The Browns Lose Control
by Firefish

Two months earlier:

The postman arrived in the street, he was looking for the Browns’ house, it was not often that newcomers came to the neighborhood. He found the house, but there was no mailbox. He walked over to the house and knocked on the door. No one answered, he looked around, nothing to put the mail on, he hung the letter in the doorway. He returned to his vehicle, he looked up at the sky, a storm was brewing.

The postman was not wrong, a thunderstorm was coming. No sooner had the man left than a flurry of wind tore the envelope marked important and urgent off the door, and carried it away.


Curtis left Trent and Caleb with the taste of each other’s cum in their mouths. Neither brother dared to look at the other. Finally, Caleb went to take a shower and, still naked, went looking for his brother.

It was weird for Caleb to walk around naked in front of his brother. He dragged Trent into the shower and washed him.

Much to the dismay of the two brothers, Curtis returned an hour later. He told Caleb that he was inviting them for a sleepover that night. Caleb messaged Ben to ask for his permission. Ben agreed without hesitation, happy to spend a quiet evening alone.

Curtis had the ball gag put back in Trent’s mouth, then tied the leash around his neck and the three boys went out into the street. It was almost noon, Curtis decided to go eat at Burger King. He walked proudly in front, the two brothers followed behind, naked. Trent had his hands tied to the collar, the ePill making him hyper sensitive and excited, his nipples were hard and his cock was as hard as it could get, a translucent string dripping at the end of the glans due to his excitement.

The breeze on his hairless body made him shudder. He would have given a lot for Adam to be here to support him through his humiliation.

Caleb was not much happier, he had lost the advantage he had over his brother, the only consolation prize, he had not been given the ePill today.

Just outside Burger King, Curtis stood in front of Trent and grabbed his cock, he made him cum in a few strokes. Although there was no audience, Trent felt completely humiliated. Thankfully for Trent and Caleb, they didn’t meet anyone they knew inside.

After eating, Curtis decided it was time to go to the arcade. There weren’t too many people there at the time, but there were enough to make the situation humiliating enough for Trent and his brother.

The assembly of geeks who were there, were impressed to see Curtis as he walked in with Trent on a leash, pulling him along like a sort of Adonis. Trent had the physique of a popular boy, those who despised the geeks. Suddenly, no one felt any compassion for him.

Curtis paraded Trent across the room, he was living his hour of glory. A boy who looked about Caleb’s age asked if he could touch Trent. The chubby boy seemed delighted with the idea. He asked the teenager to come closer, but he didn’t do it fast enough.

Curtis saw another opportunity to showcase himself. He went to get a chair from the corner. He sat down and pulled Trent over his thighs. He began to spank him for five good minutes before an ecstatic audience. Trent’s bottom had turned scarlet red. The boy couldn’t hold back the tears that ran down his cheeks.

Caleb, who could have been happy with Curtis, was left a little quiet, feeling sorrow and embarrassment to see how his brother was being treated, he began to find that things were going too far.

Curtis allowed the boy to touch Trent, who made him cum on the floor. Curtis removed the ball gag and ordered Caleb’s brother to clean the floor with his tongue. Trent did not even protest, he seemed completely dejected, he got down on his knees with difficulty, then under the mockery of the room, he started to lick up his own cum. Some of the geeks were filming the scene which would soon tour the school’s social networks.

Curtis allowed free access to Trent’s body all the afternoon and he was forced to endure countless orgasms.

Some asked if they could take advantage of Caleb as well, but Curtis replied that Caleb was not being punished, so they could only do so unless he gave his consent, which he did not do.

In the late afternoon, Curtis decided it was time to get back, and the trio headed for their house.

Once back, Curtis decided to wash the two brothers, he started with Trent, Caleb watched the scene. Like the Caleb did a day earlier, Curtis did not neglect any part of his body, he also made his finger penetrate inside Trent. He again felt completely humiliated.

During the shower, the fat boy made the teen cum twice more. When he was done with Trent, he worked on Caleb, concentrating on his crotch causing him to get an erection.

When finished, he took the two brothers to his room, he untied Trent’s hands and then asked the two boys to kneel side by side on all fours on the bed. Curtis was standing behind them.

Once again, Caleb felt a tongue against his crack, he jumped and turned red like a tomato. He was so ashamed because he was with his brother. But Trent didn’t understand what was going on, it was only when he felt the tongue on his anus that he understood.

When he had had enough, Curtis took the brothers’ cocks, one in each of hand and began to masturbate them as if he were milking cows. Trent, because of the pill was already hard and Caleb in turn became hard after a few minutes.

Curtis now only stroked Trent, and asked Caleb to stand in front of his brother. He started to play with the Caleb’s nipples then brought his mouth to his and pushed in his tongue and delved inside. Once again Caleb was completely ashamed to be treated like this in front of his brother. Without removing his mouth, Curtis began to manipulate Caleb’s cock who ended up spurting cum over Trent. He asked the Trent to clean his brother’s penis with his mouth.

Then Curtis decided it was time to sleep. The two brothers both had to sleep in Curtis’ single bed, their naked bodies huddled together. Curtis slept in his parents’ bed.

While these two brothers had a very bad evening, Ben parked his car in front of the house, he had a big smile. His day had been good, Roger had gone on holiday, so he had not been forced to wear the cock cage and had been able to keep his clothes on. He was already anticipating a quiet evening. He was putting the key in the lock when a police car arrived behind him with the sirens on. The vehicle parked in front of the house and officer James Parks got out

“Benjamin Brown?”

“yes, that’s me.”

“I’m officer James Parks”

“Good evening Officer. What can I do for you?

“I will ask you to follow me, you are under arrest.”

“What, it must be some kind of mistake.”

Ben approached the policeman, who, with a quick gesture pushed him on the bonnet of the car. Before he could react, Ben found himself with his hands handcuffed behind his back. Then Ben regained his senses.

“Officer, I repeat, it must be a mistake, I have not committed any offense.”

“Mistake. You did not respect article 2 of the town of Cockaigne, I quote: “All new residents will receive a notice that within seven days of his arrival they should report to the medical centre to receive their inoculation.” However, while we have received the postman’s confirmation of delivery, you did not present yourself and your brothers to the medical centre.”

“No, I assure you, we have not received any notice.”

“You’re lying. We have proof of the postman.”

Ben was in a panic. He tried to calm down and think. As he was about to open his mouth, a man approached and spoke

“Good evening James.”

The officer turned around

“Good evening, Mark how are you?”

“Good and you.”

“Well thank you.”

“I saw your car arriving with the sirens blaring, what’s going on here?”

“I came to arrest this individual.”

The officer explained the reasons to Mark, then Mark questioned.

“And what punishment can he expect?”

“It depends on him, if he continues to deny, then prison. Otherwise I am open to negotiation.”

Ben, who had of course heard, asked, “Ok Officer. If I admit my mistake what will happen to me then?”

“You seem sensible and friendly, I would say that I would punish you with the “e-Pill” for a week. But for that you would need a referee to supervise your sentence.”

“I can take care of it, I live in the house opposite. It will be simple,” said Mark.

“What do you think, Mr. Brown?” asked James

Ben, who had no desire to end up in prison, accepted without too much hesitation.

The officer James straightened him, he pulled out a sort of mini billhook and began to cut off Ben’s clothes. In a short time Ben found himself, naked except for his shoes, in front of the two men.

Ben was red with shame. The officer placed a collar around his neck. Then he removed the handcuffs and placed leather bracelets around the wrists which he fastened on the sides of the collar.

Then he began to kneel and slipped a cock ring and ball stretcher around Ben genitals. Finally he asked Ben to open his mouth and popped in a pill, the effect of which was instantaneous and his cock stood up straight.

The officer stood next to Mark to admire his work. He handed him a box of e-pills and said, “He’s all yours for a week, of course you won’t need to tie his hands to the collar for the working day but he shouldn’t wear any clothes and must keep the collar on as well as the genital equipment.”

“Thank you, Officer, I can share him with you if you want.” Mark offered.

Saying this, Mark began to undo his fly and take out his hard cock. He asked Ben to come and place himself on his knees before him and for him to take the huge member in his mouth.

Ben felt completely humiliated, but was terrified of being put in jail if he protested.

The officer accepted Mark’s offer and took out his cock. Ben had to take care of him too. The two men ended up cumming in turn on Ben’s face. Then James thanked Mark, said good bye and returned to his vehicle.

Mark turned to Ben still on his knees, his face dripping with cum.

“Go next door, it’s time to clean up.”

The two men entered the Browns’ house. Mark found the bathroom. He undressed then brought Ben with him into the shower. Although Ben had a rather muscular body, he had the impression of being a teenager in front of the virile and imposing body of his neighbour. In addition, the fact that Ben was not a very hairy blonde, and even less since Roger had him shaved, added to the contrast.

Mark soaped his neighbour’s body who trembled under the effect of the caresses and the ePill. He stood behind Ben, soaped his back and his crack. He soaped his cock and balls. Then he stuck to Ben’s torso and began to stroke his chest and tickled his nipples. At the same time his cock stuck against Ben’s pucker.

Mark pressed, with the help of the soap as lube, the anus parted and his cock entered. Ben jumped, he was surprised not to be in pain. Mark started pumping while jerking off his neighbour.

Ben started to moan and then he came in the shower while Mark came inside of him. If the Mark had not held him, Ben would have collapsed in the shower as his legs trembled.

When the two men recovered from their orgasms, Mark finished washing Ben and wiping him.

He had to go home, he untied Ben and said to him, “See you tomorrow Neighbour, I’ll come round and give you your pill.”

Mark left the house without Ben commenting.

Caleb woke up with Trent hugging his back. He felt a hard, sticky cock against his buttocks. Curtis arrived to rouse them. They had lunch then Curtis imposed a whole lot of humiliation on them. The two brothers had to kiss each other with their tongues, make a sixty-nine again; they did everything that the big boy told them.

They had lunch then Curtis decided to return to the arcade. Before leaving, Curtis gave an ePill to Trent and, this time, to Caleb. So, it was two excited brothers who arrived at the arcade. There were many more people than the day before. Yesterday’s filming had attracted more geeks.

They had been there for 30 minutes when a teenager pointed to Trent and asked Curtis

“What can you do with him?”

“Almost everything as long he is not injured.”

The other boy seemed embarrassed and hesitated before asking his question then he murmured

“And you can make him suck too?”

A smile lit Curtis’ face

“Of course, but not here, come into the alley behind the arcade, get the message out if you have any interested friends.”

When Caleb, Trent and Curtis arrived in the alley, about fifteen excited boys were waiting for them.

Curtis asked Trent to kneel against the back wall and asked, “Who wants to start?”

Everyone seemed hesitant, then a tall, skinny, pimply boy of Trent’s age came up.

He opened the front of his jeans and took out his cock. He was already hard. He approached Trent, pulled his head back, grabbed his hair and pushed his glans against the teenager’s lips.

Trent seemed completely dejected, he opened his mouth without even protesting. All the other boys were watching the scene. The skinny boy ends up cumming on Trent’s face. Another smaller boy was already approaching.

Trent had tears in his eyes, the situation was really distressing for Caleb. He looked around, there were a lot of boys at least 13 more to go. He decided to intervene with Curtis.

“You’re not going to let everyone abuse Trent!”

“Why not, I have the right, he is punished he must do whatever we ask him.”

“Please Curtis be nice.”

“Then there is a way he sucks less.”

“Ah yes which one?”

“You just have to help him.”

Caleb looked at Curtis with wide eyes, then Curtis told him, “I promise I won’t film you with my phone.”

Caleb looked at Trent sucking the second boy, then he looked at Curtis with his victorious look. He now felt really guilty about his brother’s distress and humiliation.

Head down, he went to kneel next to his brother. Curtis motioned for a boy to approach. When he had released his cock, Caleb opened his mouth. After a few minutes, Curtis approached Caleb and crouched near him. He whispered in her ear.

“Finally, you have more in common with your brother than you thought.”

And while he was sucking the boy in front of him, Curtis started to jerk him off. He came at the same time that his mouth was filled with the spunk from the other guy.

The blowjob session appeared endless at Caleb, he was covered in spunk, some had chosen to cum in his mouth but others had ejaculated in his face. He turned to his brother who found that he was in the same condition.

When the last boy was gone, Curtis decided it was time for the two brothers to go home; he accompanied them.

When they got home, they saw that Ben’s car was already there. They entered the living room and were speechless.

Ben was naked on his knees in the middle of the living room. He carried the same items with him from Trent. He was sucking Adam’s stepfather; Adam was with him.

“Hello boys, as you can see your brother is in a little trouble and I ‘m now in charge of him.” Mark said.

Then he turned more specifically to Trent.

“As a result, I’m in charge of you too. Come put next to your brother and take care of your friend.”

Trent did so and Adam unbuttoned his jeans. Trent approached Adam’s hard cock and started sucking on it.

Curtis was very excited by the scene before him. He turned to Caleb.

“The day is not over, you must continue to do what I tell you.”

Caleb said nothing.

“Go and kneel next to your brothers.”

Caleb obeyed, and like Adam, Curtis opened his trousers and plunged his cock into his comrade’s mouth.

Thus, the day ended with the three Brown brothers, completely naked and hairless, all three side by side sucking off three boys.

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