Mark Embarrasses His Stepson
by David Heulfryn

Adam, my stepson, was out of the house when I got home from work, so his mother greeted me with a passionate kiss and lingering hug.

“What’s brought this on, Love?” I asked as I brought my arms around her body and grabbed her arse.

Ruth went on to tell me how she and Adam were visited by his new headmaster and sports coach. She described in excruciating detail how Adam stripped in front of them both and put on his jockstrap. The best part was when she described him getting hard and the Coach touching his bulge, making him cream his jock.

I would have loved to have seen that. Just imagining Adam standing there in a jockstrap got me hard.

Ruth noticed the larger than usual bulge in my work trousers and rubbed it.

“You know, Ruth. I think I still have my old jockstrap somewhere from when I used to play Rugby.”

She grabbed my arse and kissed me, thrusting her tongue down my throat.

“Then get your pert arse up the stairs and find it.”

I dashed up the stairs and started to rummage in my underwear drawer. I eventually found it rolled up with my socks. It was black, so it was nicely camouflaged with my black socks.

I stripped naked. My thick cock sticking out from an unruly bush of black pubes. I looked down and thought that they could do with a trim.

“Are you ready, Hun?” Ruth shouted up the stairs.

I quickly pulled on my black jock and tucked my hard cock into the pouch. It was evident that I was hard.

“I am now,” I yelled back and heard Ruth come up the stairs.

When she got to the bedroom, she saw me standing there with my jock barely confining my hard cock.

“Tut, tut, Mark. It looks like that jock isn’t giving you enough support.” She sat on the bed.”Come, stand in front of me and I’ll explain.”

I did as requested.

Ruth grabbed my cock through the fabric. “See. No support at all.” She frowned. “Now turn around.”

I did as she said.

“Now bend over, don’t bend your knees.”

I sucked in my slight belly and bent forward. Ruth twanged at the straps on my jock.”

“See, Mark. No support. It’s no wonder you weren’t any good at rugby if your tackle was flopping around everywhere in this poor excuse for a jockstrap.”

“Oi! You cheeky bitch.” I laughed. “I was quite good, I’d have you know.”

“I’m sure you think we were,” she smiled at me. “But I think we need to get you a proper jockstrap when we get Adam one.”

I was about to agree when I felt her breath on my exposed hole. Fucking hell that felt good. Next came the touch of her moist tongue as she lapped at my hole. She dug as deep as she could with her tongue and then pushed a finger inside. My cock lurched, and I groaned as she rubbed my prostate. She didn’t do this often, but I loved it when she did.

All pretence of a jock inspection went when she grabbed the waistband of my jock and pulled it down. I straightened my self up and turned around.

When my hard cock came into view, she opened wide and swallowed me until my pubes were tickling her nose.

She pulled off and sneezed.

Ruth didn’t blow me very often, so I very rarely trimmed my pubes.

I pushed Ruth backwards onto the bed and started to pull her clothes off, starting with her knickers and skirt. When she was naked, I aimed my cock at her cunt and pushed inside.

We groaned in unison.

Her hand went down and started to rub her clit while I ploughed her cunt.

Each time I thrust in, I could feel my balls smack against her, and her fingertips rub against my shaft.

Ruth was quick to get off as I felt her cunt tighten against my cock, she groaned and threw her head back in ecstasy as she gripped me tighter. I stayed inside her as her cunt rhythmically squeezed my cock as she orgasmed. I let her bask in the afterglow for a few seconds before I started fucking her again.

Her cunt felt even more slimy as I fucked her hard. Her hand went back to her clit. She wanted to come again.

I was desperate to come, just the once.

We were getting close, Ruth was panting again, and my balls started to ache.

I rammed her harder, her cunt gripped my cock again.

My balls twitched, and my bell-end throbbed.

She wrapped her legs around me, pressing me harder into her.

She stifled a scream. I grunted. And with one firm thrust, I stayed deep inside her while my cock exploded and pumped cum to smear her insides.

We kissed and remained entwined for a moment.

Then her bloody son, Adam, ruined it all.

“Mum!” He shouted as he came into the house.

Ruth pushed me off her and got her robe from the back of the bedroom door.

“Up here, Adam!” She shouted back, “I’m just going to have a bath.”

She left me lying on my back, on the bed, naked. My sticky cock nestled in my unruly pubes.

Then I had an evil idea.

I got up and slipped my black jockstrap back on. I went to the landing and shouted down the stairs.

“Adam!” I heard no response. “Adam! Can you come up here a moment! I need your help with something!”

I waited in the middle of the bedroom wearing nothing but my jockstrap, waiting for him come in.

As Adam enters, he sees me and stops dead in his tracks. His mouth gapes and his eyes look like they’re ready to pop out of his skull.

“Your mum told me about the Coach, and he says your jockstrap isn’t suitable. I thought about mine and was hoping you could take a look. I’ve always thought it was alright, but now I put it on again, I’m not so sure.”

Adam stared blankly at me, and I see his eyes fixed on my bulge. I feel my cock twitch, and if it’s possible, I see his eyes widen even further.

“Tell you what, Adam. Let’s go and put yours on so we can compare.”

Adam doesn’t move, so I go over to him, hold onto his shoulders and turn him around.

With a slap on his clothed backside, I tell Adam to get a move on, and we went into Adam’s room.

Adam’s room looked a mess. A typical teenagers room with clothes strewn everywhere.

“So, Mate. Where’s that old jock of yours.” I slap Adam on the shoulder and smile at him.

Adam stays dumbstruck, but I see his eyes glance over at his dirty linen basket.

“Ok, I’ll dig it out of the dirty linen, you strip off and get ready to put it on.”

Adam goes a shade of red that I have never seen.

“Go on, start taking off your clothes,” I said sternly and waited until he started to pull his t-shirt over his head.

Adam continues to strip while I rummage through his dirty clothes. I struggle to find it straight away, so start to pull each item of clothing out one by one and pile them on the floor.

Eventually, I found what looked like a greying rag. I picked it up. It was still damp with Adam’s cum, and when I squeezed it, his cum smeared over my hand.

I turned around and saw that Adam was now standing in just his boxer briefs. His hands were clasped together in front of him, trying to hide the bulge in his underwear.

“For this to be as wet as this, you must have shot a massive load.”

Adam cast his eyes downwards and blushed.

I took his damp jockstrap, pulled it back into shape and held it towards Adam so he could see it.

“Time to put it on, Adam. Don’t be shy. It’s just us guys; it’ll be like changing at the gym.”

I’d been married to his mum for 3 years, and I’d never seen him show much skin. He always took his clothes into the bathroom when he had a shower. But he’d seen me going to shower with just a towel wrapped around me. But this was new territory. He was down to his skivvies, and I was wearing nothing but a jockstrap and a smile.

Poor Adam looked terrified.

But he did what I told him.

He took his jockstrap from me and turn around. I was going to tell him to turn back, but I had a moment of kindness and decided to spare his blushes, for the moment at least.

His bare arse looked so cute; pert, round and hairless. As he bent over to pull his jockstrap up, I caught a glimpse of his balls dangling between his legs. I should have seen his cock as well, but I suspect it was hard.

I resisted the urge to stroke his sweet arse long enough for him to turn back around.

“I see what Coach meant,” I told him. “That pouch is doing nothing.” I reached over and cupped the damp pouch with the palm of my hand. I felt his cock through the fabric; it throbbed under my touch.

With my other hand, I cupped my package through my pouch. My cock throbbed in anticipation.

“I think mine is just as bad as yours.” I squeezed my cock and balls and rubbed them through the dark fabric. “Here, you have a feel. They’re not so different.” I released my bulge and waited for Adam to touch me.

Adam was very tentative, but he did eventually touch my bulge with his fingers. My cock immediately lurched, and I moaned.

His reflexes pulled his hand away as he heard my pleasure under his touch.

“Don’t stop, Adam. Check how the fabric doesn’t properly support me.”

Adam put his hand back, and I felt his fingers press against the shaft of my cock.

“Cup it properly.”

Adam did as I asked.

“Now give it a gentle squeeze.”

It felt good for me, and I wanted Adam to relax and also feel the same pleasure. My hand went back to cupping his bulge.

“You are nice and damp. I’m sure you’ve added some more pre-cum to that dirty pouch.”

Adam blushed and looked away.

I squeezed and rubbed his bulge, his cock was rock hard. I spread my fingers so that they rubbed along the shaft of his cock.”

“Oh, fuck.” Adam breathed.

I could feel his breath on my face as I moved closer to him.

Subconsciously Adam began to mimic my actions as his hand rubbed my bulge. My cock was as hard as his and I wanted to come as much as he did. The difference was that I knew it was going to happen and wouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed. I could feel Adam purposefully trying to hold back as he didn’t want to come in front of anyone else today, it was mortifying enough coming in front of his new Coach and mother. Now he was at risk of coming in front of me, his step-dad.

Adam’s touch on my bulge was light, I wanted him to feel harder, but I suspect this was the first time he had ever touched another guys package.

By rubbing Adam’s pouch, I began to tease the tip of his cock closer to the thin waistband. I imagined his foreskin skinning back as it pushed against the elastic. I say I imagined his foreskin as I just assumed his cock was intact. I’d never actually seen it before. I was hoping that I could confirm my suspicions in a few moments.

I looked down as I palpated his bulge, his rod now up to the waistband and poking against it. After a firm squeeze, I saw the tip of his cock emerge. It was a deep pink and glistened with moisture. It took another squeeze for me to see a clear drop of fluid emerge.

“That looks very enticing, Adam.”

He looked down to confirm what he felt, his bell end was now exposed.

Our eyes then met. I gave Adam a reassuring smile, but it didn’t relax him. Adam’s face just went even redder.

“Don’t worry, Adam. The next bit is the best.”

I pulled his jock down to halfway down his thighs. His cock lay flat against his belly, parting his red pubes. I couldn’t see Adam’s balls, they were drawn up so far it looked like he didn’t have any, just a small bump of wrinkled skin.

I took his cock in my hand and stroked him.

“Oh, shit!” Adam moaned.

Adam’s foreskin slid up and down his shaft like a well-oiled sheath. His cock was producing so much pre-cum, and what was not smearing over his cock, dripped onto his bedroom carpet.

I could feel Adam clench his buttocks, and he pushed his cock into my hand.

“Fuck… Fuck!” Adam’s body convulsed. He sucked in a breath and crunched his abdomen, what was once smooth was now concave, and his ribs protruded, sharply.

“Fuck… Stop!” Adam pleaded, but I knew it was an empty request, he wanted to cum, he needed to cum. If not now then the moment he was alone.

I chose now.

“Oh, god, Dad!” Adam squeaked, his voice betraying his youth.

I stroked faster now, and I felt his cock throb.

“Argh!” His cum shot out and hit him under his chin.

I carried on stroking. The next shot hit Adam’s right nipple.

“Oh, shit.” Adam carried on shooting cum over his body and over my hand.

Gradually his cock calmed down, and all I could hear was Adam panting.

I released his cock and licked the cum from my hand, Adam watched me, his breathing now slowing down to normal.

“Give me your jock,” I told Adam.

He dutifully complied and pulled it all the way to his feet, stepped out of it. He bent down and handed it to me and stepped back away from me.

The jock was still damp, and I screwed it into a ball.

“Come closer.”

Adam complied.

I took his jock and began to wipe up the cum that was clinging to his torso.

Then I stepped back.

Adam watched as I pulled my jock down and I let him take in my thick seven-inch cock and bushy black pubes. My balls hung low, and a slight shift of my weight from one foot to another made them swing beneath me.

I took Adam’s soiled jock and slipped my cock inside the folds of fabric.

I furiously wanked my cock until I came; my cum soaking into the fabric.

“I’m going to keep this.” I held up Adam’s jockstrap. “If you don’t mind.”

Adam shook his head.

“I think you need a shower.”

“But Mum’s in the bath.” He almost whispered.

“Doesn’t matter, Adam. I don’t think our family has any secrets now.”

I went to hug Adam, our bodies connecting like they had never connected before; we never hugged. “Thanks for calling me Dad. That means so much to me. But don’t feel like you have to all the time. Perhaps only when I make you cum.” I smiled at him.

“Ok, Mark.” He returned my smile, and I walked him into the bathroom.

Ruth never locked the door when she was in the bath, so we just barged in. We did surprise her, and she sat up when she noticed both of us were naked.

Adam didn’t look over at his mother, he just made for the shower cubicle and shut himself away from us.

I slipped into the bath with Ruth. We sat opposite each other, but beneath the bubbles, my big toe had found it’s way between her legs and was playing with her cunt. I loved it when she shuddered as I knew I had found her clit.

Ruth reciprocated, and her feet massaged my cock back to hard.

We forgot Adam was in the shower, just a few metres away.

Ruth and I carried on wanking each other underneath the water, beneath the scented bubbles. We both came as silently as we could. I knew damn well that Adam tossed another one out in the shower.

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