The Walker Family Reunited
by David Heulfryn

When he woke up, Luke felt Adam’s naked body tight against him, it was a squeeze to get two teenage boys in a single bed. The curtains were already open, and the light was shining in. The sun was quite strong, so Luke figured it must have been about mid-morning.

The previous night Luke had fallen asleep almost immediately when his head hit the pillow. Adam stayed with him a few minutes longer to make sure he wasn’t going to wake up.

Luke turned over and faced Adam, looking at the shock of bright red hair protruding from the duvet. Adam stirred.

“Morning, Luke. How do you feel?” Adam asked.

“Better. Rested.”

The two boys just looked at each other for a moment.

“Do you know what they are going to do about me?” Luke seemed concerned.

“I went downstairs when you fell asleep and Mark… your dad, was on the phone to your mum. He told her you were safe, and he would keep you hear until he spoke to you and all three of you decided what to do next.”

Luke sighed, “I want to stay with you.” He leant in and kissed Adam on the nose.

“And I want you to stay. We’ll have to get the spare bed out again.” Adam suggested.

“Why?” Luke teased and kissed Adam on the lips. Beneath the duvet, Luke reached out and grabbed him by the crotch.

All of Adam was now within Luke’s fist, but he didn’t feel scared. He liked Luke touching him, and his cock started to grow until the package became too large to fit in Luke’s hand.

“You’re a growing boy.” Luke smiled.

“We should get up, get some things sorted.” Adam stretched over Luke and fell on the floor. “You don’t make it easy to get out of bed,” Adam complained.

“Why should I?” Luke grinned at the naked pale boy on the floor. “I don’t want you to get out of bed.”

Luke noticed that Adam’s cock had deflated since he released his grip.

Adam jumped to his feet and slipped on a pair of sports shorts, without underwear, and told Luke to get out of bed.

“I’ll find something for you to wear,” Adam said, looked in his drawers and pulled out a couple of pairs of shorts. He threw one pair at Luke. “Try these on.”

Luke pulled his feet off the bed and Adam stared at his naked stepbrother.

The shorts were obviously too tight, Luke couldn’t even manage to get them up his legs without a struggle.

He gave in, “You’ve not got anything bigger, have you?” Luke asked and stood up to remove the tight shorts.”

“Nope, I don’t buy baggy clothes.” Adam thought a moment and then pulled out something black. “I do have these, though; they might stretch enough to fit you.”

Adam held up some black compression shorts.

Luke pulled them on, they did fit, sort of, but they were tight and pushed his cock and balls flat against his body so that he looked like he has hung like a mouse.

Wearing only their shorts, the boys went downstairs and noticed Mark and Ruth in the living room whispering to each other. The boys entered, and they both turned and smiled at them.

Mark got to his feet and hugged his son again. “I’m so glad you’re alright.” He told Luke again.

“Me too,” Luke said sarcastically and pushed his dad away. “But why are you naked?”

Luke looked at his father, naked except a tight cock ring that made his cock and balls jut out from his body. At the top of the cock ring was a small anti-tamper device. The cock ring made his father look like he had a permanent semi with his knob half exposed from the retracted foreskin.

“It’s because of you, dear,” Ruth told Luke. “He was out looking for you and security thought he was a pervert approaching young teenagers on the street. This is his punishment.”

“Oh, shit!” Luke gasped, “I’m so sorry, but you weren’t, you were looking for me. Haven’t you told them?”

“Of course, Luke. But I’m just fallen foul of another of their rules. They suspected me, they punished me, but even though they accept I am innocent, the punishment stands. They just won’t send me to court for a harsher sentence. They said that it makes people think about what they are doing and how it looks. They aren’t satisfied that everyone in Cockaigne isn’t up to no good, they have to be seen that they are not up to no good.”

“What?!” Luke and Adam said in unison.

“Don’t worry, I understand what you mean, Sweetie.” Ruth patted Mark on the shoulder.

“Dad?” Luke squirmed in his tight compression shorts, “Do you mind if I take these off? They’re crushing my balls.”

Mark laughed, “Of course. Pity you never asked your mum if you could be naked, it might have prevented all this drama.”

“Sorry, Dad.” Luke apologised and peeled off the skin-tight shorts. Now free, Luke fondled his balls and cock and coaxed them back. “That’s better.”

“You two look so sweet, standing there naked,” Ruth said. “You are going to grow up to be just like your dad, Luke.” She glanced down at Luke’s cock. “Adam, come here. We can’t have these two standing naked, let’s show some solidarity and join them.”

Ruth didn’t wait for Adam to agree before she took off her dress, she was naked underneath, not having put on a bra and panties. Adam quickly shucked off his shorts.

The naked family then discussed what they needed to do. Luke said that he wanted to stay with them and move out of his mum’s home. Mark suggested that they do it on a trial basis first and not to burn any bridges with his mum; he told Luke that he needed to apologise and make things up with her.

“I know, Dad. I’ll ring her soon.”

“I’ll ring and explain what we have agreed and see if she is ok with it.”

Mark disappeared into another room to ring his ex-wife. They couldn’t hear what was being said so the conversation must have been amicable. After ten minutes he called for Luke and handed him the phone. Luke spoke to his mum in private for a few minutes. When he rejoined his family, his eyes were red and puffy.

Mark stood up and hugged him. “It’s going to be alright, give her time. She’s going to miss you like crazy, you know.”

“I know.” Luke sniffed.

“It shows you how much she loves you.”

Mark broke the hug and slapped Luke on his bare behind.

“Now, snap out of it, we have work to do. Officer Nathan is expecting us at the station. He wants us to make a statement for the files so he can close the incident and make his stats look good.” Mark smiled.

“Ok, it’s just a statement?” Luke felt nervous, “I’m not in trouble with them, am I?” He was afraid they might put him back in a cock ring and collar. He didn’t want to be walked around the neighbourhood like a dog again.

“He promised me that you wouldn’t be punished. He saved all the punishment for me.” Mark smiled, wrapped his fingers around the cock ring he was wearing. “Once we have made a statement, I suggest we go to your mother’s place to pick up a few things.”

Luke agreed.

“So, Luke. You have a choice. Wear those ball-breaking shorts of Adam’s, wear one of my jockstraps or come with me as you are.”

“Let’s go naked.” Luke beamed, but Mark had to go naked, he had no choice.

Nathan was pleased to see Mark and Luke when they walked into the station. He especially liked it when he saw that his son was as naked as his father.

“Come on through.” Nathan gestured to follow him into an interview room.

“How are you, Luke?” Nathan asked as they sat down around the bare, white table.

Luke and Mark sat opposite Nathan. “Much better after a shower and a good night’s sleep, thanks.”

“Good. You had us all worried for a moment there. But we’re all glad you were picked up safe and sound. Even if you were a bit dirty.” Nathan smiled at Luke, who smiled back.

“I suppose we better get on with it,” Nathan announced but got up from his chair and poked his head out the door.

He saw Officer Andy hanging around the front desk, looking bored. “Andy!” Nathan shouted to get his attention. “Get in here!”

Nathan told Luke to go with Officer Andy into another interview room for Andy to take down his statement.

Luke looked at his father.

Mark reached out and placed a reassuring touch on his arm. “It’ll be alright, just tell him what happened. You’re not in any trouble.” He re-iterated and looked over at Nathan for confirmation.

“Of course not,” Nathan said. “But if he gives you any trouble then let me know, and I’ll make sure he wears a chastity device for the rest of the week.”

“I’m sure he won’t give me any trouble, Boss,” Andy said to Nathan.

“I was talking to Luke. I know what you’re like, Andy. You give that poor boy any trouble, and I’ll make sure you don’t cum for an entire week.”

Luke giggled.

“Come on, Luke.” Andy sighed and took him to another interview room. It didn’t go unnoticed that Andy rested his hand on Luke’s arse cheek as they walked off.

“Let’s get this done quickly, it’s just a formality,” Nathan said and started to type up what Mark told him.

In ten minutes, the statement was typed, printed and signed.

“I just need to do a quick check,” Nathan told Mark. “Would you mind just standing up.”

Nathan knelt in front of Mark and looked at his cock. He reached up and felt it, move it from side to side. The sensation made Mark’s already half-hard cock get harder and longer.

Mark tried not to enjoy his touch, but it was so delicate it just excited him even more. His hard cock now threatening to poke Nathan in the eye.

Nathan smiled and blew air over Mark’s exposed knob, which made him groan.

Now Nathan felt Mark’s balls. Then ran his fingers around the metal ring constricting Mark’s genitals. He tried to push a finger through the ring but couldn’t force it through.

“This is certainly fucking tight,” Nathan commented.

“I know. Should it be that tight? It does hurt. I tried to fuck my wife when we woke this morning but just couldn’t cum. She fucking loved it. I could have gone on forever as hard as a rock, but I just couldn’t ejaculate.”

“That’s right for this type of punishment. Those fuckwits, Andy and Kai, used a Type 2 Punishment Ring. You have no record so it should have been a level 1 punishment. The Type 1 is looser and doesn’t impact your sexual function. The tamper device on the Type 2 alerts us if it is interfered with and, along with the tightness, prevents ejaculation.”

“I understand you can’t reverse the punishment, but does that mean you can change the device?”

“Afraid not, Sir. You’re stuck with it for another 6 days.” Nathan looked apologetically at Mark.

“Shit! After fucking my wife this morning, my balls ache so bad. I need to cum.” Mark sat back down, feeling dejected. “Six days with blue-balls. I’ll get no fucking work done.”

“Stand up, Mark,” Nathan instructed, and Mark obeyed.

Nathan cupped Mark’s balls and started to fondle them. His cock began to grow again and very quickly. When Mark’s cock was hard, Nathan gripped the shaft and started to stroke it.

“Oh fuck, Nathan. Please don’t, my balls are loaded enough as it is, and I might just rip this fucking ring off me and fuck the consequences.” Mark pleaded with Nathan.

“There’s no need for that, Mark. I can help. I know a way round it.” Nathan whispered. “Mind you, so does 90% of Cockaigne.” He shrugged. “But you’re still quite new here, Mark.” Nathan continued to stroke Marks cock.

If that device wasn’t fitted, Mark would have shot his load by now.

“Oh, fuck. How? I’ll do anything if it makes me cum.” Mark gasped.

Nathan’s gentle stroking was driving Mark wild, his cock was leaking profusely, and the fluid looked thick, far thicker than his precum usually looked.

“Yes.” Mark gasped. “Tell me. Please fucking tell me.” He was desperate.

Nathan leant into Mark and whispered into his ear. “Well, let’s examine the problem and perhaps come at it from another direction.”

A smile grew across Nathan’s face. Mark looked confusion then suddenly opened his mouth, he understood.

“Well, fucking do it,” Mark begged.

He hadn’t been fucked before, not properly. Adam and played with his arsehole in the shower, but a full-grown man-cock was thicker and longer.

Nathan kissed Mark, hard on the lips, while pumping his cock. Mark wrapped his arms around Nathan and pulled him against his body. He could feel his naked cock scratch against his rough uniform and could feel Nathan’s bulge pressing against his thigh.

Mark pushed Nathan away from him and sank to his knees, he felt the bulge through the dark blue uniform and palpated it. Nathan helped him and unbuckled his belt, allowing his equipment to fall to the hard floor with a clatter. It was now an easy matter of unclasping the trousers and pulling them to his knees. Mark stared at the bulging white briefs that met his eye. The brilliant white cotton barely contained Nathan’s pendulous balls and fat cock.

He pressed his face against the fabric and inhaled Nathan’s scent. He could smell the sweaty balls and doubted that he had bathed either last night or this morning. But Mark didn’t care, the musky smell made his cock throb, and he stroked faster, safe in the knowledge no matter how hard or fast he stroked he wasn’t going to cum.

Mark couldn’t wait to feel the clammy skin of Nathan’s cock so he yanked his briefs down to his knees. In his lust, his fingernails scratched Nathan’s hips as he pulled them and left red streaks, he didn’t draw blood, just left some nice deep scratches for Nathan to remember him by.

Nathan’s cock sprang free and was immediately swallowed by Mark, who could feel the blunt head of Nathan’s knob against the back of his mouth and his precum slipping down his throat. He pushed his hips forward and thrust his cock deeper into Mark. The back of Mark’s throat opened up, and Nathan slid his cock down his gullet. Mark choked and spluttered but kept his mouth full of cock.

Mark glanced up and saw Nathan smiling down at him.

“I’ve wanted this from the first time I saw you.” Nathan groaned as his balls tightened.

Without explanation, Nathan pulled his cock free, gave it a few jerks with his fingers and spewed cum over Mark’s face.

Mark opened his mouth, trying to catch some cum but was taken by surprise at how quickly Nathan came. Cum streaked his face and ran down his cheeks. He managed to lick a little and taste it.

Nathan pulled Mark to his feet and kissed him, ferociously. It looked like he was eating his face, his mouth open wide and thrusting his tongue inside. Their faces touched, and Nathan’s cum was smeared around, both faces now coated in a thin layer of spunk.

Below, Nathan’s hands were busy wanking Mark, taking him to the edge and keeping him there, the device doing its job and preventing him from exploding. Mark’s hand fought its way down there and grabbed Nathan’s sticky cock. It was half-hard, but his stroking brought it back to life; Nathan groaned into Mark’s mouth.

Nathan knew it wouldn’t be over the first time he came; he’d lusted after Mark for some time and needed to empty his balls as quickly as possible so he could enjoy the next part.

With his cock now back to full strength, Nathan threw Mark, face down, over the interview table, his arse in the air. Nathan pulled his cheeks apart and crouched so he could force his tongue against Mark’s virgin hole. Licking, pressing and pushing; trying to get it to open up so he could taste the inside.

Mark loosened up, and Nathan’s tongue slipped inside. Nathan lapped at the open hole, coating it with spit as Mark grabbed the end of the table; this new sensation was causing a mental overload. Mark’s knuckles were white with tension, he daren’t let go, as he had nothing else to hang on to. Mark wanted to stoke his cock, but he couldn’t, the table was in the way. The only positive was that he wasn’t crushing his cock against the table; instead, it swung freely beneath him; his gentle writhing causing it to knock against the end of the table occasionally.

As if he read Mark’s mind, Nathan grabbed Mark’s hard, thick cock and slowly stroked it as his face was buried between Mark’s arse cheeks and his tongue exploring the place where no-one had ever been before.

Nathan pulled his face back, and for the moment, Mark felt disappointed. But that feeling didn’t last long as Nathan pushed a finger deep into Mark.

Mark squealed like a girl when the finger penetrated him, and his face contorted to show the ecstasy he was feeling.

One finger was replaced by two fingers. Nathan spat at Mark’s hole as he tried to push a third inside him. Mark felt the pleasurable pain as his ring-piece was being stretched further than it had ever been before, his cock leaked profusely and was creating a pool between his legs.

“Just fuck me,” Mark begged. “I don’t care if it hurts, I just need to be fucked. Now!” He sounded desperate.

Mark was about to rue the day he begged to be fucked before he was ready. Nathan pulled out his three fingers, but they were no match for the thickness of his cock.

Nathan placed his exposed knob against Mark’s twitching hole. At the first touch, Mark’s hole opened and tried to suck Nathan cock inside, but Nathan could see he wasn’t wide enough.

“Brace yourself,” Nathan said as he grabbed Mark’s hips and forced his cock through the small hole and thrust deep inside until he could feel his balls swinging against Mark’s arse.

Mark screamed.

Thankfully the interview rooms were soundproof or else the entire station would be thinking that Mark was getting murdered.

Momentarily, the pain caused Mark’s cock to wilt, but as the pain subsided and the pleasure of having his guts filled with cock took over, it soon hardened again and carried on leaking, adding to the mess on the floor.

Nathan could feel Mark’s ring relax, and rhythmic pulses coming from inside Mark caress his cock. It was time to start fucking.

Nathan pulled back slightly before pushing back, each time he pulled back, he would go that little bit further. When Nathan’s cock was almost out of his hole, Mark screamed at him.

“Just fuck me, you bastard.”

Nathan ploughed back inside, hard, pushing against Mark and scraping the table along the floor. He shuffled his feet to get back in position and then fucked Mark, hard and fast.

Mark couldn’t say anything, he screwed his face up as his guts were filled with cock, Nathan’s bell-end rubbing against his prostate, causing his cock to throb and drip precum almost constantly. It was a feeling he had never felt before and a feeling he didn’t want to end.

Nathan started to sweat, the effort taking its toll on his body; he had to slow down.

“Fucking hell, Nathan. Your cock feels so fucking great inside me.” Mark panted.

Nathan was quiet, he was catching his breath as he now fucked Mark slow and steady. The sensation was just enough to keep his cock from going soft.

Sufficiently recovered, Nathan ploughed back in, causing Mark to scream again.

“Fucking warn me!” Mark cried, embarrassed at his high-pitched squeal.

“Oh, shit!” Mark wailed as he felt his balls try to retract but blocked by the tight cock-ring. It made his balls ache like he had just been kicked in the nuts. The pain brought a tear to his eye as Nathan carried on, pounding his arse.

It was too much for Mark, the moment finally came. His cock started to spasm, uncontrollably but nothing came out. Mark started to cry, thinking it hadn’t worked, and he was destined to suffer for the entire 6 days he had left wearing the device.

Then it happened, his balls twitched, his cock spasmed again and he felt his bell-end throb and pulsate like it was going to explode. Streams of thick white cum flew around the room, spraying like a sprinkler from Mark’s convulsing cock.

Nathan could feel Mark’s innards clamp down on his cock, so he slowed down and eventually stopped, his cock still buried deep within Mark.

Mark convulsed around Nathan cock; the table began to shake as he gripped onto it. Nathan lent forward, pressing his body against Mark’s, holding him against the table and suppressing his fit.

Nathan nibbled Mark’s ear. “Now that’s how good it can feel. I bet this doesn’t feel like punishment at all.”

Before Mark could catch his breath, Nathan started again. He hadn’t cum, and this wasn’t all about relieving Mark of his unfortunate condition.

Nathan hammered Mark’s arse.

Mark barely had time to recover from his orgasm before the feeling started welling up inside him again. That special button inside made him feel lightheaded but quickly became a curse as his body started convulsing again, and his cock spewed another load of cum around the room.

This time Nathan didn’t stop, he kept fucking Mark, hard and fast. He was starting to feel the burn in his balls and knew he was getting closer. He couldn’t afford to slow down again; his body wouldn’t let him. The constant squeezing of his cock by Mark’s insides was taking him beyond the point of no return.

Nathan kept fucking hard, sweat pouring from his forehead, and his heart was pounding. He gasped for air as his lungs burned with the effort of sucking in enough oxygen.

Beneath him, Mark groaned and moaned, a passive bystander, a prisoner Nathan’s cock. His own cock remaining hard throughout and started to leak precum again, his balls still aching but his brain now blocking the constant ache away. He was a limp mess.

Above him, Nathan sucked in a large breath but didn’t let it out, he stopped breathing but kept fucking, his face screwed up in what looked like agony. His cock pummeled Mark’s arse and was about to explode.

One final hard thrust, Nathan drove his cock deep with Mark and looked to the ceiling, his face in what looked like a rictus of pain.

His cock exploded, and Nathan vocally let out his long-held breath. Mark could feel the throbbing cock against his hole and imagined it spewing its load deep within him.

The thought and the pressure against Nathan throbbing cock against his prostate made his cock twitch and spew another load, smaller and less intense than the first two.

Nathan collapsed onto Mark’s back, and Mark collapsed onto the table. Both men were exhausted.

Mark sighed as he felt Nathan’s cock shrink and flop from his hole with a soft squelch.

After catching their breath, they grabbed a couple of chairs and sat down. Mark’s arse felt weird against the plastic chair, his hole not yet entirely closed. He squeezed his arse to close his hole.

It was blindingly obvious to Luke and Andy what the two guys had been up to as they waited for them to leave the interview room, Nathan now back in his smart uniform which looked disheveled and Mark face, and arse, were red.

On the walk home, Luke looked at his dad’s backside and watched as it leaked cum.

“What was it like?” Luke asked.

“It was fine,” Mark replied, “I just told him what happened, and he wrote it down.”

Luke laughed. “Not that! Getting fucked.”

Mark’s face red beet red. “Fucking brilliant.”

“I think I might want to try it,” Luke admitted.

Mark reached out and grabbed Luke’s hand, he gave it a squeeze, and they walked home hand in hand.

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