Caleb Has a Bad Day
by Firefish

Robert had been looking after the maintenance of the Cockcaigne School for 30 years. The school was empty in the summer and he took this opportunity to maintain the exteriors. Robert lived alone and had nothing else to do. He was working early because from 9:00 am it was too hot. This morning, he planned to tighten a few screws on the gate of the main entrance. It was 8 o’clock, he was done, he was doing a final inspection when he noticed an object shining at the foot of the right post. He bent down and found a small closed metal case with a code that had been placed there. He untied it and put it in his pocket. He turned on his heels and went home, on the other side of town.

Two days after the pool day, Trent and Adam had planned a dayout. They had heard that a two hour walk north of Cockcaigne in the woods was an isolated waterfall where you could also swim.

The boys planned to leave in the morning and have a picnic by the waterfall. Mark and Ruth agreed. Well, once again, Trent was told to take Caleb who, according to Ben, was too young to be alone. This solution did not suit either of the two brothers, Trent not wanting his brother under his feet and Caleb disliking walking. But Ben had been adamant.

The morning they left, Trent woke up happily to prepare the snacks and put his plan into action. Everything was ready. He put everything in a back pack, then put it outside the front door. He put on his walking shoes and took action.

Caleb was in the shower, dragging his feet, it was going to be a very bad day. He hated walking. He was washing himself off when he heard the bathroom door sneak open and close.

When he was finished, he got out of the shower, and then he noticed that his clothes were no longer there, nor was his towel. He looked around, he breathed

Another rotten joke from Trent…

With the towel closet in the hallway, he had nothing to wear. He had no choice but to go back to his room naked. He half-opened the door and looked down the hall, nobody.

He opened the door and headed dripping towards his room, he was halfway there when he was grabbed from behind in an arm lock and pulling him back. He heard him say in his ear

“Don’t struggle you’re going to hurt yourself.”

He shouted and insulted his brother, but he was much beefier than he was. It all went very quickly, without much effort Trent dragged his brother to the back door, threw him out, and locked the door. Then he crossed the house, went out the front door, grabbed his bag and ran to Adam’s house. He explained to Adam what he had just done, Adam tried to make him change his mind explaining that he was going to have problems but Trent refused to listen to him and they both headed north.

Caleb found himself locked outside and completely naked. He bawled and pounded on the door, then finally told himself that he was going to disturb all the neighbours and he didn’t really want them to see him that way. Desperate, he started to cry when he heard his phone ring. He turned around and saw it on the living room table. He took it, he had just received a message from Trent. He had a little trouble reading it because he didn’t have his glasses.

Trent: Sorry but hairless boys are not allowed to come to the waterfall lol. You have two options.

– you wait for me to come home, but I think Carlie is celebrating her birthday today.

– you get a key to the house that I hid at the bottom of the right post of the main entrance of our future school in a small secure chest. I put the application in your phone to unlock it, you will just have to activate your bluetooth.

PS: Your trainers are outside the front door.

Caleb considered both options.

Carlie was his neighbour, she was his age, she was the captain of the cheerleaders, she was celebrating her birthday today, a lot of the girls in school were going to be around. It wasn’t a great start for his reputation for being caught naked by the most popular girls in school, even before school started.

Option two meant crossing half the city naked.

Caleb dismissed option 2, he told himself that by staying well hidden in the garden, he could wait until tonight for his brother to come home.

He sat naked on the terrace playing on his phone when the it told him that there was only 15% of battery left. So he stopped. After 2 hours, he was really bored, he thought about Trent’s message and his trainers. By being fast and careful he could recover them easily. The front of the house was completely exposed to the street. They accessed the garden by the left side of the house. There was a fence that blocked the view and in the centre, a garden door. Caleb opened the door, poked his head and looked out into the street. No one in sight. He took off, he started to run, the door slammed behind him, he came to the entrance, grabbed his trainers turned around and ran to the garden door, squeezed the handle. Nothing happened, his blood froze. Security, he forgot the security of the door, it only opened one way. Despite the panic, he realized that a small note was hanging on the door, he could not have seen it the other way. It was Trent’s writing:

Trent: Too predictable, nerd. You have option 2.

Caleb was raging, he had been stupid, he looked around, he was completely exposed. He looked at the time. 1:30 p.m. Carlie’s friends were soon to arrive. He had to think quickly. Option two going through the path behind the allotments could work.

He started to run, his small penis swinging from right to left, he crossed the street, took the perpendicular path, which led to the wooded path, he had almost arrived when he came face to face with Luke also naked holding a trash can between his teeth (Mark had probably asked to take it out) because his hands were tied behind his back. Surprisingly Caleb dropped his phone. Despite his tied hands Luke got it first. The latter dropped the trash on the floor.

“Hold on little neighbor.”

“Please leave me alone and give me my phone.”

“No, not so fast, why are you naked?”

“It’s … Trent.”

“The bastard,” and he laughed.

“Please, my phone.”

“Ok but before you do, can you do two things for me?”

“Uh ok which ones?”

“Can you take the trash over there.”

Caleb took the trash, quickly walked back to the edge of the street, put the trash down and went back down the lane to Luke.

“Ok, what else?”

Luke seemed embarrassed at once.

“Uh as you see i am being punished again, I’ve been tied up for two days and uh you see i have needs uh” he looked down uncomfortably.

Caleb did the same, in a panic, he hadn’t noticed the boy’s erect cock. Caleb who was not naive understood immediately what Luke wanted him to do.

“No, it’s disgusting, yuck.”

“Ok I’ll keep your phone,” and he started to leave.

“No,” yelled Caleb, “it’s okay I’ll do it.”

Luke came closer and waited

“Good, then it’s for today or tomorrow.”

With a trembling hand, Caleb grabbed the hot limb that vibrated in his fingers. Caleb was red with shame, he was naked outside jerking off an unknown guy.

Luke, who was torn between pleasure and embarrassment, noticed that the situation was not without effect on his neighbor, whose cock poked straight out.

Caleb quickened the movement, Luke started to moan, then without warning contracted and ejaculated several sprays against the boy’s chest and thighs

“Damn you could’ve warned me, shit.”

“Sorry,” laughed Luke, very happy to have been relieved. He turned to give back the phone and went home without saying anything.

Caleb found himself in the middle of the lane, naked, erect and his stomach covered in semen.

He had nothing to wipe himself off, he continued on his way, it was 2:30 p.m.

He continued hiding behind the bushes for about 1.5 hours, he was not far from the school. The sperm had dried on his thighs and belly, he smelled and his cock had not deflated since his meeting with Luke.

All he had to do was cross the skatepark. It was hot and there was no one there. He looked at his phone, it indicated 5% battery.

He started to cross the playground, when he heard someone shout on his left. He couldn’t see them before, three skaters around Trent’s age sat in the shade of the ramps. Very quickly they surrounded him. His cock suddenly deflated.

“What are you doing here, damn but wait is that sperm, look at the guys he’s covered in cum!”

The others snickered.

“What’s in your hand?”

“It doesn’t matter” Caleb said.

Another boy took his arm and snatched the phone from him.

“Give it back to me please.”

“What will you give us in exchange to get it back?”

Caleb was tired, humiliated and no longer wanted to fight or argue. He offered them the same thing that Luke had asked him earlier today.

The other three looked at each other, as if they had just won the lottery. They moved out of the way of the ramps and made a circle around Caleb who had to kneel and they injured pants. The three of them were about the same size. They were all uncut.

Caleb used both hands but it quickly frustrated the skateboarders because Caleb had to change partners frequently.

Whoever seemed to be the leader said:

“It’s boring that you don’t jerk us off at the same time.”

“I can’t help it I don’t that two hands.”

“You’ll just have to use your mouth.”

“No, it’s gross.”

“Ok as you wish, I’m going home but I keep your phone,” he said, pretending to keep his phone.

“No wait, it’s good, I’m going to do it.”

While Caleb jerked off his two accomplices, the leader brought his cock near the boy’s mouth. He forced the entrance a little and Caleb opened his mouth further. At first, he thought he was going to choke, then started to get used to it. He was afraid of the taste too, but finally it was tasted a little salty. Caleb was therefore jerking off two boys and sucking a third when the leader began to laugh and said to the other two:

“Well, guys, it looks like the little pig likes it, his cock is hard.”

They all snickered. Caleb had died of shame. He was sucking a cock and at the same time his cock betrayed him. What would Ben say when he saw him naked in the middle of a skate park relieving three teenagers.

Then Caleb’s work began to take effect. There was nothing but groans around him. Then the three boys froze at the same time, the leader had just time to come out of Caleb’s mouth and ejaculate in his face while the other two came on his head and shoulders. The semen ran down his arms. The leader spoke to Caleb:

“You were super nice, we will not let you go in this state,” he said pointing to Caleb’s erect cock with his finger.

He stepped forward and grabbed his cock with two fingers and started going back and forth. It was like an electric shock that passed through Caleb, no one had touched him here.

One of the two other guys went behind Caleb and stroked his buttocks.

“Damn, you’re sweeter than a girl.”

They started to play with his breasts, it was not painful, on the contrary it further increased the pleasure, soon his nipples became very hard and hypersensitive. The leader bent down and took Caleb’s cock in his mouth and started sucking.

Caleb was ashamed, but he was also a prisoner of the pleasure that the others gave him. It was not long before he reached the point of no return, he let out a groan of pleasure and his cock started its contractions, although he could not yet enjoy, it was still the most intense moment of his life.

Caleb had fallen on his knees, when he regained consciousness, he saw his phone on the ground next to him. He picked it up and crossed the road in the direction of the school gate.

His face was all sticky and as the sperm dried it pulled his skin.

He approached the place Trent indicated, and he started to look for the box that held the door key. Caleb panicked, there was nothing, then he noticed a piece of tape on the post. He understood that someone had taken the box. Caleb cracked, he sat back against the railing and began to cry, his head in his arms, resting on his knees. At this point, he hated Trent more than anyone. It was all his fault, he didn’t even want to go on this hike and then he couldn’t help it if he hadn’t started puberty and had no hair.

He finally calmed down, he looked at his phone, it indicated 1%. He was only allowed one call. He no longer had the strength to cross half the city in this state, and then he did not want to be humiliated any further.

So he decided to call Ben, and explained it all to him. Ben arrived 30 minutes later. The car parked in front of Caleb. He got up and approached the door, he saw his reflection in the tinted glass, his face covered with sperm and matted in his hair.

He took a deep breath and opened the door, he stayed there, taken aback, it seems that it was not only him who had a bad day.

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