Leo Takes Care of his Father
by David Heulfryn

It was getting late, I was sitting in the lounge watching an old seventies sitcom about an eccentric hotelier, it was hilarious. My father let us watch it when we were younger, and I loved watching over again ever since. No matter how many times I watched, it would still give me belly laughs.

Archie was upstairs in his room doing who knows what. I had no idea where Dad was. If I’d actually looked at the time, I might have started to get concerned. When he’d left, he was only supposed to be gone about an hour, he had now been gone over three hours.

My eyes stayed glued to the television, and even though I knew what was coming when the man said it, I laughed loudly.

Then I heard a heavy clang at the front door, and it slammed against the wall. I leapt to my feet, thinking someone was breaking in, but Dad staggered into the lounge.

“Fucking hell!” I exclaimed as I saw he was naked and unsteady on his feet.

He looked dirty, with grazes on his knees and down his right arm, his hands were tied behind his back.

“Dad!” I put my arm around him, holding him up and walking him to the sofa. “What the fuck happened?”

He collapsed on the sofa, leaning to the side, almost lying down.

This was fucking déjà vu, a few weeks ago a young lad walked in here naked and collapsed on the sofa, now it was my father.

Dad didn’t say anything, it looked like he was going to sleep.

I dashed to the bottom of the stairs and yelled. “Archie! Archie! Come down, Dad’s hurt!”

I heard movement, Archie opened his bedroom door. He stood at the top of the stairs in just his boxers. He looked at me.

“What’s up?” He asked.

“Dunno, Dad’s come home naked and grazed.” I noticed the front of Archie’s boxers was tented, he was obviously busy doing what any typical teenager does when he’s alone in his room.

I went back to Dad, and I heard Archie bound down the stairs.

“What happened, Dad? Are you alright?” I knelt on the floor so that I was close to him;.

Archie almost pushed me out the way, concerned for our father.

“Dad! What happened.” He said.

He groaned.

“I’m calling an ambulance and the police.” He told Dad.

“No!” Dad jerked his head up and opened his eyes. “No, don’t.”

“What happened?” Archie lowered his voice.

“I’m alright.” Dad took in a deep breath as we waited for him to continue. “I just fell over walking home. Some idiot from security caught me without a brake light and did this to me.” He flexed his arms, lifting his bound hands slightly.

“I’ll get a knife.” I went to the kitchen and got a carving knife, it was the first thing that came to hand.

I struggled to cut the plastic and release his hands. I managed it eventually.

“Scissors would have been better you doofus,” Archie sounded disappointed in me, “they’re right next to that fucking knife.”

I admit that I was panicked, but I was doing the best I could. How many seventeen-year-old guys do you know would keep their head when they find their father naked and bound.

Now free, Dad sat up straight on the sofa.

“This is my punishment.” He spoke flatly, dejected. I’d never heard such defeat in his voice before.

Archie was getting angry, “But we don’t fucking live in Cockaigne!”

“I was caught in Cockaigne. Leave it be, Archie. I just need to rest. I’ll think about what we do in the morning. I don’t want either of you you doing something stupid.” Dad looked at Archie and then at me.

“You need to get cleaned up, Dad,” I said.

“Archie,” Dad looked at him. “Go get the spare car keys and ride out on Leo’s bike to pick the car up, it’s on the main road near the turn-off to the leisure centre.”

“Sure, Dad.” Archie was stood up and was about to get dressed when our father tried to get to his feet.

“I’m going to take a bath and then go to bed. I feel shattered.”

“Hang on, Dad,” Archie said and then started to organise us again.

I was sent upstairs to run Dad a bath while Archie made sure he got upstairs safe. I was checking the temperature of the water, deciding it was slightly too hot and added a little more cold water when Archie and Dad came into the bathroom. For the first time, I really noticed my father’s naked body and the metal ring around his cock and balls.

“What’s that on your cock?” I asked.

Archie moved to look, we both stared at him. His cock looked massive, half-hard at least as it was lifted away from his balls. His foreskin was partially retracted, and the head that poked out looked dry and wrinkled. His balls looked swollen, his skin stretched.

“It’s a cock ring,” Dad sighed, “they put it on me.”

“Should we take it off?” I asked.

“No!” Dad’s eyes widened at the thought. “I have to keep it on, or they will know, no matter where I am, and if it comes off, then they will punish me again.”

“Shit, Dad!” Archie was getting angry. “That place is fucked up! I’m gonna make sure someone pays for this!”

“Don’t you fucking do anything, Archie!” Dad was adamant. “I don’t want the same, or worse, to happen to you. They threatened me with 3C. I don’t want to see you in there. And if we are not careful they’ll put you in there.”

“Ok, Dad.” Archie shuddered at the thought of 3C. He’d heard the stories about the prison, we all had. It was not a place anyone wanted to go to.

We held onto Dad’s arms as he stepped into the bath and slowly lowered himself into the water.

Archie pulled me out of the bathroom. “Stay with him.”

I nodded.

“He looks broken.” Archie looked over my shoulder at our father in the bath. He was submerged in the water, his head leaning on the side of the bath, his eyes closed. “I don’t want him to do anything stupid.” I nodded again, “that place has caused him so much pain he might go either way.”

I knew what Archie was hinting at, and I hated the thought of both. The image of Dad hurting himself almost brought a tear to my eye, and then the thought of him going into Cockaigne with his shotgun made me shudder.

“Dad!” Archie raised his voice to get his attention. “I’m going to get dressed and then fetch the car.”

“Ok,” Dad said.

“He looks knackered,” Archie observed. “You might need to help him clean up.”

“Sure,” I told him and then held onto his arm as he was about to turn away. “Archie, don’t you do anything stupid either. Let’s just get through tonight and see how things look in the morning.”

Archie nodded and then went to get dressed. I watched his fleshy cheeks jiggle inside his boxers as he went into his bedroom. I went back to Dad, in the bathroom and knelt next to the bath.

I looked at Dad, and for the first time in my life, I felt sorry for him. He lay still, and I was mesmerised by his breathing, his chest inflating and deflating. In the distance, I heard the front door close as Archie left to fetch the car.

Dad didn’t move. I reached to grab the sponge and the shower gel. I squirted some gel onto the sponge and dipped it in the water to wet it. Slowly, I rubbed the sponge over Dad’s chest, creating a lather that matted his chest hair. I noticed his nipples hardened as I scrubbed him.

“Thanks,” Dad whispered and sunk lower into the water, raising his feet and resting them on the lip of the bath by the taps.

I added more soap to the sponge and cleaned his legs. He winced when I scrubbed the graze on his knee. I slowed down and gently dabbed the red area, specks of black dirt came off and floated in the water. Now it was cleaner, it looked more red, but at least it was clean. I did the same to his other knee.

“That feels nice,” Dad whispered as I continued my delicate task of cleaning him.

I was almost finished, he seemed better, and I looked at the one part of him I hadn’t washed yet.

His cock still looked half-hard and was floating in the water, swaying with the ripples I made. I plunged the sponge into the water and rubbed his groin, both sides of his cock. I felt the metal cock ring. I thought it looked uncomfortable.

I let go of the sponge and let it float in the water. Using both my hands, I grabbed the cock ring on each side and started to pull, trying to pull it off. It wasn’t working, I was just pulling his balls further away from his body. I tried to push one of his balls through the ring, but it made Dad groan in pain.

Then he suddenly raised his head. “Stop! I said we can’t take it off!”

I released the ring, and it settled back in place.

Dad relaxed again, and I noticed that his cock was now hard.

My eyes were glued to it.

I grabbed the sponge again and pretended to clean him again, this time rubbing over his cock. I quickly gave up the pretence and the sponge and wrapped my soapy fingers around it. I stroked it.

“That feels so nice,” Dad whispered, and his muscles relaxed, he let out a deep sigh as my hand caressed his exposed knob.

My cock was rock hard inside my jeans, constrained in the thick, unforgiving fabric. I wanted to release it, but my hands were wet, and my father was enjoying my touch too much for me to want to disappoint him.

I recognised the signs. Dad was about to cum. I wanted to see him cum, I wanted to see his white seed spew into the murky water.

I started to stroke faster, bringing him ever closer to orgasm. He was panting, and his legs muscles tightened.

Then he screamed in agony. Just as he was about to come, he bent double and grabbed his balls.

I pulled my hands away, splashing my tee-shirt as they emerged from the water.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, concerned.

“I felt this unbelievable stabbing pain in my balls, it’s gone now. It was when I felt I was going to cum.” He lay back down in the bath, his hands still caressing his aching balls.

Dad’s cock had now gone back to his now normal semi-soft state. He finally let go of his balls.

“Can you just take a look, see if they are ok.”

I took hold of his cock and moved it out the way, visually they looked fine, a little large, but I had no idea if they were usually that size. I then felt each testicle in turn. There was nothing untoward about them, and my touch didn’t cause Dad any pain or discomfort. In fact, the reaction I got was from his cock, it hardened again. It was tempting to touch it again, to stroke it, but I didn’t want to cause him any more pain to his balls. There seemed to be some kind of feedback loop that whenever he came too close to cumming, his balls felt like they were being ripped from his body and prevented his orgasm.

Dad rested, and I stared at his hard cock, I watched it slowly shrink, and his foreskin cover his leathery knob.

I grabbed a towel. “Dad. Don’t fall asleep in there. I need to get you to the bedroom.”

Dad groaned and stood up. It seemed his strength was coming back, and he was more steady on his feet.

I pulled the plug and started to try his body as the water drained. I suspect he could have dried himself, but I didn’t give him the option. I wanted my hands back on his body.

He got hard again, and I was proud that he felt unashamed that his teenage son could make his cock so hard, I swear I also saw it throb.

I couldn’t make it last any longer without it feeling awkward for both of us. Dad was dry and still hard. I led him to his bedroom, pulled back his covers, and he lay down. I draped the sheets over his body, and he closed his eyes, instantly falling asleep.

With my father safely covered in bed, my body screamed at me as I felt my balls ache and my cock throb and push hard against my jeans.

I needed to touch myself, so I dashed out of the room, and on the landing, I fumbled with my jeans and pushed them down to my knees. My cock was tenting my boxers, but it still wasn’t satisfied, it needed to be free. I pushed my boxers down to meet my jeans, and I grabbed my cock.

It took two quick stroked before my balls pulled tight against my body, my cock throbbed and pulsated, and I shot cum over the landing carpet.

I leant on the bannister rail, resting myself, my hand still on my cock when I heard the front door open.

Archie was home, and he must have heard me grunting on landing as he poked his head up the stairs.

He saw me with my cock in hand and a string of cum dribbling from my raw knob.

“What the fuck is going on, Leo?” He asked.

“Did you see the size of Dad’s cock. I had to look at it all the time he was in the bath.” I fumbled to stuff my softening cock back into my boxers and pulled my jeans back up. “It got me so fucking horny.”

“Well, I noticed you don’t take after him.” Archie teased looking at my covered crotch.

“And I suppose you’re hung like dad?”

Archie squeezed his crotch. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Fuck off,” I told him and went downstairs.

We sat in the living room, in silence for a moment.

“What do we do, Archie? This is so fucked up.” I looked at the carpet.

“I dunno.” He sighed. “We need to keep a close eye on Dad for the next few days and help out as much as we can.”

“I agree. But what about Cockaigne?”

“I dunno.” Archie shrugged, “I suggest we give it a wide berth for a while, avoid them, especially those bastard security officers.”

I sighed and closed my eyes. “I’m knackered, Archie.” I looked over to him. “I think I’m going to turn in.”

I stood up and made for the door.

“I’ll stay up for a bit, my head is too busy for me to sleep. I just need time to process what the hell as gone off.”

“Sure thing, Arch. Night.”

I went upstairs and poked my head around our father’s bedroom door. He looked fast asleep, the sheets had slipped down his body and now only covered his legs.

I heard him snore for a moment and then just his breathing.

I went in to cover him up again, and I noticed that his cock was rock hard and lying across the mattress as he lay on his side.

I licked my lips when I saw it and was tempted to reach down and touch it. From the tip, a small pearl of precum had dribbled onto the sheet.

My cock stirred and poked at my jeans. I grabbed my crotch and squeezed, but my cock needed more attention.

I pulled up the sheets to cover Dad and left him to sleep.

In my room, I quickly stripped off my clothes and stood naked and hard. I grabbed my hard cock and let out a groan.

Usually, I would sleep in my boxers, even when I intended having a wank, but tonight I felt the urge to sleep naked, like my father.

Before I could go to sleep, I lay exposed on my bed and wanked my hard cock. My mind replayed images of my father, naked, as I stroked. My balls ached, and I shot a huge load onto my chest as I imagined my hand back on my father’s cock while he was in the bath, wanking him until he came. This time, in my mind, his cock throbbed, and he spewed his thick cream into the bathwater as my cock shot cum along my chest.

Tired, I turned over onto my side and brought up my knees. I lay confused about what had happened. Not about what happened to Dad, but what happened to me when I saw him naked, and I had to bathe him. I’d never, ever, wanked over Dad’s naked body, my go-to image was a cute girl from college I was building up the courage to ask out on a date. But now it was my dad in my mind’s eye, his thick meaty cock, that made me cum.

I soon fell asleep on top of my bed as my brain attempted to make sense of what I had been thinking.

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