The Re-Education of Andy Noble
by David Heulfryn

Senior Security Office Nathan Morehead sat behind his desk with his head in his hands. Office Grace Bigwood had just informed him of an unfortunate incident between her fellow officer, Andy and young Leo Dartos, the seventeen-year-old son of the farmer Andy had been overzealous in punishing a few weeks ago.

“Do you think he is singling out the Dartos family?” Nathan asked.

“No. I think it was just happenstance that it was Leo Dartos. I don’t think he could have known the boy was Doug’s son.” Grace explained.

“Thank you, Grace. Leave it with me.” Nathan sighed.

This was the second time this month that Andy had overreacted to an incident involving his younger brother. Nathan was furious the first time it happened and gave Andy a verbal battering. But it seems he hadn’t taken note.

Nathan was disappointed that it had happened again and knew he couldn’t just give Andy another roasting in his office.

In all his years working for Cockaigne Security, Nathan hadn’t had to discipline another officer. Andy was the first. And there was no precedent.

He took the incident to the Chief, and he agreed with him; Nathan had to do something to get Andy back in control, or he would lose his job. Between them, they decided on a course of action.

With a heavy heart, Nathan was tasked with setting the plan into motion.

Leo heard the shouting from downstairs when Archie had told his father. He couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he got upset and started crying again; he was sorry for letting down his father.

The shouts had now dulled down, and his father and brother were talking normally again.

Then Leo heard them coming upstairs.

He pulled up is bedclothes tightly under his chin; his tears streaked his face.

Doug opened Leo’s bedroom door gently in case he was sleeping. The moment Leo saw his father, the tears started again.

“Sorry, Dad.” Leo blubbed.

Doug dashed over to his son and hugged him. “It’s alright Leo, none of it was your fault from what Archie says.”

Archie stood in the doorway.

“Let me check you over, Leo. Lie on your back. Doug pulled the bedclothes from his son to reveal his naked body.

He took a sharp intake of breath, and Archie rushed over to see.

Leo’s scrotum had discoloured to a deep purple hue. His testicle was still swollen.

Archie whispered in his Dad’s ear. “I think it’s got worse. It wasn’t that colour earlier, and I swear the swelling has got worse.

“What is it, Dad?” Leo became concerned and screamed “Don’t touch it!” as his father went to feel his swollen testicle.

Leo screamed in agony when Doug’s fingers touched it.

“He needs a doctor now,” Doug called out to Archie who ran downstairs to make the call. “Can you get up and walk Leo. We need to get a doctor to look at you.”

Leo shuffled and tried to get up, but the pain made him double up. “I can’t.” he cried. Lying down was the most comfortable position for him.

Doug shouted down the stairs that he can’t move, so the doctor needs to come to the house.

Nathan sat at his desk, reading the medical report from Doctor Prentice on Leo Dartos. He must have hit him hard to create such bruising. Thankfully that was all it was, and Leo just needed bed rest for a week to give his testicle time to heal.

Andy walked in and sat opposite Nathan.

“You wanted to see me, Nate.” He smiled. It had been 24 hours since the incident and was feeling cocky that he had got away with it again.

“Yes, Andy. I’ve been reading the report on young Leo Dartos.”

“Oh, him.” Andy interrupted. “I wrote it all down. I just gave him a little tap on the bollocks to subdue him.”

Nathan let out a slow breath, opened the file and pushed a photograph over to Andy.

“That is not the result of a little tap.”

Andy lifted the photograph of Leo’s privates and examined them.

“It looks worse than it is.” Andy shrugged and tossed the picture back to Nathan.

“You can read the full report from Doctor Prentice if you like, it’ll churn your stomach. That poor boy is suffering intense pain and nausea since that ‘light tap’ you gave him.”

“I was well within my rights.” Andy was dismissive of the damage he’d caused.

“No, you weren’t!” Nathan’s blood was boiling at his lack of empathy.

“Look, Nate…”

Nathan interrupted him. “Don’t you dare try and make excuses. That is a clear-cut case of excessive force.”

“What do you want me to say? I’ll tone it down next time.” Andy conceded but still shown no sympathy with the young boy.

Nathan sighed. This was not something he was looking forward to.

“I’m afraid it’s gone further than that. I’ve discussed it with the Chief, and we are of the same mind. This cannot go unpunished.”

“What the fuck!” Andy gasped. “You can’t do that, I’m the fucking law.”

“Who overstepped the mark.” Nathan sighed. “Please stand up and remove all of your clothes.”

“Fuck off, Nate. You’re not doing this to me.”

“I have to, Andy. Twice now you have gone too far, and both times your younger brother was involved. I understand you want to protect him, look after him. But this is not the way. Now take off your uniform and place it on the chair.”

Andy pleaded with Nathan, but it did nothing to persuade him from the punishment.

“If you do not remove your uniform now, I will summon some officers in here to help you.” Nathan was stern and angry at Andy for refusing to accept his punishment.

Andy begged, he was now scared of what was going to happen to him. Nathan picked up his phone when Andy showed no signs of stripping.

“Stop! I’ll do it!” Andy shrieked, he knew the type of force they used to strip uncooperative offenders.

He started to unbutton his shirt. “This is fucking bullshit.” He mumbled under his breath.

“Everything.” Nathan reminded him. “Shoes, socks and underwear.”

Andy belligerently stood naked behind Nathan’s desk. “Satisfied!”

Nathan pulled open a desk drawer and pulled out a cock ring.

Andy saw it. “That better be a type fucking one cock ring!”

“Sorry, Andy. But it was discussed, and a Type II Punishment ring was decided upon.”

“Fucking hell, Nathan. Don’t do this to me. I’ve got a date tonight. I’d been saving myself up, and she’s gagging for it.” Andy tried to reason.

“Firstly, Andy. That sort of talk is disrespectful to whomever you are dating. Secondly, you can still perform and give the lady pleasure. You will just not be able to reach orgasm.” Nathan explained.

“Then what’s the fucking point?” Andy was exasperated.

Nathan came around from his desk and crouched down in front of Andy. He pushed his testicles through the metal ring and then forced his cock through. “The point, Andy, is to give something to your partner.” Nathan grabbed Andy’s cock and balls together and pulled, ensuring the device was fitted securely.

“How long?” Andy huffed.

“You are to remain naked at all times for 4 weeks. The Type II Punishment Ring is to be worn continuously for the full four weeks.”

“Shit, Nate! We never do that. Enforced nudity is always for longer than the device is worn. It’s not fair.” Andy was beginning to sound like a little kid being punished by a parent.

Satisfied the device was correctly fitted, Nathan went back to sit behind his desk. He pulled out a sash from the drawer. “I managed to persuade the Chief not to suspend you, so you are to go about your duties as normal. You will wear this,” he handed over the fluorescent yellow sash to Andy, “to identify you as a security officer.

“Gee thanks, Nate.” Andy pulled the sash over his head. “You could have suspended me for the month. But instead, you are going to make me go out looking like this. You vindictive bastard.”

“You brought this on yourself, Andy. And if you do not start showing me or this process the respect it deserves you will face even more serious consequences.” Nathan glared at Andy.

“Fucking bullshit,” Andy muttered.

“When not on duty, you are to reside with the Dartos family. In their house, they will control you and will have the authority to punish you.” Nathan paused. “Do you understand?”

Andy nodded.

“And I will be speaking to them daily regarding your conduct. I realise they are not from Cockaigne and so may feel reluctant to punish you, so if I am not satisfied, then you will submit to additional punishments from me.” Nathan paused again. “Do you understand?”

Andy nodded again.

“Your final part of the punishment will happen this evening and every Monday evening. You are to report to the punishment centre where you will be subjected to a 30-minute ordeal in front of the residents.”

“Nate, no. You can’t do that. I’d lose all respect, I wouldn’t be able to do my job.”

“Yes, you will lose respect. And rightly so. I am very disappointed in you, Andy. You were once nipping at my heals for my job. Now, after these incidents, you are bottom of the pile, and you have a long climb to get back up. Not only will the residents lose respect for you after this evening, but you have let all your colleagues down and have damaged the, until now, untarnished reputation of Cockaigne Security. It is only because of your previous excellent record that I have managed to limit the punishments to this. Believe me, some wanted a harsher punishment.”

Nathan finished his lecture, Andy had finally realised what was going to happen and had given in trying to change it.

“Now go. You are due on shift, and I want you patrolling the high street. You need to be a visible deterrent for anyone else thinking they can physically abuse others.”

Andy turned and skulked out of the office.

As he walked through the security station, his colleagues either ignored him or told him what a stupid bastard he was. They were all disappointed in him.

Nathan gave the Dartos family prime seats for the punishment of Andy Noble. Leo had recovered a little and managed to make it. Although he would have forced himself to be there to see what punishment Andy was going to get. Leo wore a tight jockstrap and cricket box to protect his bruised balls, Doug was still naked, having another couple of days of his punishment to go before he could wear clothes in Cockaigne again. Archie, not having succumbed to the Cockaigne ways, yet, was dressed in his usual jeans and tee shirt.

The evening was cool and dry, a large crowd had gathered to see the first-ever public disciplining of a security officer. The novelty value brought in a larger than usual crowd.

Doug sat next to Leo and wrapped his arms around him, Archie sat the other side, holding Leo’s hand.

A few months ago the family didn’t go in for touching and hugging each other, but since Doug had been punished and was made to stay naked all the time, the family became closer. Leo embraced a nude lifestyle, in part to support his Dad, but now he enjoyed body freedom. Archie was slower to embrace nudity but was beginning to enjoy their more tactile relationship.

Leo looked at the scaffold that sat on a raised wooden plinth. He wondered what was going to happen as he’d never seen or heard of anything like this before. He was intrigued, pleased that Andy getting punished for what he had done to both him and his father.

The crowd cheered as they saw Nathan lead a naked Andy out. Leo averted his eyes when he saw Andy; just seeing him brought back what had happened. Doug squeezed him tighter to comfort him.

Archie looked at the naked Andy. He wasn’t bound but was following Nathan’s directions without complaint; he knew what the consequences were. Archie noticed the silver cock ring through Andy’s black pubes, he was surprised that he hadn’t been shaved. His chest and abdomen looked firm and covered in a light dusting of fur. He obviously worked out, his muscles now on show and not concealed by his ill-fitting uniform.

Andy tried not to show any emotion, not show the crowd his fear. But he was afraid of what was to come.

Nathan bound his hands together with thick leather wrist straps, tied a rope to them. As Nathan pulled the rope over the top of the scaffold, Andy’s hands and arms were raised above his head.

Andy breathed a sigh of relief when he stopped as his feet were still firmly on the wooden stage. But his face gave in to fear as he felt the rope tug again and lift his body up until he could barely touch the floor with his toes.

“No,” Andy yelled as he squirmed.

“Quiet!” Nathan yelled at him and turned to shout behind him. “Ready!”

The crowd parted as a big bloke walked through. He was wearing a black head covering with just slits for the eyes; other than that, he was naked.

The crowd cheered as he made his way through to the stage. He stood in front of Andy and raised his hands to the crowd, they erupted in a deafening roar.

The man had the body of a middle-aged bodybuilder that had let himself go. His round belly jutted out, firm and proud and shaded his little dick, in the right light the metal on the ring that pierced his knob twinkled. His tits looked firm, his nipples large and angry with thick metal rings threaded through them, his arms were covered in faded tattoos he had gotten when he was younger.

At the side of the scaffold was a wooden crate, the man opened it and pulled out a wooden cane; the crowd booed. He threw the cane into the crowd with an air of disgust and went back into the crate. He pulled out a bullwhip. The crowd cheered.

The whip unfurled, and he gave it a few practice lashes into thin air.

“Nooo!” Andy screamed. “You can’t!”

The man stomped to Andy and held his chin in his hand. He pulled up and squeezed tight, a tear formed in the corner of Andy’s eye. He knew to be quiet or else he would be subjected to a ball gag.

The man let go of Andy, the not so subtle message delivered.

He went behind Andy and traced the end of the whip down his back. Andy flinched, not expecting it but squirmed again as he felt the hard handle being thrust between his buttocks.

Andy wanted to tell him to stop but daren’t, he only hoped the handle wasn’t going to pushed in any further.

It was less than a second when Andy felt the handle pulled out from between his buttocks to the first lash on his back.

As the pain hit, he threw his head back and yelled. A second lash came quickly as he choked on his own breath. Andy coughed as the third lash hit. His face was red with pain, his eyes watered.

The man stopped after ten lashes.

“MORE!” the crowd yelled, but he ignored them.

The man grabbed two small pieces of rope and handed one to Nathan. They tied one end around his ankles and pulled his legs apart to bind the other end on the scaffold.

Andy was displayed like ‘Peace Sign’, arms held straight and high above his head, his legs pulled apart to the sides, his six-inch limp cock hanging, pointing to the ground.

“Let me fuck him!” A man shouted.

“I’m first!” Another man responded, and the crowd started moving as both men tried to make it to the front but weren’t being let through. No one wanted to give up their vantage point unless it meant they got a better view.

The punisher rummaged in the crate again and pulled out a small carpet beater. The crowd didn’t cheer, they wondered what it was and how he was going to use it.

The man climbed off the stage and approached Leo. He held out the beater, but Leo didn’t take it. He motioned between his legs and wafted the beater upwards but not connecting with his balls.

Leo got the idea.

“It’s up to you, son,” Doug told him.

“I fucking will.” Archie spat as he glared at the naked body on the scaffold.

“I can’t.” Leo sighed.

“Are you sure, Leo? It’s the Cockaigne way.” Doug asked.

Leo nodded. “I don’t think I could intentionally hurt anyone.”

Doug looked at the punisher, “He doesn’t want to. Is that alright?” uncertain as to if he could refuse.

The punisher nodded and then looked at Archie, handing him the beater.

Archie snatched it from his hand, but Leo yelled at him to stop. “Don’t Archie. I don’t want you to. It’s not our way. It may be theirs, and he may deserve what he gets, but I don’t agree with it.”

Doug glared at Archie, his eyes pleading with him to accept his brother’s wishes.

Archie handed the beater back to the man, and the crowd jeered their disappointment.

The punisher climbed back on the stage and went to put the beater back in the crate. Just before he was about to drop it, he turned and whacked Andy square in the balls.

Andy writhed on the scaffold, his arms ached as his reflexes wanted him to protect his balls with his hands.

Another whack and Andy yelled again.

Each time the punisher hit Andy’s balls, he hit harder. Andy’s cries had died down, and his body seemed to have slumped, his head lolled to the side.

The man stopped and checked on Andy, he held his head and let go, it fell forward; Andy had fainted from the pain.

The crowd hissed and booed as the man slapped Andy’s face, trying to rouse.

As Andy opened his eyes, the crowd roared.

The punisher retrieved the bullwhip and gave Andy ten hard lashed on his buttock. The lashes on his back had left red welts which were slowly fading, a few of the lashes on his buttocks drew blood.

Andy sobbed as he could feel the blood run down his leg, he had seen many punishments before and knew they sometimes drew blood.

The man looked over at Nathan, who simply nodded.

The crowd yelled out for more as the man untied Andy’s ankles and slowly released the rope to lower him.

Andy collapsed on the floor, his hand cradling his beaten balls.

At the front of the stage, the man raised his hand, two fingers outstretched.

The crowd cheered again, and there was a clamour as men pushed their way to the front. When they got to the front, if they weren’t already naked, they pulled down their trousers and exposed their hard cocks.

The punisher pointed at the two men with the biggest and hardest cocks.

Leo looked away as the first man went behind Andy, lifted up his hips and thrust his hard cock into his arse. Andy screamed and begged him to stop.

But he didn’t.

The man fucked his hole hard and deep, only stopping once he’d come inside him. The second man got sloppy seconds. The pain in Andy’s arse had eased, so he didn’t scream, he merely whimpered like a broken dog.

The second man came and disappeared back into the crowd.

Andy curled up on his side, whimpering as the crowd still watched.

The punisher closed the wooden crate, raised his hands to a braying crowd, turned and walked back to wherever he came from.

The first punishment session was over. Andy had three more to endure.

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