Curtis Takes Control
by Firefish

Curtis was the same age as Caleb. Curtis was overweight, even very overweight. Despite his young age, his weight bothered him when he played sports. Everyone at school made fun of him. It was worse in the locker room; they would point at his rolls of fat and his breasts, which hung like a woman’s.

Curtis was also 100% gay; he was a lonely boy with no friends who spent most of his time in the dining room playing video games. He avoided others who bullied and humiliating him. The only human relationships he had outside of school was in the arcade, in downtown Cockcaigne, where most of the town’s geeks gathered to play on the arcade machines.

It was there that he first met Caleb, he fell in love with him immediately. It was tousled blond hair, his rather thin and not very muscular body, those azure blue eyes hiding behind his glasses; everything about him made him vibrate with love.

Against all expectations, when Curtis had approached Caleb in the arcade, he didn’t reject him, on the contrary, they had talked for a long time about video games and about their lives.

Caleb had just arrived in town; he didn’t know anyone. Curtis had seen an excellent opportunity to make a real friend. But very quickly it did not quite go as planned. Caleb, who was better at almost everything compared to Curtis, quickly gained the upper hand in the relationship, and the Curtis very quickly found himself very unbalanced. After a week, it was Caleb who decided what they were going to do, what game they were going to play, where to go. And then over the summer, Caleb had been a little more distant, meeting other people or spending more time with his brother.

The situation saddened Curtis, who thought that he was going to find himself alone again. Then hope returned during this hot afternoon when he had crossed the skate park. Nobody had seen him, but he had seen everything.

He had suggested to Caleb to come for a sleepover at his house; to have a video game evening. Caleb had been difficult to convince because he had the responsibility for his brother, and he had every intention of taking advantage of it as much as possible. Finally, Curtis had promised to give him his latest video game, which is what had finally convinced him.

Curtis had met Caleb earlier today when he was out doing some shopping for his mother. Caleb was dragging his brother on a leash and was accompanied by an older red-haired boy, no doubt his brother’s friend.

His big brother seemed to have been severely punished, his hair had even been shaved, which was a rather unusual punishment, even at Cockaigne. Curtis couldn’t help but look at Trent’s naked, hairless body. He was indeed handsome, but Curtis much preferred Caleb who was much less athletic and much more to his liking.

Curtis arrived at the door of the Brown brothers; he rang the bell. Caleb opened the door, telling him that he was just getting his bag ready and then closed the door without letting him in.

A few minutes later, Caleb came out with a bag on his back. He didn’t seem eager to leave his brother and go with Curtis. He did not say a word when they set out for Curtis’ house. The walk would last at least a good quarter of an hour.

It was Curtis who broke the ice. “What did you do this week to torture your brother.”

“I haven’t tortured him, he is punished, and he deserved it.”

“Oh. What did he do?” Curtis asked.

Caleb had no intention of telling him how Trent had made him walk across town completely naked. So, he was elusive and just said that Trent had not obeyed his big brother Ben, many times.

“Really? It’s a pretty severe punishment, just for that.”

“Ah, you’ll find it’s the rules here. But you probably don’t know too much about them, you’re always by yourself.” Snapped Caleb.

Curtis did not flinch and continued the discussion. “Anyway, I saw you the other day, and you seemed to be having fun.”

This surprised Caleb, who stopped and turned to his big friend.

“What are you talking about?” Caleb asked.

Curtis didn’t answer right away, he took his phone out of his pocket. He started to look for something and eventually brought up a photo on the screen. He handed the device to Caleb.

He heart felt like it was going to stop; he couldn’t believe it. On the screen, there was a photo of him crouching naked, masturbating two boys and sucking a third. The photo was taken side-on so you could see his hairless cock stand well out between his legs.

Curtis brought his friend out of his contemplation, “I have it on video too.”

“What! What! Were you there?” Stammered Caleb.

Indeed, Curtis had found himself there entirely by chance and had captured everything on his phone. Since that day, he had masturbated fifty times while looking at the pictures.

“Yes. I saw everything, and you seemed to like it.” Curtis said. “You really don’t want this video to go around the school, it’s clear that you’re doing it of your own free will because you’re not wearing a punishment collar. You’re going to pass for a big cock sucker at school; I hope you weren’t planning on dating a girl this year?”

Caleb seemed utterly stunned. “But you’re not going to show anybody, are you?”

“It depends on how nice you’re going to be to me. Oh, and if you try to erase it from my phone, I have also saved it on my PC.”

Caleb didn’t know what to say, he had tears in his eyes. He always considered the fat boy a bit dim, and as more of a spare friend rather than a true friend. Caleb liked to feel superior when they were together, and he always wanted to decide what they did. But, now that Curtis was blackmailing him, suddenly everything was reversed.

“So,” said Curtis, “what do you think?”

Caleb did not answer, he felt betrayed, humiliated also at the idea that Curtis was able to watch the scene at the skate park.

“Ok. What do you want?” Caleb said, finally.

“You obey me for three days. You do whatever I tell you, and I destroy the photos and videos.” Curtis demanded.

Caleb reflected, he weighed the pros and cons. He really didn’t want to have the reputation that Trent was going to have next term at school. For once, he could consider himself better than his brother. It was this last argument that made him accept Curtis’ offer.

“Ok,” whispered Caleb.

“What? I didn’t hear you,” Curtis said smiling.

“Ok. I agree to do what you want for three days.”

Curtis was all smiles; Christmas had arrived 6 months early.

“Ok. Give me your bag.”

Caleb slid his bag off his shoulders and handed it to Curtis.

“Ok, now give me your clothes, even your socks. However, you can keep your trainers on.”

“What! Are you kidding?”

“After all, it is up to you. I won’t do anything in public as humiliating as what is on the video. But if you prefer that everyone sees how you had fun at the skate park, it’s up to you.”

“No, no, ok. It’s good.” Caleb agreed.

They were in the middle of the street, but Curtis didn’t seem to want to go elsewhere, so Caleb started to strip where he stood.

While Curtis enviously looked at him, a lump grew in the front of his pants.

Caleb took off his shoes and socks. Each time he took off a garment, he handed it to his friend, who stuffed it in the bag. He took off his t-shirt, leaving his little pink nipples exposed to his friend’s gaze. He then took off his jeans. He found himself in boxers in the middle of the pavement. He stopped his hands on the elastic of the underwear. He attempted to negotiate.

“Please Curtis, let me have my underwear on. At least be nice.” Caleb pleaded.

“I’m not sure that you’ve been super nice to me these last weeks, so no. I want your boxer too.”

Caleb breathed, he hesitated then lowered his boxers.

While he dropped them at his feet, he heard Curtis say, “and then, of course, there’s a ban on hiding your crotch with your hands. Otherwise, I send the video.”

Caleb took off the underwear and handed them to Curtis, who put them in the bag with the rest of the clothes. He closed it and put it over his shoulders. He watched Caleb finish putting on his trainers.

Caleb was mortified, once again, he was naked in the street. He knew that in Cockcaigne, it was possible, and normal, to walk naked in the street, but still felt terribly ashamed and humiliated. He thought they were about to resume their journey when Curtis took something in his pocket and held out his sizeable open palm. Caleb immediately recognised the pink pill. It was an E-pill, the same pill he gave his brother that morning.

“But you’re not allowed, it’s for those being punished,” said Caleb, who also wondered where Curtis had gotten the drug.

“Oh yeah well, go complain if you want, and at the same time, we will show them your little video, right?”

Caleb didn’t negotiate any more, he took the pill and swallowed it whole without saying anything else.

The two boys continued on their way. Curtis couldn’t take his eyes on his friend’s naked body, his pale skin with no apparent hair, even on the legs. His little testicles barely hanging and his penis that swayed to the rhythm of walking. Curtis wanted to jump on his friend and stroke him, lick him, kiss him everywhere, though he would never have dared to.

Caleb, for his part, walked with his head down, he was perfectly aware of being watched. Then very quickly, he had another concern and started to feel the effect of pill E on his body. He began to get hot as if his cheeks were flushed. His legs began to tremble then his cock rose straight ahead of him. Finally, his nipples also popped out, becoming hard and sensitive.

Although still aware of being naked in the street, Caleb had a new urge, it was to take hold of his cock and masturbate until he came. He found it hard to curb the urge. He had never felt so excited in his life. Then the height of humiliation happened, a transparent liquid emerged from the tip of his glans and dripped on the pavement.

Curtis was contemplating the effects of E-pill, and his crotch became sticky. He wanted to run as quickly as possible to his room and shut himself in with Caleb. But before he could carry out his plan, he wanted to give a teach Caleb a lesson for thinking himself better than him and not respecting their friendship.

They arrived at a crossroads. They should have taken a left, but they turned right. Caleb stopped and turned again to his friend.

“But your house is on the other side,” Caleb said.

“Yes, but we don’t have to go home right away, I want to play a little at the arcade.”

Caleb went white.

“No please, not over there, all our friends will be there. They will see me naked.”

“Don’t worry, they’re all from Cockcaigne, it won’t be the first time they’ve seen a friend naked. We will tell them that you want to integrate as quickly as possible and trying all the customs of Cockcaigne. But then you’re not entirely naked.

Saying this, he surprised Caleb with a quick gesture by grabbing his acorn of a cock and yanking his foreskin back fully exposes his head.

“Now you’re naked,” Curtis said laughing.

When his friend touched him, it sent a shock wave all over his body. Then when his glans was exposed, each time a draught came to caress the exposed skin, it made him even more excited.

They finally arrived at the arcade. Unfortunately for Caleb, there was a crowd. And almost all the boys Caleb had got on with since his arrival was there.

Curtis and Caleb went from arcade machines to arcade machines to greet everyone. Caleb found that he was the only one naked. Everyone had the opportunity to look at his hairless body and his unsheathed penis, but no one made any comment. That didn’t stop Caleb from feeling extraordinarily uncomfortable and humiliated.

After they had looked around, Curtis chose the game he wanted to play. Once he’d lost, Curtis stooped to pick up his tokens. Caleb’s crotch was close, he took the opportunity to furtively caress the two little testicles and stroke his erect penis a few times. Caleb trembled in shame but dared not protest for fear that someone would see the scene.

Then after half an hour Curtis got fed up and decided it was time to go home, much to Caleb’s relief.

Curtis was an only child; his parents had an import-export business, and they were on the road all week, so the boys had the house for themselves.

As soon as they arrived, Curtis led Caleb to his room and made him get on all fours on his bed. The fat boy had waited long enough, and he couldn’t take it anymore. He stood by the left side of the bed and began to undress. In a flash he was naked.

It was the first time Caleb had seen him like this. Naked, he looked even bigger, with fat bulging everywhere. On his chest were two fatty breasts that hung like those of a girl. His belly was huge and almost completely obscured his little uncut cock, above which Caleb could catch a glimpse of an emergent pubic bush. His testicles were a good size for his age and hung low between his legs.

Curtis climbed onto the bed and stood behind his friend. Caleb started to get nervous; he felt a hand on his buttocks. Curtis gently caressed them, and Caleb jumped but dared not protest.

Curtis was in seventh heaven; he had been hoping for this for so long. He began by caressing the buttocks, they were so sweet, then the back and the thighs. Curtis felt his friend tremble. He didn’t know if it was from fun or fear, but he didn’t care; at that moment, only his own pleasure counted. He pushed between Caleb’s thighs, his finger touched his soft and hairless balls, he rolled them gently then, with his right hand, touched his penis and started to masturbate him, slowly.

Caleb was confused; he was ashamed of being touched by another boy, yet at the same time, his body responded to the gentle caressing. He groaned when Curtis started to jerk him off.

With his index finger of the other hand, Curtis stroked Caleb’s hairless crack and stopped to tickle his tight pucker.

This shocked Caleb, who let out a cry. He was red with shame, then he felt something moist against his anus. He started to panic.

“Please, don’t do that. Don’t rape me.” Caleb pleaded.

The moist thing moved away

He heard Curtis tell him, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that if you didn’t agree.”

Then the moist touch returned, Caleb didn’t think that it wasn’t Curtis’ penis, but his tongue. And very quickly the shame gave way to pleasure. Caleb never imagined that it would be such a pleasure to be touched there.

Curtis released his friend’s penis to take care of his own. Caleb felt his friend jerking off while continuing to use his tongue on his anus. Caleb couldn’t take it anymore, and he grabbed his own cock to masturbate.

The two boys were moaning, and Curtis came on his friend’s buttocks. Then he penetrated Caleb a little deeper with his tongue. He pushed his friend’s hand off his cock and Curtis continued to wank Caleb.

Caleb began to moan more and more, then he felt an unimaginable spasm and spat the first sperm of his life on his friend’s bed.

Exhausted they both collapsed on the bed and fell asleep until morning.

When they woke up, Curtis insisted they take a shower together. Curtis washed his shamed friend in full, but at least “E-pill” was no longer working and he wasn’t bound.

Then they had lunch. Curtis imposed a new rule on Caleb. For the next two days, he had to stay naked all the time. He would explain to his brothers that he wanted to adapt as quickly as possible to the customs of Cockcaigne.

When they had eaten, Curtis took Caleb home.

At the Browns’ house, Trent was alone, Ben was at work, and Adam had to leave to buy his new school clothes. Before leaving, his friend had given him a shower while not neglecting any part of the body.

Trent was looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. He stared at his shaved head, his hairless body, he had trouble recognising himself. Around his neck was a punishment collar, and rings were around the base of his cock and his balls. He had not yet wholly accepted his new condition; he was humiliated to be exposed in public.

He was also confused because of what had happened with Adam. He had never considered himself gay, yet admitted he had a particular attraction for Adam;  the previous night had been the best of his life.

But for the moment, he was tormented by a much more irritating situation. He needed to go to the bathroom, and since he was alone, he had no one to wipe his arse.

Then as if someone had heard him, the front door slammed. He looked who it was and was stunned and upset. Stunned because his little brother had just come home, completely naked, and upset because Curtis, the overweight boy he met yesterday was with him.

Caleb bowed his head, visibly embarrassed to find himself naked in front of his brother.

Curtis took the lead and explained to Trent that Caleb had lost a bet and had to do what he wanted for two more days. In fact, as Trent had to obey Caleb, he also had to obey Curtis.

Then very quickly, Trent’s stomach pains brought him back to reality, and he had to explain the situation to the two young boys.

Curtis found it hilarious that he had to take Trent to the bathroom. Trent was bright red with shame, having to do his business with the door open, in front of his brother and friend. And it was even more humiliating when Curtis wiped his arse.

Despite his own situation, Caleb couldn’t help but smile at his brother’s new humiliation.

Curtis couldn’t stay very long, so he asked the two brothers to go to Caleb’s room. He made Trent lie on the bed and asked Caleb to climb on his brother but upside down.

Curtis dreamt all his life of seeing a real 69 so asked each brother to take the other’s cock in their mouth.

Trent was already hard from the E-pill. It took Caleb a little longer to get stiff.

Curtis loved the show, he could see from the two brothers’ faces how humiliating and uncomfortable the situation was for them.

Sucking noises filled the room, then each brother began to moan, then finally, and at the same time filled each other’s mouth.

Satisfied, Curtis turned on his heel and left the two brothers, naked, one on top of the other and feeling completely ashamed.

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