Caleb is Framed
by Firefish

The headmaster, Mr Price, entered the gymnasium at the same time as a group of boys in Year 9. He was surprised, but given the text message he had just received, he preferred to hurry. He went to the locker room, followed by the group of boys, he opened the door that led to the showers, and it was there that everyone was stunned by the spectacle they discovered before their eyes.

Curtis Hartcombe was kneeling naked against the back wall, his arm raised and his wrist was handcuffed to the shower. His nose was bleeding, and his back was severely marked with welts, some of which were also bleeding. Above him, someone had spray-painted in red, ‘Curtis is a big bastard, he deserves to die’. The spray paint was lying on the ground. But what shocked people, even more, was that in front of the fat, weeping Curtis was Caleb Brown.

Caleb stood frozen, in his hands was a whip with long leather thongs dangling down.

Everyone knew the new student; Caleb was a bright, kind and well-liked boy. If they hadn’t caught him in the act, the headmaster and students thought it unimaginable to believe that Caleb had done such a thing.

Caleb turned to the crowd around him, then to Curtis, his eyes darted between them.

As if he had just realised something, he shouted. “It’s a misunderstanding, it wasn’t me, there must be a mistake.”

“I will ask you to be quiet, Mr Brown.” Shouted the headmaster.

Curtis didn’t say anything else, he turned to his school friends for support, but they just stared at him, with a mixture of hatred and disappointment in their eyes.

Mr Price knelt next to the sobbing Curtis.

“Are you okay, Curtis?”

“It hurts. I want my clothes, please.” Curtis pleaded.

“We have to untie you first. Do you know where the key is?” The headmaster asked.

The fat boy jerked his chin to Caleb. “He told me it was in his locker.”

The headmaster turned around and spoke to the boys at the entrance to the showers.

“Someone go to the gym teacher’s office, there must be some towels in there. Go get one to cover up Mister Hartcombe.” He turned to look at Caleb, “As for you, Mr Brown, follow me to your locker.”

The journey seemed endless to Caleb, he walked behind the headmaster with his head down, he didn’t understand what was going on, it was all a mistake, Mr Price would realise that when he opened his locker.

They arrived in front of Caleb’s locker. He feverishly took his key and, trembling, inserted it into the lock. The moment he opened the door, Curtis’ clothes fell to the floor. Caleb looked inside the locker and saw a key lying there, as well as another spray can of red paint.

He turned to the headmaster. “It’s not mine, I swear.”

“I think you had better not say anything else, Mr Brown because I think you are going to be in serious trouble.” The headmaster looked down at the scared boy.

Two hours later, Caleb was sitting in the headmaster’s office, Curtis was beside him. Mr Price was behind his desk, and they had been joined by Security Officer Heartclow and Judge Melikial.

They listened as Curtis told his story.

Curtis explained that it had all started during the summer. Caleb had wanted to become his friend, but very quickly, he had become quite obsessed with him. Curtis explained that Caleb was madly in love with him. Together they would walk around the town naked with him, and didn’t hesitate to give blowjobs to other boys behind the video game room. Caleb wanted to show Curtis what he could do to him. He wanted to be his boyfriend.

Then he had pestered him with text messages, Curtis showed the messages on his phone to the judge and security officer. He explained that one evening Caleb had been spied on him from his bedroom window and had taken a picture of him masturbating. He had been blackmailing him ever since.

But today Curtis had told him that he’d had enough, and he could show the picture to anyone he wanted. Caleb became angry, trapped Curtis in the gym showers and threatened him with a whip. He forced Curtis to undress and then handcuffed him to the shower pipe. Caleb left and put the handcuff key and Curtis’ clothes into his locker. When he came back, Caleb punched him in the face and whipped him.

Caleb tried to protest, but everything seemed to have gone against him. Curtis even had text messages that he’d never sent. If security checked, they could find witnesses who would say Caleb had been giving blowjobs to boys behind the arcade games.

At the end of the story, the judge spoke.

“Well, these are grave allegations. Caleb will need to be tried by the court in a week. Considering his young age, I need him to have a medical examination before I can comment further.”

Then the judge turned to Caleb.

“In the meantime, you are no longer allowed to wear clothes, I will exempt you from ball stretcher and ePill while waiting for the medical examination and you will go to your lessons as normal.”

Caleb was stunned, he looked in turn at everyone in the office. He was terrified he was going to have to be naked at school.

He felt intimidated by the judge and the officer, he felt guilty even though he had done nothing.

He lowered his head and began to unbutton his shirt.

Curtis, who was still pretending to cry, was looking at him longingly. The plan had worked wonderfully.

Since school had started, Curtis had built the trap for Caleb. He had bought a phone first, then, during a gym class, he went into the locker room and took Caleb’s phone from his bag, took out the sim card and copied it using a program he’d downloaded on the internet.

So the phone number and everything on it was now in Curtis’ possession.

For several months, he had created a false conversation between them, making it appear that Caleb was harassing him. And it was he who had taken a picture of himself masturbating.

He then bought another phone and anonymised it. He sent Caleb anonymous messages for over three months. He posed as a college girl who was in love with him. Caleb had fallen for the trap.

The next stage was to buy two copies of the same outfit, including shoes.

Finally, the day of the trap had arrived.

Tuesday was a good day. Curtis had observed that due to Caleb’s schedule, he wouldn’t go to his locker after lunch. With the second phone, Curtis sent Caleb one last text. Still pretending to be his anonymous lover, he wrote that it was time to meet and he’d arranged to meet him in the showers of the boys’ locker rooms.

Every message sent for more than three months contained a hidden program; 30 minutes after sending the message, the program activated, and all messages on Caleb’s phone sent from that number were erased.

Then after the lunch break, he went to Caleb’s locker, there was no one in the corridor. He forced the lock open (it was so easy with a little practice). He planted the key to the handcuffs, a spray can of red paint and the set of clothes identical to those he was wearing, not forgetting the trainers.

He then went to his own locker, left his bag, took the whip, which he slipped under his shirt, and grabbed the handcuffs, the spray can of red paint and the two phones. He went to the gym.

It was 1:30 p.m., the time to put the plan in motion, the timing was tight.

He went into the gym locker room, stripped to the waist, and whipped himself. The pain was horrible.

Caleb went into the showers and sprayed the graffiti on the wall. He gave himself a few strokes of the whip again. There were many welts now, some were oozing blood.

1:50 p.m., he left the gymnasium, and on the left were the school’s rubbish bins. He stripped completely naked and threw all his remaining clothes in the rubbish bin.

1:54 p.m., using the anonymous phone, he sent a message to the headmaster.

‘Come quickly, something serious is happening in the boys’ showers in the gym.’

Then with Caleb’s fake phone, he sent a group message to all the boys in his class.

‘Come quickly, guys, I’ve trapped fat Curtis in the boys’ showers at the Gym, we’re going to have a good laugh.’

He threw the two phones into one of the bins. Then he sprinted to the showers, fixed the handcuffs to his wrist and to the shower pipe. He took a deep breath and punched himself hard in the nose. He didn’t think he broke it, but it bled. He didn’t have to force himself to cry, it hurt like hell.

2:00 PM, hopeful, Caleb walked into the showers, but instead of finding a pretty young girl, he found Curtis naked, bleeding and kneeling on the tiled floor sobbing; he was holding something in his hand.

Caleb approached, “Curtis, what happened to you?”

At the same time as he spoke, he heard footsteps behind the door, it was the signal for Curtis to throw the whip at Caleb.

It was a natural reflex for Caleb to catch the whip, just as the door to the showers opened.

Everything had gone exactly to plan, and Caleb was made to look like the bully.

Caleb continued to strip in the headmaster’s office. After removing his shirt, the boy took off his shoes, socks, and trousers. He placed his hands on the elastic waistband of his boxers, he hesitated but seeing the impatient looks of the judge and officer Heartclow, he quickly removed them.

Once again, he revealed his hairless body. Except for his eyebrows and hair on his head, Caleb still had no hair visible on his body.

Due to fear, his cock retreated and measured no more than two centimetres. His balls had entirely retracted in his scrotum, leaving the impression that he was a eunuch. As the lessons were now over, he was asked to go home.

The headmaster informed him that he was going to call his brother to inform him of the situation.

No one accompanied him out of the office.

When Caleb closed the door behind him, he found himself completely exposed in the main hall of the school, it seemed unreal to him. He walked over to his locker to retrieve his things, luckily there was hardly anyone left at this late hour.

It was two days since Caleb had fallen into Curtis’ trap. Except for Ben, no one had seen him. Everyone at school now took him for a bully.

That previous evening, after the headmaster’s call to Ben, Caleb broke down in tears in his brother’s arms and explained to him what had happened. Ben believed him but was helpless to do anything as they had no evidence against Curtis. Ben asked him to be patient, to accept the situation while waiting for them to find a solution.

Returning to school had been horrible for Caleb. Everyone had turned their backs on him, thinking he had tortured Cutis. Also, all his friends laughed at his hairless little boy’s body, but as his legal situation was not clear, no one dared to touch him.

He was in maths class when there was a knock on the door, the headmaster entered accompanied by a man in a white coat. The head introduced the man as Doctor Andy. He told the class that he was here to perform Caleb Brown’s medical examination and that it would be done in front of the whole class, at the same time it would allow them to learn about sexual development.

Caleb instantly turned red with shame.

The doctor called him to the front of the class, telling him to stand with his back against the blackboard. He measured his height, then took some scales out of his bag and weighed him.

The doctor made Caleb raise his right arm and looked very closely at his armpit.

“No visible hair.” He said out loud.

He checked his other armpit.

Each time, Caleb saw his classmates smile or laugh as the doctor pointed his finger at him.

Then the doctor asked him to get on the desk and kneel in front of the class.

The doctor walked over with a tape measure, he clutched his hands to Caleb’s crotch and manipulated his private parts in front of the whole class, speaking aloud so that no comment escaped the class.

“The flaccid penis measures 2.1 cm, the foreskin retracts easily, and without discomfort, personal hygiene is sufficient. The testicles are not yet fully descended, and the testicles are relatively small for a boy of his age. We also note the total absence of pubic hair. This means that we are in the presence of an uncharacteristic delay in puberty, it is not necessarily a cause for concern at the moment, and there is no need for medical intervention.

Caleb’s cheeks were on fire, he was ashamed that every inch of his anatomy was being inspected and in front of the whole class.

The doctor asked Caleb to stand in profile in front of the class, still on the desk. The doctor put on gloves and stood behind Caleb. Suddenly, the boy felt a cold liquid flow between his buttocks then the doctor placed his finger against his anus spreading the liquid. A finger penetrated him, sinking painlessly into his bowels. The man seemed to be looking for something then Caleb heard him speak, at the same time he heard loud sniggers in the classroom.

“The prostate is still small, which confirms the previous diagnosis.” The doctor said.

As the finger rotated inside him, Caleb felt a heat invade his stomach. Very quickly, his cock began to stand up. The moment his cock was hard, the doctor pulled his finger out of Caleb’s anus and pulled his cock back. He held the tape against his penis.

“9.5 cm, which places the individual in the very below average for a 14-year-old boy.” The doctor declared.

The doctor didn’t let go of Caleb’s cock. He began to move his fingers up and down and placed a small transparent Petri dish under the boy’s penis.

Soon Caleb felt the excitement build up from the doctor’s manipulation and he came in the Petri dish in front of all his school friends. The doctor brought it closer to take a look at the contents.

“We can see the presence of thin seminal fluid, but it looks like there is little to no sperm, which again corroborates the diagnosis of him being a late bloomer.” The doctor said to the class.

When he was finished, the doctor cleaned Caleb’s arse with a wipe and put his things away. He picked up another bag, opened it and asked the boy to return to his knees on the desk.

Then he addressed the class as well as Caleb.

“Now the medical examination is finished, I will make my report to the judge. In the meantime, I will equip you as is required, since you broke the rules of Cockaigne.”

The doctor put a collar around Caleb’s neck and straps around his wrists. These could be attached to the collar.

Then the doctor put a ring around the boy’s balls pushed his penis through, it felt quite tight. Finally, he made Caleb swallow an ePill.

“Whenever someone asks to examine you, you must allow them without protesting.” The doctor told Caleb.

The doctor said farewell to the class and left.

The rest of the day was horrible for Caleb, he had to comply with a whole bunch of requests. The effects of the ePill meant his cock stayed constantly erect, despite multiple orgasms.

Worse still, at lunch break, he was joined by Curtis who did not hesitate to fiddle with him everywhere, even in the crack of his buttocks.

The week passed slowly. At first, Caleb had been hopeful that he or his brother could prove his innocence, but he had to face the facts, Curtis’ trap had no flaws, and Caleb was without a solution.

Caleb was therefore completely desperate when he entered the courtroom, naked. The whole school was there. Ben, Curtis, and the headmaster were in the front row. In the middle of the room, he saw Tyron with his naked brother beside him. He noticed he had a weird hairstyle with a shaved band right in the middle of his head.

Caleb’s wrists were attached to the collar, and his cock was erect from the effects of the ePill. He walked over to the stand and looked up at Judge Melikial, who looked at him sternly.

The Judge asked for silence and then spoke.

“Caleb Brown, the facts with which you are charged are extremely serious. I have never had to deal with such a serious case involving a boy so young. Therefore, after reading the requested medical report, I had to adapt my sanction to your body which is still developing. This sanction does not correspond to any level and has been adapted just for you.

“So, I find you guilty of all charges that you are accused, namely harassment and battery. If we were to believe what you wrote on the wall, then you want to do much harm to your classmate. I, therefore, condemn you to the deprivation of clothing until you are 18 years old. As soon as your first pubic and body hair appear, they will be removed until you are 18 as well. You will be publicly punished at the punishment centre every Thursday for one year. Your nipples will be pierced, and rings will be in place for the duration of the sentence. The installation of a cock cage is impossible because it would be detrimental to your development, your glans will also be pierced, and a ring will also be installed until you are 18 years old. Finally, you will serve Mr Curtis Hartcombe as a personal slave from Monday 8:00 a.m. to Saturday 7:00 p.m. for a period of two years.”

The judge banged his gavel three times. “Justice has been rendered in Cockaigne.” He told the courtroom.

Caleb felt like the sky had just collapsed on him. Sentenced until he was 18 when he had done nothing wrong. He was in shock, unable to react, he felt like a spectator of his own humiliation. He said nothing when he was led into the room across the street. He also didn’t react when a man pierced his nipples and put the rings in. He had no reaction either when someone pulled on his foreskin, and a syringe pricked his glans. He stared blankly as his penis was pierced and a thick ring was inserted into the hole. He let it go when a leash was attached to his collar, and Curtis pulled him outside. It wasn’t until he saw Ben with tears in his eyes on the courthouse steps that Caleb collapsed and began to cry.

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