet comfortable with Adam, even though he liked very much to see in what humiliating situation poor Luke could be, Mark annoyed him a lot by his very friendly and authoritarian side. Once he even saw him naked coming out of the kitchen. Trent couldn’t help but look at his huge cock hanging between his legs, and the boy felt his swell immediately in his shorts. And with the smile Mark had given him, there was no doubt that the man had noticed the effect he had had on the teenager.

Adam had met Caleb, and although Caleb did not get along at all with his brother, Adam had not found him unpleasant, even if indeed he was a little nerd and a little sticky, he was rather nice.

That day, Adam, Trent and Caleb were all sitting in the back of the car of Adam’s mother Ruth, Adam’s mother had offered Ben, the big brother, to take the boys to the pool. Mark had decided to do an activity (humiliating?) with Luke.

Trent was not at all happy that his brother Ben made it necessary to take Caleb with him, but it was only on that condition that he could go swimming with Adam. And, at the end of July, when the heat was oppressive, it was really a very good opportunity.

When they arrived in the locker room, Adam realized that he had completely forgotten to relate what happened at the Cockcaigne swimming pool, and he saw his friend turn red like a tomato when he understood that he was going to have to change in front of everyone. Caleb looked as bashful as his big brother and had turned dark red too.

Trent and Caleb began to unpack their bags and take out their bathing trunks when they heard Ruth behind them.

“Boys hold on, you can’t wear those swim shorts here, I brought you the appropriate outfits.”

The two teenagers looked taken aback at the two small scraps of fabric.

“But we’re not going to wear these anyway,” rallied Caleb.

“You have no choice, it’s either that or you don’t go swimming,” answered Ruth.

Reluctantly, they each took a swimsuit. Red for Trent and yellow for Caleb.

Everyone started to change, Trent used a thousand strategies to hide his nudity. Adam had noticed that his friend was much more modest than him, but he was curious to see what the teenager’s privates looked like. So he glanced furtively to try to glimpse a few things.

However, as Trent turned to face the wall, Adam could only see those smooth, white buttocks. In desperation, he tried his luck at Caleb who unfortunately had already put on the yellow garment.

Trent was very embarrassed, the swimsuit was small and did not hide much skin, the top of his pubic hair protruding from the fabric. He consoled himself constantly that it was the same for Adam.

Finally, they left the locker room and dived into the water. Trent soon forgot his embarrassment and played with his friend and brother in the water. But he had to admit that Caleb’s arrival irritated him and he preferred to be alone with Adam, he really wanted to make him pay for his presence. The opportunity arose in the middle of the afternoon. Trent went to the bathroom, and when he returned, Caleb was standing by the pool talking to Adam in the water.

He approached very discreetly behind the back of his brother, then with quick gestures, he grabbed the elastic of the swimsuit, lowered it to the feet then he straightened up and pushed his brother in the back so that he falls into the water. In his fall, the latter lost his swim briefs which Trent did not fail to hold on to.

Adam, who was facing Caleb missed no detail of the action. Before falling into the water, Caleb found himself naked in front of everyone.

Adam could see that Caleb had not started puberty at all, he had no hair, his cock was still very small and his balls were tiny.

Caleb shouted insults at his brother, and got even more angry when he saw that his brother had stolen his trunks. Trent enjoyed a good quarter of an hour dodging his brother, who was red with shame and swam naked in the crowded pool. His cries attracted attention and some teenagers (girls and boys) pointed at him laughing.

Then when he was tired, Trent threw his brother’s trunks as far out of the water as possible, which forced him to leave the water, naked among the crowd, to go get it and put them back on.

After that, Caleb went to sit on his towel next to Ruth who was sunbathing. He sulked there the rest of the afternoon. Which allowed Trent to finally be alone with Adam.

At the end of the afternoon Ruth called the two teenagers and it was time to return to the locker room to change.

Ruth ordered the three boys to shower before dressing, the tone was overbearing and no one flinched.

At this time, the locker room was packed and everyone was crammed against each other. Trent strategically chose a shower against the wall in order to be able to somehow hide his nudity.

Adam was next to him, then came Caleb. The latter seemed to have lost some of his shyness and even if he still had red on his cheeks, he did not try to hide. Adam, washing, looked down to check out the cock of his friend’s brother.

Actually he was not very big and completely hairless, he seemed a little more developed just now. Adam closed his eyes to wash his face then when he opened them again, this time the cock was completely horizontal, it looked like a little sausage. Caleb was scarlet red as he was embarrassed while hoping that no one had noticed his erection.

The sight of the latter caused a sudden excitement in Adam who instantly became stiff and his glans began to get wet and ooze with precum, he turned a little too energetically on the side of Trent, which he did not think so close . So his erect cock came to stick to the posterior of Trent.

Trent, who was rinsing, suddenly felt his friend stick against him and he also felt something hot and sticky against his buttocks. He heard Adam mumble behind him.

“Uh sorry,” Adam pulled back.

Trent said nothing, dared not turn around but his cock had reacted for him. He hurried back to his bag to get dressed, his buttocks still sticky.

Finally, everyone returned to the car and once they got back they said their goodbyes and returned home.

In the evening at the table Ben gave a dressing down to Trent for his behavior towards his little brother and threatened to punish him if that should happen again.

Around 10 p.m., everyone went to bed, Trent was lying on his sheets, in boxers, it was very hot. The boy thought back to his day, that contact in the locker room. He was troubled. Until then it was the girls who had this effect on him. He couldn’t forget the feeling of warmth, his boxers were deformed now, he sighed and took them off, he grabbed his cock, he only had to do it if he wanted to release the tension before sleeping.

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