Leo Finally Has His Fun with Freddie
by David Heulfryn

When Dad got home, I bound down the stairs to speak to him, Archie followed. Dad was in the kitchen, washing his hands.


He turned to look at me and then noticed Archie catch up with me.

“Not you as well, Archie!” Dad gasped as he saw that Archie was stark bollock naked like I was.

“I’ve decided to support my little brother.” Archie kissed me on the head. He made me feel so special. “It’s not so bad. I think I’m beginning to enjoy it and I can see the benefits.”

Dad tutted and then looked at me. “What do you want, Leo?”

“Well, me and Freddie are going to the pool tomorrow, Archie has agreed to come too. Andy will also be there. I thought…” I looked at the floor, demurely, “I wondered if you’d like to come with us.” Dad opened his mouth to speak, but I quickly jumped in. “It will be nice to do things as a family, we’ve done nothing together for ages, and it will show that you have truly forgiven them for what happened, it’ll be like we can all be friends. What do you think, Dad?”

“Take a breath, Leo.” Archie joked as I spoke so fast. I was excited at the thought of us all going.

“I don’t know, Leo. I don’t mind burying the hatchet but going out my way to be friends with them? It does seem a bit much.”

“But you were friendly when Andy was here,” I whined. We loved having him, despite him being punished, it was like having a proper big brother.” I grinned at Archie who just punched me lightly in the ribs. I giggled.

“I’ll think about it. I can’t say fairer than that.”

“Thanks, Dad.” I hugged him. “I knew you would be ok with it.”

“I suppose it is in Cockaigne.”

I grinned and nodded my head.

And you and Freddie will be naked.

I grinned again. “And Archie too.” I blurted out.

“Not you too, Archie.” Dad groaned. “I at least thought you’d keep a modicum of dignity.”

“There’s nothing undignified about being naked, Dad. I’m really starting to like it.” Archie reasoned.

“Well if I go, I’m wearing trunks,” Dad said.

I jumped and hugged Dad again, tighter this time. “I knew you’d agree. And you won’t look out of place. Freddie says about half the people there wear swimsuits.” I let go of him and grinned at him. “I’m going to tell Freddie; he’s going to be so excited.” I ran upstairs to call him.

“What the fuck have I just agreed to?” I heard Dad mutter to Archie.


I felt like a little kid on Saturday morning. I burst into Archie’s room, waking him up, telling him we had to be ready in three hours.

“Fucking hell, Leo.” He wiped the sleep from his eyes. “There’s nothing to do, just chuck some towels into a bag.”

I jumped on his bed and snuggled next to him, my naked body pressed against the contours of his body with only a sheet separating us. “Are you still going naked like you promised?”

“Only after a lot of badgering by you.” He sighed. “But yes, I’ll still be going naked.”

I hugged him tightly and started to jiggle him.

“Get off!” Archie tried to wriggle free and ended up twisting so that I was now underneath him with him lying on top of me.

He flung the sheets from his body and grabbed my arms, raising them over my head. I giggled and wriggled underneath him.

“I need a pee and need some breakfast.” Archie climbed off me, and I noticed his hard cock as he went to the bathroom.

I followed him and watched as he peed into the toilet.

“I like your cock.” I said matter-of-factly. “It’s bigger than Freddie’s and thicker, I think. His foreskin isn’t as long as yours.”

Archie had finished peeing and was now just stroking the last few drops of the end.

“I don’t think mine will get as big as yours.” I looked down at my cock, which was getting hard. “Not that I mind, I think mine suits me. What do you think?”

I posed for Archie, waiting for him to finish washing his hands.

“You have a beautiful cock, Leo.” Archie sighed.

“Be serious,” I whined.

“Ok.” Archie took a long look at my cock. It grew totally hard. “It’s in proportion, not too big and not too small. If I were so inclined, it would be a good size to fit in my mouth.”

“Freddie thinks so.”

“I also like you shaved. You look so much cuter.”

“Thanks, Archie.”

We left Dad in bed a little while longer while we had breakfast, we both sat munching through our toast as we sat next to each other in front of the television.

I gulped mine down quickly and looked over at Archie. I was getting a serious crush on him and thought about grabbing his cock and even sucking him off again.

The sound of Dad stomping around upstairs stopped me doing anything. I grabbed my phone and texted Freddie. He was also up. He wrote that his Mum was coming too.

I was pleased. At least Dad might not get too bored if they could talk or swim together.


We met at the Cockaigne Leisure Centre car park. Freddie said they hadn’t been waiting long when we turned up. All three of them were naked, like Archie and me. Only my Dad wore clothes which I think made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

Freddie and I hugged each other; the others said a polite hello. Freddie started to run towards the doors, I chased after him, leaving the others behind and walking to catch us up.

“Don’t go in without us,” Dad shouted. “We don’t want to lose you.”

When we reached the doors, we impatiently waited for them to join us.

“You guys are fine,” Dad said. “But where do I put my clothes when we get in?”

“Don’t worry; there are lockers in there for clothes and towels,” Marcia said and took him by the arm. “Come I’ll show you.”

I was surprised we didn’t need to pay, but the young man on the desk seemed to know the Noble family, he just waved us through.

“Come on, Dad, can we go in now. I’m dying to go down the slides with Freddie.” I asked him once we were in the locker room.

“Ok but keep an eye out for us and check in once in a while. I want to know you are both safe.”

“Ok, Dad,” I called back to him as Freddie was leading me out to the massive adventure pool.

The moment we jumped in, we heard a loud claxon.

“It’s the wave machine!” Freddie yelled and jumped on top of me as the water started to sway back and forth gently. The waves got stronger and higher. Freddie fell off me, backwards into the water, he came up spraying water out of his mouth and into my face. I laughed, and a wave fit me, forcing me into him. Around us, others were bumped around and into each other as the waves forced us up and down and sideways.

The waves eased, and Freddie yelled that we were going on the water slides.

It was a high climb to the top, and we had to wait until we reached the front of the queue.

“On your own or together?” The bored lifeguard asked Freddie.

Freddie looked at me, and we said “Together!” in unison.

Freddie sat on the edge of the slide, and I pulled myself behind him wrapping my arms around him so that we’d stay together.

“Go.” The lifeguard said as the light above us turned green.

I shuffled forward, grinding my crotch into Freddie’s back. Freddie tried to shuffle along, and soon he was pulling me over the edge, and we careered down, both of us screaming as we went.

When we hit the pool at the bottom, we scrambled out and dashed back up the stairs for another go. I was panting as we got to the top.

The slide was exhilarating, and I can’t remember how many times we went down. I needed a break eventually, so we went back into the main pool and swam to the side at the deep end. We held on as our feet didn’t touch the floor.

Freddie inched closer to me and pressed his lips to mine. With his free arm, he cradled my head, pushing me closer to him. My free arm went around his back and pulled his body against mine.

My mouth opened up, and our tongues tasted each other. I could feel my cock getting harder. I let go of the side of the pool and wrapped myself around Freddie, who also let go to hold me tight.

As we kissed our bodies sank lower into the water, totally submerging us. We swirled as we went further down, the eddies and currents moving our bodies.

I felt my feet touch the floor, and I opened my eyes. I pushed against the bottom with my feet and propelled us upwards, and our heads soon shot out of the water.

We broke apart as we gasped for air, our hands scrambled to grab hold of the side again.

Freddie hauled himself up and out of the pool. I had a fantastic view of his arse as he lifted his foot onto the side, spreading open his cheeks and showing me his pink pucker.

My cock throbbed.

It was when he turned around that I noticed his cock was also hard. He held out a hand and helped pull me out of the pool.

“Follow me,” Freddie said, and I followed his wet smooth arse cheeks as he led me back to the locker room.

He took me straight to the showers. I thought he’d had enough and wanted to go home, but he pulled me close and started to kiss me again. This time his hand reached down for my cock, and he stroked me as we kissed.

After my practice session with Archie the other day, I became more assertive and reached for Freddie’s cock. It felt so smooth in the palm of my hand; his silky foreskin glided smoothly up and down his firm shaft.

This time I took the lead, broke the kiss and slid down his body to my knees. His cock was staring me in the face, and I embraced it with both hands, worshipping the smooth pole.

“Leo, you don’t have to.” I heard Freddie say to me, but I ignored him. I wanted to. This is something I had wanted for weeks but was too afraid to try until Archie helped me get over my fears.

Freddie’s cock looked beautiful; I just had to feel it between my lips. I had to taste him.

I opened wide and engulfed his cock, firmly locking my lips around the base once it had slipped down my throat. Freddie nearly screamed as he felt my warm mouth on his cock, thankfully he got control of himself.

There were others in the showers, boys, girls, men and women. I didn’t care if they watched us, I didn’t notice them; I only had eyes for Freddie and his firm thin cock.

Freddie held onto my head and started to thrust in and out of my mouth slowly, Archie hadn’t done this, so it took me by surprise, but I found that we soon got into a rhythm as I went down as he thrust in and my throat opened up, taking him deep inside me. Each time he felt my throat squeeze his cock, I would hear a groan from above me.

I would smile and stifle a giggle as my nose buried into his small patch of thick brown pubes on his otherwise hairless body. I tried to stick out my tongue to see if I could lick his balls while his cock was in my mouth, but I struggled and gave up.

Instead, I let his cock slip from my lips, and I held it up with my hand while I sucked in one of his balls, his sac was loose from the warm water of the pool and the warm shower. His balls were smaller than Archie’s and weren’t covered in long thin hairs.

His bollock popped out of my mouth, and I tasted the other one, it seemed bigger. I enjoyed the sensation of the small but firm eggs in my mouth, the sense of trust he had in me not to hurt him made it feel special.

I licked myself back up his cock as his ball fell from my lips, his cock had been leaking, and his shaft tasted salty. I played with his exposed knob with my tongue, flicking his frenulum, teasing his slit. I watched as a pearl of precum emerged from his cock as Freddie moaned loudly. I sucked it off and then dived down on his cock.

Freddie held my head again as he thrust into me, I felt his cock throb, and both of us knew he needed to cum, we didn’t want to wait. Freddie was getting quicker as he fucked my face, and I was eager to taste his seed.

We got back into our rhythm. I groaned each time I swallowed Freddie’s cock, the vibration in my throat sending waves of pleasure up his body.

Freddie shouted. “I’m cumming.” The whole pool must have heard him.

He allowed me to spit out his cock, but it would have taken a team of rugby players to drag me off his cock. I sucked hard waiting for the inevitable, waiting to feel his cock swell even thicker and feel the splash of viscous fluid at the back of my throat.

Freddie didn’t disappoint. His cock was resting on my tongue as it exploded and coated my mouth with cum. I didn’t think he was going to stop, and it started to leak out the corners of my mouth and down my chin.

Eventually his cock calmed down, and Freddie dropped his arms down his sides in exhaustion.

I pulled off his cock and watched as the slime-covered member bobbed around in front of me. For a moment, I played with the cum in my mouth and then swallowed. He tasted sweet, but there was a salty aftertaste.

With an empty mouth, I took his cock and licked it clean. It didn’t go soft, but Freddie would sometimes flinch when I licked his knob. It was too sensitive for him, so I took pity on him and stood up.

“That was fucking fantastic,” Freddie whispered, and we kissed.

While our lips and tongues played, Freddie grabbed my hard cock and started stroking me. It only took a few strokes before I gasped into his mouth and shot my cum over his belly.

“Let’s rinse off and relax in the hot tub,” Freddie suggested when we stopped kissing, needing air.

Around me I heard voices declaring, ‘great show’ and ‘I need someone to do me, now’ but we ignored them and went back out to the pool area and sank ourselves into the even warmer waters.

It was a little busy, but some people were getting out as we slipped in. It felt so relaxing. I put my arm around Freddie, and we just smiled at each other for a moment before scanning the others with us.

There was a couple next to Freddie, making out and judging by his reactions, I suspected the young lady was stroking the man under the water.

I looked at the other end of the pool. A woman was facing outwards, leaning over the edge, a hairy man was behind her, thrusting his cock inside her cunt.

My cock instantly became hard. I nodded to Freddie to take a look at them.

Then it dawned on me, and my cock wilted so fast it retreated inside my body. That hairy man was my Dad, and the woman was Freddie’s Mum.

I didn’t want to watch it, but I couldn’t stop. My mouth was slack-jawed, but Freddie just laughed at my reaction.

A lifeguard walked towards me, laughing as he patrolled the pool. He was naked except for a red sash over his shoulder, on which dangled a whistle. He crouched down to whisper in my ear.

“I don’t know why you’re so shocked, buddy, after what you just did in the showers.”

I looked at his cute face, his brown hair flopping in front of his eyes, almost covering them.

“W…what!” I stammered.

“Besides, it’s your fault they’re at it. They watched you suck off your friend in the showers and came right out here to fuck.”

“Oh, shit. No.” My Dad had seen me suck Freddie’s cock. My face went bright red.

“That’s his Dad, and he’s fucking my Mum.” Freddie giggled at the lifeguard.

The young lifeguard laughed, the sound reverberated around the pool, and it drew the attention of a few eyes.

“I’m Kes, by the way. I just started a few weeks ago. This place is fucking fantastic.” Kes beamed.

“I’m Freddie, and the mortified boy who is going to need counselling is Leo. He’s not used to our ways yet.”

“I can’t stay here and watch this,” I told them and got out of the hot tub. I could hear Freddie’s wet feet padding behind me, trying to catch me up.

I walked as far away from them as I could. I just could not unsee the image of my Dad’s hairy arse thrusting in front of me.

Freddie took me to the poolside café. I noticed Archie and Andy lounging on chairs. Archie was drinking out of a paper cup and absent-mindedly fondling his soft cock.

I dashed over to him.

“No running!” I heard a yell from the other side of the pool. Kes had bellowed at me.

“Oh, fuck Archie.” I sat opposite him in a spare chair. Freddie stood next to me. If I didn’t feel so traumatised, I would have enjoyed seeing his cock near my face.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Archie put his paper cup down.

I pointed to the hot tub. “Our Dad is fucking their Mum. Over there.” I said in a secretive hushed tone.

Archie just laughed. Andy smirked.

“If you weren’t so interested in sucking off Freddie, you would have seen them hit it off. I think it’s great. Good on him, I say.”

I slumped back in my chair and heaved a heavy sigh.

We heard a high-pitched squeal come from the hot tub.

“I think Mum’s just cum.” Andy said.

“And that’s Dad,” Archie said when we heard a deep guttural groan.

I couldn’t help it. I chuckled. It seems Dad and Archie soon overtook me in getting acclimatised to Cockaigne.

“Fuck it,” I said. “Come here.”

I grabbed Freddie’s waist and pulled him closer. I sucked his soft cock between my lips and started to blow him.

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