A Slave’s Life
by Firefish

Like every morning, Trent woke up at 7.15am. He slept on a mattress on the floor. He climbed into Tyron’s bed, placed himself between his legs and took Tyron’s cock into his mouth.

It had become a ritual since he had become a slave in Cockaigne. But it wasn’t the worst. It had been 3 months since his cock was imprisoned in the cage. And since he was always on the ePill, he was continually going through hell. Trent felt best in the mornings as that when the effects of the pill had worn off.

Tyron knew perfectly well how to torture Trent with the cage. He had made him discover anal pleasure. Tyron knew how to play with Trent’s prostate, who had found that he could cum very hard without touching the cock.

It was really humiliating for Trent because whenever he wanted to cum, he had to ask Tyron to penetrate him. And Tyron took a perverse pleasure in fucking Trent.

Trent had no friends in school. Because of his status as a slave, everyone shunned him, which prevented him from making friends or developing any relationships. The only interaction he had was with the baseball team. Tyron, who knew Trent was a good player, possibly even as good as him; so Tyron forced him to play for the team.

This humiliated Trent. He would have to play completely naked, exposed to all. It was worse on match days when there was a lot of spectators, cheering and hollering. Trent wondered how much of it was for him.

Trent’s ordeal continued after training. Tyron would put Trent’s mouth at the disposal of the whole team, and Trent had to satisfy everyone who wanted it.

Trent still couldn’t stand the sight of his pierced nipples, he found it really degrading, and they would stay in place long after the cage had come off, which would continuously remind others of his status as a slave.

To think that eight months ago he was on top of the world, the most popular boy in school, the star of the baseball team. Now he was naked, caged, hairless, his nipples pierced and forced to follow everyone’s orders. He was an inferior being now.

The only comfort Trent had was on Sundays because he could go home. His brothers tried to do whatever good they could, but Trent was often very depressed.

Back in his bed, Tyron started to moan; a sign that he was going to cum soon. Indeed it was not long before his cock erupted into the mouth of his classmate.

Tyron straightened up and said, “Come on, it’s shower time.”

This was another ritual. Each morning they showered together, and Trent was forced to wash Tyron’s body.

Trent wasn’t feeling well, it had been a week since he last came and he was finding it harder and harder to concentrate. So while he was still in the shower, he turned to Tyron, and asked: “Please let me cum.”

“Hmm,” Tyron pondered, “not now, but after training, if you still want to, I’ll let you cum in the locker room.”

“In front of the whole team,” Trent shrieked, “I can’t do that.”

“It’s up to you.” Tyron shrugged, “but if you’d rather stay the way you are, that’s fine with me.”

Trent had never been fucked in public, and Tyron seemed determined to humiliate him further.

At breakfast Trent received a double dose of the ePill, he also received a double dose at lunchtime. The situation was becoming unbearable for Trent, he felt he was going to go mad if he couldn’t cum soon.

After practice, while the whole team was stripping down to take a shower, Trent crept up to Tyron.

“Please let me come,” Trent begged.

Tyron turned around and said for everyone to hear, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

Trent spoke a little louder. “Please let me come.”

All the players were silent and were looking at him, he could hear sneers burst out behind him.

“And how can I do that?” Tyron said.

Trent hesitated, and red with shame, said, “Please enter me.”

Everyone burst out laughing.

Tyron finished stripping off his baseball kit and sat down on a bench. He asked the entire team to stand in an arc in front of him.

Then he ordered Trent to stand in front of him, facing the players. Trent immediately obeyed and saw the mocking smiles of all the boys. Tyron pulled him towards him and forced him to sit on his cock. Due to the ePill loosening Trent’s arse, he entered him without any problem.

“Now jiggle up and down on me, like a woman,” said Tyron.

Everyone burst out laughing.

Trent started to move up and down and felt Tyron’s cock sink deeper into him. He felt so ashamed, but he also needed to cum, so badly. Tyron’s cock pressed against Trent’s prostate; the heat invaded his stomach. It felt so good, for a moment Trent forgot where he was. He moved harder and began to utter very audible cries.

“Damn,” someone blurted out in the locker room, “she’s a real bitch.”

Tyron was in heaven. When Trent had moved to Cockaigne, he had seen him as a rival. He had been so afraid that he would steal his place as captain and his status at school.

So, it was very satisfying to see him so humiliated.

Trent felt Tyron’s cock throb as the pleasure swept over him more and more. Then both boys came at the same time. Tyron emptied himself into the bowels of his slave and a long thread of cum spewed from the end of Trent’s cage.

It took a few seconds for Trent to come to his senses. He straightened up and looked around. He found that the scene had made the whole team horny. Tyron noticed it too. And like a good captain, he couldn’t leave his team without help.

He forced Trent to get on all fours and then addressed the team. “Come on guys, enjoy him, it’s up to you if you want to.”

One guy had already approached Trent and forced his cock into his mouth. The moment he opened his mouth, he also felt someone behind him push their hard cock into his arse.

For almost an hour Trent took it at both ends. The guys came in his mouth and his arse. Others squirted on his face or on his back. In the end, Trent was covered in cum.

The others withdrew to take a shower. Trent was exhausted and struggled to get to his feet. He felt empty.

He headed for the showers when Tyron called out to him.

The tall black man was already washed and dressed.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to take a shower,” Trent replied.

“No,” Tyron called out to him, “we don’t have time, we’re going home now.”

Trent no longer had the strength to protest, he followed Tyron through the school to the car park. His hand was on the door handle of Tyron’s car. He was about to open it when he heard Tyron shout at him.

“Hold it! You don’t think you’re going to get into my car like that, do you? You look fucking disgusting. You’re going home on foot.”

Trent didn’t react and just watched as the car drove off. He had the whole town to walk through, naked and covered in cum, he smelled terrible, and his nipple rings twinkled in the evening sunlight.

Trent walked down the street with his head bowed, not looking ahead. He was crying, his life was so miserable.

He had been walking for 10 minutes when he collided with a man’s shoulder.

“Fucking can’t pay attention.”

Trent looked up, the man was a punk in his twenties. Next to him was another punk that looked about the same age. The two men were loudly chewing gum.

“Damn look,” the man said to his mate, “he’s a slave.”

“You’re right, it’s our lucky day. We’ll be able to have a little fun.”

The man Trent had bumped into walked over and slapped him twice in the face, then forced him to kneel.

He took the teenager’s head, opened his fly and stuffed his cock into his mouth. He quickly came over Trent’s face. The other punk took his place and did the same. They sneered at the humiliated boy as they zipped up their trousers.

Before leaving, the two guys spat out their chewing gum and smeared it on the top of Trent’s head.

Trent walked like a zombie for another 30 minutes before he reached Tyron’s house. Trent no longer felt anything, he was completely drained. He rang the doorbell and Tyron opened the door.

“Damn you’re in a bad state,” Tyron said when he saw the state Trent was in. “Come into the bathroom.”

Tyron washed Trent, rubbing him vigorously, but he couldn’t get the gum out of his hair.

“Well, I’ve got no choice.” Tyron sighed.

Tyron took the clippers from the bathroom cabinet and cut out the clogged mass of gum. Then he shaved the middle of his Trent’s head. He removed the hair down to the scalp.

He stepped back and observed his work. “Damn, you look like a moron like that. Come look at yourself in the mirror.”

Trent looked in the mirror, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had a bald strip about ten centimetres down the centre of his hair, his normal hair on each side of the skull. He looked more than ridiculous. Trent had tears in his eyes. He wanted to grab the clipper to remove the rest of the hair.

“No, you don’t.” Tyron stopped him, “from now on you’re going to stay like that, we’re going to have a good laugh at school tomorrow.”

Trent went to bed, devastated. It had been the worst day of his life. What he didn’t know was that he wasn’t the only one.

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