Luke Has A Special Goodbye for Adam
by David Heulfryn

I’d spent two weeks staying with my dad and his new family. I was part of his old family and dad was taking me back to my mum’s tomorrow. When my parents split up, I hated my dad for breaking up the family, and when he started dating Ruth and eventually moved in with and her son, Adam. I hated him even more. But that was about a year ago now, and my initial harsh feelings have mellowed. I reconciled with Dad and shall we say I just about tolerated his new family. I was perfectly civil to his new girlfriend, and now wife and her son was just a pain in the arse. I think he wanted me to be some sort of older brother for him, but I wasn’t going to do that, so I kept him at arm’s length.

But things totally changed when Dad changed jobs and moved into a new town called Cockaigne.

Our whole relationship changed, my dad changed, and Ruth changed. It took a little longer but her son, Adam, changed too.

I think I changed as well.

Nudity was now the norm around the house; everyone now slept naked, and my dad and Ruth were having a lot more sex than usual. Well, they were being a lot less discreet about having sex. Adam used to be mortified whenever he heard them fucking, but I think he had got used to it now as he didn’t seem that bothered too much about it anymore.

Sure, the thought of my dad having sex didn’t thrill me, and I certainly didn’t want to hear it, but I am old enough to understand his urges. And when I saw the size of his cock, I could understand why Ruth wanted to have it thrust deep inside her as often as she could get it. And recently it seemed to be every night.

Adam and I would be lying in our beds in his room as we would hear them fucking. I think most of the time, Adam was asleep, but I would lie awake listening to them. My cock would get hard, and I was desperate to wank myself off, but I didn’t dare with Adam being so close. I didn’t dare get up and go to the bathroom either as I didn’t want my dad to know I could hear them and enjoyed it so much I had to toss one out over the toilet.

No, I had to grin and bear it and try to get to sleep with a massive hard-on that was begging me to stroke it, and balls that ached to be drained. I would often wait until the morning to surreptitiously wank to the memory of them fucking until I came into the bathroom sink.

I never heard Adam wanking in his bed when he thought I would be asleep, and I never caught him wanking in the bathroom. He was either brilliant at not getting found out, or he never masturbated.

He was fourteen, and I could never believe the later. When I was fourteen, I was wanking myself silly and would only take a few days off when my cock was red raw from excessive self-abuse.

I’d never actually seen Adam naked. He was always careful not to expose himself to me. That was until two days ago.

The night after Adam came back from his doctor’s appointment, he slept naked. I wasn’t expecting it, so didn’t really pay much attention to him when he went to bed. It was only when I saw his naked arse disappear under his duvet, I realised he had stripped right in front of me, and I never noticed.

Our relationship had got so much better recently. My dad had punished me and trussed me up; he put a cock ring on me and something that pulled on my balls which made them ache, constantly. My cock was rock hard all the time I had that cock ring on, but I couldn’t touch myself to give me some relief. I noticed the way Adam looked at me, it was a look of pity, and I felt that I had let him down. I never wanted to be his big brother or some sort of role model for him, but it wasn’t until that moment that I realised just how Adam felt about me mattered.

Adam looked after me while I was bound. He took care of most of my needs. When my dad told him to take me for a walk, like a dog on a lead, he looked at my hard and angry cock. The moment we were alone, he offered to help me cum. He knew how much I needed it, and it was something he didn’t have to do. I’m betting that Adam hadn’t touched anyone else’s dick before and I felt ashamed that my predicament had caused him to offer to do something he’d never done before.

I didn’t want Adam to touch my dick, but the aching in my balls and my angry bell-end demanded release. So, with my eyes closed and a sense that I’d lost something else inside me, I asked him to touch me, to wank me so that I could cum.

Adam reached out and wrapped his fingers around my dick. That was all it took for my dick to explode. I came so hard that Adam jumped backwards to avoid my cum splattering his clothes.

The release allowed my dick to soften slightly, but I never went completely soft. The release never eased the constant ache in my balls.

Adam, being a good boy then took me for a walk around the village and tried to avoid places where other people would see me. He wasn’t always successful, though. We didn’t talk much during the walk, and we never talked about him making me cum.

During the walk we met a curious boy called Trent. He seemed to take a liking to Adam and Adam allowed his new friend to make me cum, he used a feather which felt amazing but I was so embarrassed when I came in front of a stranger.

It was Adam that finally released me from my bonds. I hugged him that day, and I actually felt something for him. For that moment I loved him.

I’d never come out as gay, but that ship would soon sail as I had grown to love Adam, and not as a step-brother; or even a brother.

The start of the school year was now fast approaching, and my dad was taking me back to my mum’s tomorrow.

I decided to open up to Adam on my last night when we were told to go to bed. Dad and Ruth went to bed at the same time and were soon fucking each other’s brains out, as usual.

For the first time, we watched each other undress.

“Adam.” I broke the silence between us. “I want to thank you. You have been so good to me these last few weeks when you didn’t have to be.”

“That’s alright.” Adam pulled off his t-shirt and was now bare-chested.

“No, I mean it. I’ve not always been the nicest to you, but these last few days you have shown yourself to be a beautiful, caring boy.” I had already taken off my shirt and was now unbuttoning my jeans.

Adam blushed at my compliment, not being used to hearing them from me.

“You could have been a right bastard to me, and I wouldn’t have blamed you if you were.” I stepped out of my jeans and stood only wearing a tight pair of white briefs. “If things were the other way round, I’m ashamed to say I might not have been as nice to you as you were to me.”

Adam sat on his bed and pushed his jeans down his legs, they were tight and hugged his skinny legs. “Swear these jeans were never this tight,” Adam said, trying to change the subject as he felt embarrassed about the beautiful things I was saying about him.

“You’re growing up, Adam.” I smiled at him and pulled down my briefs and kicked them across the room at him. They landed on Adam’s chest, and he brought his hands up to catch them as they were falling to the floor.

I laughed, and Adam smiled at me.

“You’re not having these back.” Adam sniffed my pants and then tucked them under his pillow.

Adam pulled off his boxer briefs and threw them at me. “Here, you can have these. Something to remember me by when you are back with your mum.”

I smiled at Adam. “I don’t need anything to remind me of you. You are always in my mind. I think you are beautiful, I love the deep red of your hair, the freckles on your shoulders, the way your cheeks redden whenever I pay you a compliment. And now I have seen you naked, your fiery red pubes look delicious. From now on, I will call them your fire pubes.”

On cue, Adam blushed.

“You have a cute little dick.” I stammered. “N… Not little, I don’t mean that you’re small. It’s perfect. Your dick looks perfect to me.”

I cast my eyes downward, not wanting Adam to see just how vulnerable I was now feeling.

“Adam, I’ve never said this to anyone before,” I paused, and Adam waited silently for me to finish my sentence. “Adam, I think I’m gay. And I think I’m in love with you.”

Adam crossed his room and hugged me. Tears rolled down my face and wet his shoulder. I wished I could take a picture of us, two teenaged boys, naked and arms entwined, hugging each other with love emanating from their bodies.

I pulled away from Adam and looked longingly into his face. I leant forward and kissed him on the lips.

“Sorry,” I whispered to Adam as our lips parted. “I didn’t mean to…”

“No, Luke.” Adam interrupted me. “It’s fine, I don’t mind. I liked it. And I like you.” He paused. “Now!” He laughed.

I smiled back at him, and we hugged again. My naked body was crushed against his, and this time my dick started to inflate.

“I don’t want anything to come between us.” Adam grinned. “And I can feel something between us now.”

Adam let me go and looked down at my dick which was now poking him in the groin. Adam was still soft.

The sound of my dad and Ruth fucking came through the walls again.

“Doesn’t listening to that make you fucking horny?” I asked Adam.

“It does.” Adam reached down and grabbed his soft cock and began to wank himself until he was hard.

Adam released his hard cock. “Do you still think it’s little?” he asked.

I was now looking at his hard cock for the first time. It was perfectly straight and must have been about six inches long. His knob was still covered by his foreskin, but I could see the ridges of his bell end.

“It’s beautiful,” I said and sank to my knees.

I reached out for his cock and stroked his foreskin down the shaft to reveal his knob. I leant forward and kissed his bare bell end. Adam gasped as my lips opened and I sucked in his knob.

Adam put his hands on my head to steady himself. “Fucking hell, Luke. That feels fucking amazing.” I’d never heard such foul language from Adam. It seems a mouth around his cock broadened his vocabulary and sent it into the gutter.

I let his cock slip from my lips.

“You are brill at this,” Adam told me. “I bet you’ve had loads of practice.”

I stood up and kissed him on the lips. “No, you’re my very first.”

Adam smiled at me. “Then you must be a natural.”

“I think it’s because of you. You make me the best I can be.” I kissed Adam again.

I ran my hands through Adam’s hair and kissed him on the forehead. “Lie down, Adam. I want to kiss your whole body.”

“I wish I could take a photograph of you. You look beautiful.” I knelt beside Adam and ran my fingers over his smooth skin. I tweaked his nipple and made him wince. The cold night air had made his nubs harden, and I leant forward to suck on them. My tongue played with his firm nipple then I started to nibble on it with my teeth. I grabbed Adam’s hard cock and could feel it throb each time my tongue touched his nipple.

I heard Adam suck in air between his clenched teeth, thinking this was a sign he was getting close, I gave his nipple a rest and started to sniff his armpit.

“You smell gorgeous.” I took in a deep breath.

I twirled his fine armpit hair with my fingers, gently pulling on them. His hairs were mainly blond with a slight reddish tinge to them. As he grew older, I would expect them to go the deep red of his fire pubes.

My hand had left his cock and was playing with his fire pubes. I brought my face to them and buried my nose in them. I enjoyed them tickling me; they felt harsh and wiry against the tip of my nose.

I felt some spittle drool from my lips and into his pubes. I licked them, dampening them.

“What are you doing, Luke?” Adam lifted his head to see what I was up to.

“I’m licking and tasting your fire pubes. They taste salty, you taste salty. Have you been cumming over your pubes and not cleaning up properly? I hope so, I hope it’s your dried cum I’m tasting. I want to leave here with a piece of you inside me.”

Adam’s balls were loose and dangled between his legs, I pulled on the few wisps of hair that grew on his ball sac. I accidentally pulled one out.

Adam gasped at the slight pain.

“Sorry, Adam.” I let his pubic hair fall from my fingers and onto his bed.

I sucked in one of Adam’s testicles into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue, my hand gripped his cock again. It now felt clammy as his precum had smeared down his shaft. I gave it a quick tug which caused Adam to moan.

Adam’s testicle slipped from my lips, and I sucked in his other one. He started to writhe on the bed, pushing his arse into the mattress, twisting his hips and digging in his elbows to lift his torso. Adam arched his back and hissed in pleasure.

I didn’t want to torture him for much longer, he wanted to cum, and I wanted to taste his cum.

I released Adam’s testicle from my lips and sucked down his cock until it hit the back of my throat. I rolled his balls around in the palm of my hand and pulled them, firmly, when I thought we were getting to close. My other hand played with his fire pubes, twirling and pulling on them.

Adam thrust upwards, his arse leaving the mattress, he was trying to get his cock deeper into my mouth. But his knob was knocking against the back of my throat, my saliva smoothing his shaft and dribbling down my chin.

It was as I tried to swallow my spit that Adam thrust forward again, and this time it slipped down my throat. Adam almost screamed with delight as my oesophagus wrapped around his knob. I got over my initial shock of the invader down my throat and was determined to keep in as far inside me as it would go. I tried to breathe but struggled. I breathed through my nose, which made it more comfortable. Adam kept driving deeper into me, and I pushed harder into him, my nose now getting deliciously tickled again by his fire pubes.

We kept on thrusting and pushing against each other, Adam panted, and I gasped. My spit was dribbling profusely down my chin, into his fire pubes and over his balls.

Adam thrust faster, his hips pounding the bed each time, it looked like he was having a seizure, but the sounds of pleasure coming from his mouth reassured me that he was alright. Adam was making sure he was going to cum and there was nothing I could do to stop him so I just kept my head still in anticipation of the inevitable.

I could now hear screams and the pounding of his fists on the bed, Adam was getting close.

I let him use me, to fuck my face, and I wanted him to cum. His bell end was buried in my throat when he finally came. He thrust hard and deep and then froze. I grabbed onto his buttocks, holding them high off the bed and keeping Adam’s cock deep in my throat.

Adam lay panting as his cock throbbed in my throat, his cum shooting directly into my stomach. I wanted a taste, so I pulled my head back and felt my throat close now it was no longer filled with cock.

I caught the last few shots in my mouth and started sucking Adam’s knob to drain it. I gently lowered his arse back onto the mattress and swallowed the few drops of cum I had managed to collect in my mouth.

I kissed Adam goodnight and draped his duvet over him.

Seconds later, I could hear that Adam was asleep.

I got into my own bed, curled up and drifted off. My dick was soft, and I never came. It was all about Adam that night, and I am proud to say that he was my first.

The next morning, I had to get up early, so my dad could take me back to my mothers. Adam stayed in bed, so I kissed him on the cheek and said my goodbyes.

I even hugged Ruth as we were leaving, which I think shocked her and my dad.

When we were on the road, my dad asked if I was looking forward to going home.

“I suppose,” I mumbled.

“You’ve really changed a lot from the time you have spent with us. You’re more grown-up. I like the new you.”

“I’ve enjoyed myself.”

“I think you and Adam get on better now.”

“Yeah, he’s a good kid,” I told him.

“I think you and Adam had a very good time last night.” My dad momentarily looked at me and then back at the road.

I smiled at looked out the passenger side window. Dad and Ruth had heard Adam’s intense orgasm and assumed it was because of me. And they were right.

“Yeah, me and Adam are good mates now.”

Part of me didn’t want to go home, I wanted to stay with my dad and Adam. For a few moments, before we left, I felt truly happy. I loved my mum but what I really wanted now was to stay with dad and Adam.

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