Archie’s Date
by David Heulfryn

I was up and at the door before Grace got a chance to knock. I was wearing some beige chinos and a pale blue button-down shirt. She took one look at me and burst out laughing.

I threw my arms open wide and mouthed ‘what’ at her.

“I thought we were going on a date. But if you’re late for a job interview then we can do it another day.” She chuckled.

Admittedly I wasn’t exactly used to going on many dates, the farm kept me busy and quite often at unsociable hours. This was the first date I’d been on in about six months.

Grace, on the other hand, looked casual in a tight pair of jeans which accentuated her round hips, and a simple white t-shirt. On her shoulders was a leather jacket, balancing in case she needed it later.

When she finished laughing at me she told me to get my coat and I got into the passenger seat of her car.

Grace was taking the lead on this date and I followed like a well-trained puppy. I had expected to drive but never got the chance to suggest that I did.

She drove back towards Cockaigne.

“It was me who asked you on a date.” I said to her. “So, where are you taking me.” I grinned but as she was driving I doubt she saw.

“I thought we could go to my favourite restaurant.” She glanced over at me before getting her eyes back on the road. “And it is still your date. You’re paying.” She chuckled.

“Fair enough. I choose where we go and I pay, that’s female emancipation for you.”

“Bollocks is it. You asked me out so you pay. If I asked you out I’d be paying. And we are going to my favourite restaurant because you want me to have a good time.”

“Fair enough.” I wasn’t going to start to argue, I still wanted us both to have a good time.

Grace pulled into Cockaigne centre car park and we started to walk along the main high street.

I went to grab her hand, to hold it. She pulled it away.

“Jesus, you really are out of practice.” We both stopped and we looked at each other.

I looked at her confused and I suspect my mouth was open slightly.

This time she reached over and grabbed both my hands. “Look Archie, you are sweet and you are cute.” I could feel myself blush, “that is why I agreed to go on a date, but you need to stop trying so hard. I’m here and we’ll see how it goes, see how we get to know each other.”

I looked down at my feet, she made me feel out of my depth.

She let go of my hands and put a finger under my chin to lift my head up. She then kissed me and I could feel myself smile as our lips were connected.

“That’s better, keep that cute smile on your face.”

Grace grabbed my hand and we carried on walking.

There was a moment when I wondered what I had got myself into, she was certainly a confident woman who knew her own mind and was afraid to show it. I didn’t know if this was because she was a trained security officer or if it was just who she was.

We walked in silence but I thought how refreshing it was to be with someone who wasn’t afraid to say what se wanted. I suppose it took some pressure of me.

“I’ve never been out in Cockaigne.” I said. “Dad disapproves so I haven’t wanted to upset him.”

“That’s understanding of you. Do you manage to get out much, what with the farm?” She asked.

“Not really.” I sighed, “at this time of year the farm takes up all our time. And when we finish I’m usually too knackered to think about going out. My mates try to drag me out but they’ve given up now.”

“Shame. You need some time out, just for yourself.”

I turned to look at Grace. “That’s why we’re here.” I smiled. “So where are we going?”

“It’s a small restaurant called ‘Nature’s Table’.” The moment she told me the name she stopped. “And we are here.”

It looked quite dark from the outside, but I noticed some curtains in the front window and the silhouette of some diners at tables.

Grace didn’t let go of my hand and pulled me through the door. We weren’t met by a restaurant full of tables and diners, as I’d expected but we were in a long hallway lined with lockers. Grace released my hand and pulled her t-shirt over her head.

Ahead of us a naked man appeared. “Welcome, Sir, Madam. Table for two?” He asked.

“Yes, thanks, Manuel. It’s his first time so be gentle with him.” She nodded towards me.

The man, Manuel, came towards me, his hand outstretched to shake my hand. “Welcome to Nature’s Table, Sir. The town premier and best vegetarian restaurant.” He looked to be early forties and was clean shaven, everywhere. He stood at slightly over six feet and as we shook hands I could see the stubble on his chest and when I looked down I could see the stubble above his pendulous cock and balls; it looked to be at least six inches and his silky foreskin pinched at the end to conceal his knob head, but you could clearly see the ridge of his helmet through his soft skin.

“Thank you.” I stuttered.

Grace unclipped her bra and I stared at her as her pert breasts were released.

“We are also a strictly nudist restaurant.” Manuel spoke and I tore my eyes from Grace’s naked chest to look at him. “No exceptions.” He was firm.

I must have looked very scared as Grace told me not to worry. “It natural.” She told me, “the human body is nothing to be ashamed of.”

She pulled down her jeans and I saw she was wearing a black lace thong. Under normal circumstances it would get me excited but my cock didn’t respond, I was too nervous.

“I will put your clothes into a locker, Sir, and let you have the key.”

Grace had sorted herself out and now stood in front of me, naked. They both looked at me.

“Come on, Archie. Hurry up I’m starting to get hungry.” She sounded impatient.

They both carried on looking at me intently. I was rooted to the spot, unsure of what to do. Do I turn and run or go along with this and strip naked? I reasoned that this was perfectly normal here in Cockaigne. No one would bat an eyelid if you walked down the street naked so I suppose sitting naked in a restaurant wouldn’t bother anyone either, except me. I was not used to walking outside naked and the only time I ate while I was naked was when I was home alone.

“Come on, Archie.” Grace encouraged me, “the food here really is worth the temporary embarrassment.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. If I turned and run, I would feel humiliated, afraid of my body and others. But to be naked in a room full of strangers would also be humiliating. Either way I would be humiliated.

My desire to get to know Grace better made the decision for me and I slowly started to unbutton my shirt.

“Good boy, Archie.” Grace smiled.

I wish she hadn’t said that. I cringed at being treated like a little child.

They watched intently as I stripped. Now was not the time to be bashful; Grace had already seen me naked, cock out and sprawled on the stairs, and Manuel just seemed to want to get my clothes and get us seated. His eyes showed no signs of checking me out.

I was thankful that I hadn’t worn my old threadbare boxer shorts but decided on a new-ish pair of light blue briefs, which coincidentally matched my shirt.

Although the man didn’t check me out, Grace did. She looked at the bulge in my briefs and watched as I pulled them down.

“Thank you, Sir.” Manuel said as I handed him my underwear. He may have me on length, but I was definitely thicker.

It took all my effort not to instinctively cover my crotch with my hands. I didn’t want to come across as a prude, but I felt my cheeks flush.

Once Manuel handed me the key to my locker, he walked us into the dining area.

Manuel sat us at a small table in the corner by the window. We sat opposite each other with me looking out at the street. The curtain diffused the light from outside to give the restaurant and intimate atmosphere. Although what could be more intimate than a bunch of people eating naked.

“Well this is nice.” I said and we looked at each other for a moment and then we laughed. “Yes, it is a bit weird. For me at least.”

“Look, Archie,” Grace began, “this is me. I wanted to get it all out of the way first to make sure we weren’t both wasting our time.”

Grace looked sincere but I struggled to keep my eyes off her tits which looked like they were almost resting on the table.

“Look at me, Archie.” She admonished me.

I looked at her and apologised. “Sorry, but all this is new to me.”

“For me, nudity is a way of life. That’s why I love it here in Cockaigne and why I moved here like a shot once I got the chance.” Grace drew a deep breath. “I understand that this is different for you but you have come this far.” She reached across the table to take my hand. “You are here, you are naked, you didn’t die of embarrassment as a result. No one care how big or small you dick is. For all of us in here,” she gestured to the other diners, “this is normal and you are the strange one. You and perhaps your family need to shift their perspective a little, you do live right on the edge of Cockaigne.”

Grace’s lecture was interrupted by Manuel coming to our table asking if he could take our order.

I turned and stared right at his cock and balls. I smiled and looked up. “Sorry, we haven’t had a chance to look at the menu. But can I have a drink?”

We ordered a drink and the waiter left us alone again.

I picked up the menu and then looked over at Grace. “Is this a bad time to say I was looking forward to a good steak?”

Grace laughed.

“I’m afraid that I’m just a hick farmer and never really got into any of this. What would you recommend?”

“Don’t put yourself down, Archie. I’m surprised you’re still here. It shows you’re open to new things.” I looked away, somewhat embarrassed at the compliment. “I think I’m going to have the Seasonal Veggie Enchiladas, they are very tasty and you’ll find you wont miss the meat because of all the gorgeous Mexican flavours. Or you could have something a little more traditional, like the Veggie Lasagne, that’s always good.”

“Those enchiladas sound delicious, I’ll go for those.”

We had a wonderful meal, the food was delicious and I didn’t miss the meat at all. Grace told me about her family. She and her brother were raised as naturists all their life and would be around the house naked together and even go to naturist resorts on holiday at least once a year. Occasionally they would have a ‘textile’ holiday where they wore clothes, but that was if they wanted to see somewhere specific, like Paris or Rome or Vesuvius. They would try and find naturist places to stay but that wasn’t always possible.

When the prospect of moving to Cockaigne was a distinct possibility, the whole family clubbed together to buy a large house there. I expressed my surprised that she decided to move in with her family again, but she said that she couldn’t afford to move to Cockaigne and live by herself.

Grace didn’t ask me if she wanted desert, she just ordered two gooey chocolate cakes. Her ‘guilty pleasure’ she told me.

With the first forkful she groaned and I felt something against my bare leg.

“Delicious.” She said as she suggestively pulled the fork from between her lips.

Grace stroked my calf with her foot and she looked longingly into my eyes. I felt a shock of electricity travel to the end of my cock and made it throb. Her foot moved higher and made its was between my legs. The moment her foot connected with my cock made me jump and my cock throbbed again. I was getting hard despite being in a room full of people. I looked around, no one was interesting in what was happening at our small table.

She flexed her toes and played with me. My cock rose up and I glanced down, it was pointing to the ceiling.

“Give me your foot.” Grace demanded as she forked in another piece of cake.

I lifted my foot but had no idea what to do. Grace put down her fork and reached under the table. She grabbed my foot and pulled it towards her until I could feel her thick pubic hair tickling my sole.

Grace held my big toe between her thumb and forefinger, I let my leg relax to allow her to put it where she wanted.

It was then that I knew what she wanted. I flexed my foot and rubbed her lips with my big toe.

“Now you’re getting the idea.”

I was glad that I kept my toenail short as I pushed inside her and wiggled. Grace giggled and raised her other leg to trap my cock between her feet. In return my foot was trapped between her thighs, my toe inside her cunt.

My hard cock rested between the arches of her feet. It must have been awkward for Grace, but she started to move her feet up and down along my hard shaft.

I looked either side of me, hoping no one was noticing what she was doing and I stifled a groan as I felt my cock throb and pre-cum ooze from my exposed head.

Across the table, Grace smiled at me and continued to rub my cock.

“Grace, please.” I whispered at her but she didn’t stop. “Not here.” I let out a groan.

The naked waiter come over to our table. I stared at his cock as it wobbled in from of me. “I hope you’re are enjoying your dessert. It is one of the restaurant’s specialities.”

I just kept looking at his long, soft cock at my eye level, his foreskin retracted slightly so his knob head teasingly started to poke out.

“We are enjoying it just fine.” Grace told him without missing a stoke of my cock. “It’s Archie’s first time and I hope he’ll come back for more.”

“Oh, yes.” I groaned, but this was in response to what Grace was doing to my cock.

I didn’t care that my toe was still in her twat and I didn’t care that the naked waiter obviously knew what she was doing to me.

“You’ve hardly touched yours and it’s right in front of you, Sir.” The waiter said to me.

My eyes were still locked on his soft cock and I licked my lips thinking that he wanted me to taste it. For a moment I wanted to, I wanted to feel his soft cock between my lips.

I closed my eyes and turned to face Grace. I could sense both of them watching me intently.

My cock throbbed again and I felt a long stream of pre-cum ooze from my cock. It must have been flowing over Grace’s feet as I could feel a wetness being smeared over my shaft.

“Please, no more.” I opened my eyes and begged Grace. She just smiled. She must have known I was getting dangerously close.

“But you’ve hardly touched yours, Sir.” The waiter watched as I squirmed in my chair.

I scrunched my face up and gripped then of the table.

“Fuck!” I wanted to scream but swallowed the word instead. My cock throbbed and my balls ached.

Grace kept rubbing my shaft as it lurched between the grasp of her feet.

My body went limp as my cock spewed cum between us. I didn’t feel any land of me but I didn’t know where it went. Juding from my lurching cock it was a huge load.

I rested and breathed heavily, trying to get my breathe back. Grace gently rubbed my shaft a few times before I felt it floating free in the air.

I pulled my toe from her twat and rested my foot back on the floor. My foot nearly slipped in a pool of cum.

Grace sat up. “I think dessert is the best party of a meal.” She forked in the last piece of her chocolate cake. “But you seemed to be enjoying yours too much to let me enjoy mine. Perhaps I can have my dessert when you take me home.”

“An excellent idea, Ma’am. Shall I get your bill?” The waiter asked Grace.

Grace nodded to him and he left us.

“What the fuck was that?” I managed to whisper over to Grace when I had recovered and we were alone again.

“A perk of living in Cockaigne.” She looked around us, “and no-one gave a damn. You need to let go of your inhibitions.”

I felt strangely hurt by what she said. I never considered myself to be a prude but up until now, sex in public was a boundary I had never crossed.

The waiter came back with a piece of paper on a little silver tray. I didn’t get a chance to pay, Grace took the tray and signed it.

“On my account, thank.” She handed it back to the waiter. “If you could bring us our clothes, thank you.”

Grace told me to give him my locker key.

The waiter soon returned with two paper bags and handed them to us.

I waited for Grace to stand first and looked at her hairy crotch and her pink lips that shone from the dark hair.

When I stood up, all three of us looked down at my cock. It was slimy with cum but at least I had deflated to a half hard state.

I followed Grace and after saying good bye to our naked waiter, we slowly walked back to the car. After what had happened to me in the restaurant, I didn’t feel even remotely awkward walking naked back to the car.

“Do you mind if I drop you home? I don’t want to bring you back to my place. My parent and brother will be home.” Grace asked.

“Sure.” I think I sounded disappointed. I don’t know what I was hoping to happen next, but I didn’t want the date to end.

At the car, Grace took the paper bag from me and threw it in the back of the car.

The car park was almost full, but I didn’t see anyone else about. She came to me and kissed me, passionately on the mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me.

My hands went to feel the globes of her arse and I felt my cock begin to rise again.

I felt my cock harden and my foreskin retract. As my knob head was poking out of its sheath, I felt the scrape of her rough pubes against my piss slit. It sent a shiver up my spine and I pushed and rotated my hips trying to guide my cock to her hole.

Eventually I found it and I pushed inside.

Grace gasped into my mouth and broke off our kiss.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. All my inhibitions melted as I fucked her, standing up against her car, in a well-lit car park with people walking by occasionally. I didn’t care, and neither did they.

After I came inside her, she drove me home. We kissed again and she said she would call me.

Dad and Leo were still up when I got home. Both were in the sitting front watching the television. And both were naked.

I sat down on a chair.

“So how was the date?” Dad asked.

The three Dartos boys were all naked and neither of us cared. This would never have happened a few weeks ago. What has Cockaigne done to us?

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