Mark Punishes His Son, Luke
by David Heulfryn

We all had such fun at the adventure pool, and Luke seemed to forget about my promise to have words with when we got home about how he had spoken to his step mum. I hadn’t forgotten, and I spent the evening reading about the rules of Cockaigne town, and I learnt just what new options were now available to me. It seems that the new bylaws allowed corporal punishment and restraint. I told Ruth about this and she wasn’t sure we should start whipping the young lad, not yet anyway. If he carried on with this disrespect, then we may have no alternative.

Ruth and I decided that she would take out her son, Adam, in the morning and leave me alone with Luke. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to punish him, but I was allowed to revoke whatever privileges I wanted.

When I woke up the next morning, I went into the boys’ bedroom, naked.

“Boys! Wake up!” I shouted at them, and they started to stir.

I went over to Adam’s bed and shook him awake. “Get up, Adam. Your mum’s taking you out this morning.”

Adam groaned, and I pulled the duvet off him.

As quick as a flash, he rolled onto his stomach to hide his morning erection poking inside his boxer briefs.

“C’mon, Adam. Get up and get dressed, your mum is taking you out today. She’s waiting for you downstairs.”

“Ok, Mark. I’ll be down in a bit.”

He turned his head and looked at me and noticed I was naked. His eyes were glued to my crotch, so I gave my hips a little nudge and started my thick pendulous dick sway.

“Unless you want to join Luke with his punishment, then you’d better get moving. And don’t worry about your little hard cock, I’ve already seen it. So get a move on.”

Adam dashed to the bathroom.

“Don’t think about wanking away your hard cock in there! We don’t have time!”

Luke poked his head out from his duvet. “Look, Dad. I’m sorry. I’ll apologise to Ruth when I get up. It was just a shock, y’ know. Being given those speedos to wear. I totally over-reacted, I’m sorry.”

Luke finally looked over at me.

“And why are you naked, Dad?” Luke asked.

“If you are going to get along here then when you visit us again then you’d better start to understand the new regime.”

Adam came back in after having a pee and a wash; his dick looked like it had deflated, but he still showed an impressive fleshy bulge. I noticed two things when Adam got dressed. Firstly, he didn’t change his pants and secondly, he couldn’t stop eyeing up my naked body. I would have to have a word later about changing his pants every day.

After taking one last look at my cock and balls, Adam dashed downstairs. A few moments later Ruth called upstairs saying that they were going out now and she wished me good luck.

I was now left alone with my son, Luke.

“Get out of bed, Luke,” I said calmly and firmly.

Luke groaned.

“Get out of bed, Luke,” I repeated. You are only going to make this worse.

Luke threw the duvet off the bed and sat up. He was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers.

“Stand up, Luke.”

He huffed and got to his feet.

“Now take those boxers off,” I told him.

“Oh, Dad. Do I have to? Can’t you just tell me off and let me go back to bed.” Luke pleaded.

“Yes, you do. I am starting to like this new town and its new laws.” I smiled.

Reluctantly, Luke pulled off his boxers and stood in front of me, naked.

Since my divorce, I was always an occasional father to Luke and wasn’t always there for him growing up. And he had indeed done some growing up since the last time I had seen him naked; I’d only seen him from behind at the changing room yesterday, He was perfectly smooth except for the tufts of hair poking from his armpits and the thick nest of brown pubes crowning his smooth cock and hairy balls.

I checked him out carefully, no visible chest hair, not even that fine, blond downy hair some boys have which hints at what may be to come.

“I wonder if you’ll ever get to be as hairy as me?” I said to myself. “Would you like to be as hairy as me, Luke?” I asked.

“No. Girls like me smooth.” Luke shifted his weight onto his right leg in a defiant gesture.

I looked at his cock again and his tight patch of brown pubes, I got closer to him and ran my fingers through them. “Tell me, Luke. Do you trim your pubes?”

“Sometimes,” Luke said.

“What about now?” I kept my fingers scraping through his pubes.

Luke nodded at me.

“I thought so. Does that mean you have a girl back at your mother’s?”

“I did.” Luke pouted. “We broke up last week.

“So she didn’t like a mouthful of pubes when she was sucking you off?”

Luke turned his face away from me and blushed. I noticed his cock was fluffing up slightly.

“Now the thing is, Luke. Ruth doesn’t like it either, and part of your punishment for being disrespectful is to give me a little trim.”

“You are fucking kidding me!” Luke shrieked.

“More than that, Luke. You are to be my slave for the entire day, and you are to remain naked at all times. I am removing all your privileges, and one of those privileges is clothes. Once you learn some respect, then I may start to give your back some privileges.”

“You are fucking kidding me!” Luke shrieked again.

“Oh, I most certainly am not. And you will not only be my slave, but you will also do whatever Ruth and Adam ask you to do without question. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Dad.” Luke sighed.

I took Luke by the arm and led him to the bathroom. I grabbed the scissors from the medicine cabinet and passed them to Luke. “Don’t take too much off, I don’t want to look bald. Leave enough so that it looks like I have a good set of pubes but not enough that they will tickle your nose or get in your mouth when you suck me off.”

“I’m not going to suck you off, Dad.” Luke recoiled at the thought.

“Don’t be stupid, Luke. I didn’t mean you, I mean Ruth. She’s started to suck me off again. I think this move has really boosted us and I think we love each other more than ever.”

Luke just shook his head and crouched down. His face was now in front of my hairy crotch. He took the scissors and started to trim my pubes; I think this was preferable to hearing about my sex life. He stayed well clear of touching me, just trimming what hair he could easily get to.

“Well done, Luke. But you are going to have to finish the job properly.” I grabbed my cock and pulled it to one side. “You need to trim all the hairs. Grab my dick!” I told him. “Move it so you can get where you need to.”

I heard Luke take a loud gulp of hair, and I watched as he tentatively took his left hand and touched my cock. He pulled it aside and carried on trimming the stray pubes he couldn’t get to. I know I shouldn’t get aroused at my son touching me, but my head seemed to forget the hand feeling my cock was my son, and I started to get hard. Ironically this made it easier for Luke to trim the stray hairs, but he did still need to occasionally push my hard, aching cock out of the way.

I groaned. I wanted Luke to stop teasing my cock and grab hold of it, stroke it, to make me cum.

But he was my son, he couldn’t, he shouldn’t. The aching feeling in my balls didn’t care who was touching me, my mind was repulsed.

My mind was quickly overruled by my balls, and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Luke kept on trimming, his delicate feather touch teasing my cock.

“Dad, your dick is leaking,” Luke told me, his breath blowing across my now exposed knob.

“Wipe it clean, then,” I instructed him.

I expected Luke to get a piece of toilet tissue and wipe my cock clean, but instead, he took his thumb and rubbed it over my piss slit to wipe away the opalescent pearls of precum I was oozing.

That strange touch set me off.

I clenched my buttocks as I thrust my hips forward, my cock exploded, and my cum violently shot my son directly in the chest, between his nipples.

I kept shooting cum over my son, my cock flailing, so I sprayed his torso.

“Fucking hell, Dad. You’ve drenched me.”

I calmed my breathing so I could respond, but was distracted by the doorbell.”

“You go and answer that and tell them I’ll be down in a moment.”

“But, Dad! I’m naked!”

“I know! Just do it!”

Luke went downstairs to answer the door while I took some deep breaths as I came to terms what I had just done. I had just cum all over my son.

I shook the thought from my mind so I could see who was at the door.

As I went down the stairs, still naked, I could see a security guard standing in the hallway. Beside him, Luke stood, his eyes downcast.

“Are you this boys father?” The man asked while I was still coming downstairs.

“Yes, I am. What is this about?” I asked.

“I was just bringing round the device you requested this morning, and I was surprised when this boy answered the door. We had to record an incident a few days ago regarding him. He was caught littering and loitering.” The young security guard looked at me and made no comment regarding my son and I’s nakedness.

As I reached him, he held out his hand and introduced himself as Officer James Parks, but said I should just call him James.

We shook hands. “I’m Mark Walker, this is my son, Luke.” I gestured to the naked boy.

“Is this for him?” James nodded at Luke while holding out a piece of black leather.

“Afraid so. He never said anything about what happened the other day.” I sounded the disappointment in my son.

James then offered to help put it on correctly.

We went into the front room the young security officer fitted a leather collar around Luke’s neck. It wasn’t too tight to restrict his breathing, but it was tight enough for him to feel it.

When it was fitted his felt the leather around his neck.

“Keep your hands by your side, Boy,” James ordered, and Luke immediately complied.

“I also brought a little something else, just to show you the other types of devices you can request.”

James held up what looked like a little jumble of leather.

He straightened out the leather straps, it looked like two leather rings. “It’s a cock ring and ball stretcher.”

I could now see the resemblance.

“Would you permit me to put in on him, Mr Walker.”

“Sure, and please call me Mark.”

James knelt in front of my son. “I’m getting quite used to seeing this cock and these balls. I’m betting he never told you about the strip search we had to give him?”

“No, he didn’t!” I sounded surprised and gave Luke a hard stare.

“Yes, we had to bind his hands so he couldn’t resist.” James looked at Luke. “Who did you get to cut the straps? I’m betting you couldn’t have done it yourself.”

Luke looked at the floor. “Adam.” He whispered.

I smiled, I never thought those two boys would collude to keep something like this away from Ruth or me. Usually, they took great pleasure in getting each other into trouble when they weren’t bickering. Perhaps this was a sign that they might finally be getting along.

James started to fit the ball stretcher, I watched as he grabbed Luke’s balls and pulled on them, hard. Luke protested about the pain, but James just told him to shut up and accept his punishment.

Luke’s balls looked quite large, his scrotum was stretched tight and resembled the skin of a freshly plucked chicken.

Despite all the manhandling of his junk, I noticed that his cock remained floppy, that is until James fitted the leather cock ring.

Luke and I winced in unison as James fastened the cock ring. I saw his cock swell as it forced blood into his cock and was so tight it would let it flow out again. With each beat of Luke’s heart, his cock became harder and harder until his cock was standing proud.

“Get it off! It hurts! It’s too tight.” Luke whined and tried to fumble with the clasp to release the pressure from his cock.

“Leave it alone!” James spat out and forcibly pulled Luke’s hands away from his groin.

James rose to his feet and retrieved something else from his bag of tricks. A pair of thick, black leather wrist cuffs.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back,” James ordered Luke. “He should be used to this by now.” James winked at me.

James fitted the cuffs and clipped them together.

Luke was now well and truly trussed up, he looked such a sight in his collar, cock and ball ring with his hands clasped behind his back in thick leather cuffs. His cock was still raging hard. His knob poking from his foreskin was moist and red.

I looked at Luke, and with his eyes, he begged me to release him, but he’d been a naughty boy and needed to learn some discipline.

James then dangled a lead in front of us. “Why not take him for a walk, Mark? Everyone needs some exercise.”

“Great Idea.” I smiled at James. “I’ll just go and put some clothes on.”

James came forward and grabbed my soft cock. “You don’t need to. You need to stop thinking about the old ways. Here you can walk around naked in public, we can even do this in public.”

James dropped to his knees and slid my soft fleshy cock into his mouth.

“Ergh, Dad!” Luke grimaced.

James let my soft cock slip from his lips. “Shut up, Boy, or I’ll fetch a ball gag from the car.”

I saw the fright in Luke’s eyes as he closed his mouth, then the sensation of James’ lips back on my cock. I wasn’t afraid to vocalise the pleasure that James was giving me as my cock inflated between his lips.

My son, Luke, kept his eyes on my cock as James fellated me. His eyes were glued to his dad’s cock as James sucked and licked me as I got ever closer to orgasm.

Luke’s cock was still rock hard, his red knob flaring begging to be stroked, but Luke couldn’t get his hands on himself. I noticed the occasional pull from his arms as he tried to release his wrists so he could touch himself.

I wanted to take pity on Luke and reach over to offer him some relief, but he didn’t deserve it, besides James was doing a fantastic job sucking me that most of my mind was focused on my cock.

I loved the way James’ cheeks puffed out as my thick cock stretched his mouth to its limit; he was an expert cocksucker. I almost shot my load when he allowed my bell end to slip into his throat, but he gave my balls a swift tug which brought me back from the brink.

Luke’s cock was leaking and dripping pre-cum onto the hallway carpet, his cock was anticipating that it would be next, or at least it wanted to be next. One light stroke and Luke’s cock was ready to blow. This must have been killing him.

I don’t think I could keep this up any longer. “James, I need to cum. Make me cum.” I begged.

James doubled his efforts on my cock, and it wasn’t long before I could feel my balls start to ache.

“Fuck, James!” I wheezed. I was getting closer.

Luke instinctively licked his lips, his cock dripped onto the carpet.


I was nearly there, nearly at that delicious point where my cock would explode and make me feel sublime.

James used his tongue to feather the underside of my helmet, he used his hands to pull my foreskin as far back as it could go, if it didn’t feel so good it would be painful as my frenulum was stretched and tugged at the underside of my glans.

“Fuck, James. I’m going to cum!” I warned him.

James kept his mouth wide open and stroked the shaft of my cock with one hand while he massaged my balls with the other.

My cock exploded and fired directly into his mouth if there were prizes for accuracy, then I deserved first place. Subsequent shots went off target and hit James on the chin and cheeks, my cum dribbled down his face.

James squeezed more cum from my shaft and collected it in the palm of his hand. He scooped up the cum from his face to add to the collection.

I smiled at James when I caught my breath.

He showed me the pool of cum on his palm and nodded to Luke. “With your permission, Mark?”

My smile turned into an evil grin. “Be my guest,” I told him.

James presented my cum to my son and told him to lap it up. Tentatively he stuck his tongue out and dipped the tip in my cum. He picked up a small drop and sucked it into his mouth.

“All of it, Luke.” James insisted.

The sight of my son lapping at my cum halted the wilting of my cock, and I could feel my blood flowing back into it; my hand caressed the inflating member as I watched Luke consume my cum.

My heart leapt in my chest as I heard a key in the front door. Ruth and Adam had come back.

“Ooh, Mark!” Ruth squealed at the shock of seeing me naked and stroking my thick cock.

Luke turned his back on Ruth in an attempt to protect his dignity. Adam laughed at the absurd scene that he had walked into.

“Good morning, Mrs Walker.” James greeted Ruth. “I think I should leave your good family now,” James said to me. “Bring the boy to the security office when you have finished with his restraints, he is a fine-looking boy, and I would like to know if the punishment has put him back on track. I’d hate to see such a beautiful boy follow the wrong path. I hope this is the start of his rehabilitation.”

“Thank you, James. I’ll be sure to drop by soon.”

When James left I told Ruth to go up to the bedroom and get ready for me, she could see that my cock was hard, so she knew I wanted to go up and fuck her brains out.

I now had to get rid of Adam and Luke.

I picked up Luke’s lead and gave it to Adam. “Take him for a walk and don’t come back for another hour.”

Adam took the leather lead and nodded.

“And don’t even think about releasing him, he is wearing these for a reason. If I find that you have unbound my son while out of this house I will make sure that you are next.”

“Y… Yes, Mark.”

The next hour went by far too quickly. I fucked Ruth sore, and when Adam and Luke got back, I was sure that Adam had followed my orders. Although I do suspect that Adam had given Luke some release as I noticed some dried cum on his belly.

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