Punishments Imposed
by Firefish

Ben and Trent were sitting in the courtroom waiting room. They were both naked. Trent’s hands were shaking, he was holding an information sheet on Cockaigne punishments. He was rereading the document for the tenth time.

The document said:

Any person deemed violating the laws of Cockaigne may be deprived of all their clothing and fitted with a cock ring and ball stretcher by the security authorities without the intervention of a judge.

The same is true of parental control, the legal representative of a minor may decide on the deprivation of the right to wear clothing and may also enforce the complete removal of body hair if disrespectful and repeated behaviour is found.

In the case of serious offences, and in the case of repeated offenders, the offence will be evaluated by a judge who may decide to place the offender in a slave state. Although nudity is permitted and encouraged in Cockaigne, in contrast, the slave status is considered particularly degrading. A slave no longer has civic rights and must obey free people, especially requests for touching and sexual favours. The slave state has several levels:

Level 1: Deprivation of clothing for six months, the installation of a cock-cage for three months and deprivation of body hair except that on the head and face. Attendance at the punishment centre is required every Thursday evening for one month.

Level 2:  Deprivation of clothing for twelve months, the installation of a cock cage for 6 months and deprivation of body hair except that on the head and face. Attendance at the punishment centre every Thursday evening for two months

Level 3:  Deprivation of clothing for eighteen months, the installation of a cock cage for twelve months and deprivation of body hair except that on the head and face. Attendance at the punishment centre is required every Thursday evening for three months. The nipples will be pierced, and nipple rings must be worn at all times. The offender will also be assigned to the service of a nominated person as a personal slave.

Level 4:  Deprivation of clothing for twenty-four months, the installation of a cock cage for twelve months and deprivation of body hair except that on the head and face. Attendance at the punishment centre is required every Thursday evening for six months. The nipples will be pierced, and nipple rings must be worn at all times. The nipple rings will be connected to each other by a chain for 12 months, after which the chain will be removed, but the nipple rings will remain in place. The offender will also be assigned to the service of a nominated person as a personal slave.

Level 5:  Deprivation of clothing for life, the installation of a cock cage for twelve months and all body hair, including the hair on the head and face are permanently eliminated. The nipples will be pierced, and nipple rings must be worn at all times. The offender becomes the property of Cockaigne and will be auctioned off, after which the offender is assigned to serve the purchaser as a personal slave for life.

Trent put the sheet back in his lap, he sighed, how could he have put himself in this situation. His mind went back to the day before, a few days after the start of the school year.

He thought about going to the school with Adam, but he had not answered his text messages, worse he had met him several times in the corridors and he’d more or less ignored him. Adam was with a group of boys, one of which was always naked; he could be fiddled with by anyone who asked.

This raised tensions in Trent who felt jealousy seize him. He was also targeted by Tyron as soon as he arrived, he was the most popular student in the school and the captain of the Baseball team. Tyron was a tall, athletic black man, adored and well-liked by all. But he had learned about Trent through social media and found out that he had been captain at his old high school. Therefore he saw Trent as a potential rival and immediately took a dislike to him.

However, Tyron had been lucky since his arrival as a lot of compromising, and humiliating photos of Trent were circulating, it was his good fortune. So, every morning he would chase Trent with his group of friends and comment on the pictures everyone was sending each other, many students had already nicknamed Trent the “Naked Cocksucker.”

It was the same during lunch breaks, Adam did not come to eat with Trent, so he became even more anxious.

Then, on the third day in the last hour of class, it was the selections for the Baseball team. There was a warm-up, everyone had to run around the stadium. Tyron came up behind Trent and tripped him up. Trent fell and ended up sprawling out, full length on the floor.

After the tension of the last three days, which had been the most horrible in his life, Trent’s anger rose to boiling point. He got up and without thinking threw a considerable punch to Tyron’s face, broking his nose.

Trent was immediately taken to the headmaster who called the police. Acts of violence were considered very serious in Cockaigne, and he risked a hefty penalty.

Ben sat next to his brother, he was also accused of a serious offence; failure to appear at the Cockaigne inoculation service.

After waiting for 30 minutes, both were called to see the judge. Their hands were tied to leather bondage collars, and both had been given an ePill; both of their cock’s were painfully erect, their glans moist from profusely leaking pre-cum. Both Ben and Trent dribbled, and each had a long transparent thread of precum dangling from the end of their cocks

They did not have a lawyer; they were not permitted in Cockaigne for this kind of case.

They entered the courtroom, their hands clasped behind their heads to ease the strain on their arms. The room was packed, and they were in full view of everybody. It was not every day that there was a judgment, it had attracted a lot of people.

The two brothers walked in with their heads bowed red with shame. Trent couldn’t help but look around. All his class was there, the neighbours too. Ben’s boss, Roger, was seated in the front row.

On the left sat Caleb, he wore a suit to give a good impression. He was nervous. Not far from him was Tyron, a large pad covered his broken nose.

The brothers walked up to the stand; the judge perched in his seat watching them sternly. Their cock’s remained painfully erect and leaked continuously, a small puddle was forming in front of each of the boys.

The judge spoke. “Benjamin Brown, the offence with which you are charged is very serious; not going to the inoculation centre is a particularly shameful act. To punish you for this affront to the town of Cockaigne, I forbid all members of your family to receive the inoculation for a period of two years. This means you will remain shameful and aware of your nakedness during this period. In addition, I condemn you to Level 2 in the Cockaigne punishment scale”.

Ben jumped at the penalty, but the judge had already turned to Trent.

“Trent Brown, the offences with which you are charged are even more serious. Violence is completely prohibited in our beautiful town. You deserve the maximum sentence. However, given your young age and that you are a recent resident in this town, I condemn you to Level 3. You will serve Mr Tyron Hossender as a personal slave for 10 months, and you will remain available to him from Monday after school to Saturday 23:00.” The judge banged his gavel. “Justice has been rendered in Cockaigne, the meeting is adjourned. Lead the two offenders to the preparation room, I will see them again on Thursday at the punishment centre.”

The silence that had fallen as the judge spoke was broken. A cacophony erupted as the room seemed excited at the announcement of the sanctions.

The guards made the brothers kneel and lick the puddles of precum that had formed in front of them, all while the audience mocked them and watched them do it.

They were taken to a room opposite the courtroom. Only Caleb and Tyron were able to return.

Their collars and cock rings were taken off, then the two brothers had to walk up to two cabins. The man in the white coat walked over and said. “So, what do we have today? Oh yeah, so you’re a year, said the guard looking at Ben so it’s the pink foam and you are the green,” he said turning to Trent.

They were placed in a sort of shower tray, and then their entire bodies were coated in the coloured foam.

They were left like this for 10 minutes. The two boys started to feel a tingling sensation, and then a strong jet of cold water hit them. Their bodies were rinsed for five minutes, and the two brothers found that not a single hair was left on their skin; they were as smooth as babies.

“Here,” said the guard, “you are to be caged for two and three months.”

Then another guard approached Ben with a syringe, he pricked at the base of his penis, which was still hard from the effects of the ePill. In less than 2 minutes his penis shrivelled like it had never done before.

The man knelt in front of Ben. He placed a ring around his testicles, pushing through each testicle one at a time, then he bent his cock and slid it through until the ring fitted snug around the base of the penis. He then slipped on a transparent shell which imprisoned his member, Ben heard a click. He looked down, his cock was trapped in a kind of transparent tube.

But Ben’s penis began to swell, and he started to feel discomfort. The cage wasn’t large enough to take his hard cock. Ben noticed that there was a hole at the end of it, probably for urinating. However, Ben was surprised because he did not find a padlock to keep the cage closed.

The guard looked satisfied at his work.

“That’s how we treat criminals in Cockaigne, they wear a chastity cage. Don’t let it fool you, it’s not plastic, the material is unbreakable, and it’s magnetically closed, it will open on its own in 6 months.”

The guard began to repeat the operation with Trent and imprisoned his penis for a year.

Another man in a white coat approached Trent. He also had a syringe in his hand. He pricked first the left nipple and then the right. Trent began to feel numb, so he could no longer feel his nipples.

Then the man gripped the left nipple with a kind of giant stapler. There was a little ‘clap’, then he withdrew the pliers. Trent saw that a ring about 1.5 cm in diameter was present at the end of his breast. The man repeated the operation on his other nipple.

At the sight of his nipples, Trent cracked and began to cry. He was so fed up, now he was going to be naked for 18 months and be the personal slave of his worst enemy.

Ben saw that state that his brother was in and wanted to hug him, but he refrained for fear of being punished further.

Caleb, seeing his brothers like this, also had tears in his eyes. He now hated this town, even though it wasn’t him being punished.

The two brothers were given a metal necklace and metal rings on the wrists. A leash was attached to the collars.

Then two men took hold of the leashes, pulled the two brothers out of the room and out of the courthouse. They were taken to the square opposite, the punishment square. There was an excited crowd waiting at the foot of a large stage.

Ben and Trent were forced upon this stage. To the right were two pillories, they were locked in them, facing the crowd.

A tall, strong man stepped forward with a sort of small wooden plank with a handle. Without waiting, he began to spank Ben. He received 20 blows on his backside which turned his arse was bright red. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Trent received the same treatment as the spectators cheered.

After the spanking, they were released and moved closer to the crowd. Ben and Trent were forced to sit on chairs that had a plug protruding from the middle of the seat. The two brothers felt the object invade them when they sat down. Their wrists were fastened to the armrests of the chair, and their calves the legs. They were now completely immobilized.

Suddenly the plugs began to vibrate against the boys’ prostates.

Very quickly, they began to scream as their orgasms washed over them and semen flowed from the end of each cage. The two brothers endured this treatment for fifteen minutes under the laughter and mockery of the crowd.

Finally, to finish, they were brought down from the stage, they were placed in stands with their wrists tied behind their heads. They had to remain like this and be available to visitors. During this hour of availability, half of the boys in Trent’s class came in his mouth. Ben had his co-workers do the same.

Then the ordeal ended, and Trent was taken away by Tyron.

Ben’s hands were untied so he could go home with Caleb. The moment he sat in his car; Ben collapsed in tears on his steering wheel. Caleb was embarrassed, it was the first time he had seen his brother so desperate. Not knowing what to do, he stroked her back gently to console him.

Six months later…

Like every weekday, Ben woke up at 7:00 am, he had been sleeping naked for six months. He stroked his crotch and was almost surprised not to feel the cage. Of course, he had to stay naked for another six months, he had to wait as long as it took for his hair to grow back, but at least Ben was no longer a slave in the strict sense of the term since he no longer carried the cage.

The past six months had been hell. Ben felt shame every time he walked either in his office or in town, with his conspicuous cock cage. He was obliged to respond to all requests, and one day a colleague laid him on his back on a desk in the middle of the open office. He fucked him in front of all his other colleagues and in front of his boss. Roger watched the scene with a mocking look.

Ben got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. The house was still quiet, and it would remain so. Only Caleb was at home, Trent was serving Tyron at his home.

When he came out of the bathroom naked, he passed Caleb in his pyjamas coming out of his bedroom.

“Happy birthday, big boy.”

Caleb glared at him and walked into the bathroom; he locked the door behind him.

“Ah, these teenagers are always in a bad mood,” blurted Ben.

Caleb took a shower. Afterwards, he dried his hair and stood naked, looking at himself in the mirror, looking desperate.

He was fourteen today and still not a bit of hair was visible above his cock. Although he had grown a bit in recent months, he was still one of the smallest in his class. His hairless cock was still not very big and looked more like that of a 10-year-old boy. Although he could ejaculate, his bald, hairless balls were still not of a substantial size.

Caleb had observed the other boys in his class, especially in the gym, he was the only one who had no hair and looked like a child. Fortunately, although he was at Cockaigne Academy, his teacher never came to the locker room and had therefore never forced him to take a shower and reveal himself in front of others.

Outside of his puberty issues, Caleb’s life was pretty cool, the little story with Curtis was over, and the episode in the alley behind the arcade games oddly hadn’t leaked. So Caleb, although regarded as shy, was rather popular and well-liked in his class. Caleb liked to go to school, despite avoiding Curtis like the plague since the start. He had never spoken to him since the fat boy blackmailed him.

A few blocks away, Curtis was struggling to wake up. He hated school, everyone laughed at him, in the locker room they poked him as if he were a girl. They would catch him from behind him and knead his rolls of fat and drooping breasts. Not a single day passed when he thought about the three days he’d had with Caleb, blackmailed into doing whatever he wanted. The three happiest days of his life.

Curtis was present when Caleb’s two brothers were sentenced. He had fantasized so many times that it was Caleb in their shoes. It had been 6 months since Curtis thought about it, and he’d come up with an idea. He let his idea mature in his mind these months, and now it was time to take action and get Caleb back.

Curtis was very angry with the Caleb, admittedly he had blackmailed him, but Caleb had not treated him very well either. Curtis was ignored, and he had repeatedly caught Caleb making fun of him with other boys. But soon the wheel would turn.

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