A Family Affair
by David Heulfryn

It was a quiet Sunday morning, and all the Dartos boys were in bed. But they weren’t alone. Leo was sleeping with Freddie, Marcia was snuggling against Doug in his kingsize bed, and Archie was cramped as he was sandwiched between Grace on one side and Andy on the other; how they fitted in a single bed is a mystery.

It was Leo that stirred first and felt Freddie’s naked body pressed against him. He held him tight and kissed his forehead.

Leo could feel his hard cock pressing against Freddie, but he could also feel his bladder pressing hard in his groin. He had to pee, he couldn’t hold it any longer.

Freddie stirred and turned over as Leo slid from the bed and gently walked to the bathroom. The house was silent, and still; he wondered what time it was. Leo took the tip of his hard cock between his forefinger and thumb and pressed hard, this relieved his erection sufficiently for him to pee.

In the silence, the sound of his pee splashing in the water was deafening; it echoed throughout the house. Leo shook his cock and flushed.

Leo felt wide awake despite having a late and energetic night. Since he’d lost his anal virginity to his brother, he couldn’t get enough of being fucked, and Freddie was happy to oblige; the novelty had yet to wear off for either boy.

No one ever shut their bedroom doors anymore, they were now comfortable with nudity and intimacy. Last night, after Freddie had fucked Leo, they went to check on Archie and watched a while as he was in the middle of a threesome; Archie had his cock thrust firmly in Grace’s cunt as Andy fucked Archie in the arse.

The sight of their brothers fucking, aroused Leo and Freddie and the sound of his Leo’s dad grunting as he fucked Freddie’s mum followed them as they went back to bed for another fuck. This time, Leo fucked Freddie.

Leo went to check on Archie again. He looked so serene as he slept entangled with Grace and Andy. Leo loved his brother, and he’d felt so elated when Archie took his virginity, it was the most significant gift he could ever give him. Since that first time, Archie had been busy with the farm and dating Grace for him to fuck Leo again, and as Leo watched his brother, his arse pulsated at the anticipation that Archie would fuck him again.

Leo reached behind him and felt his arsehole, he slipped a finger inside and could still feel Freddie’s cum clinging to him. He pulled his finger out and sucked it. The cum may have been eight hours old, but it still tasted like Freddie.

As he watched the sleeping Archie, Leo could feel his cock get hard again, then he felt Freddie’s arms wrap around his waist and his breath in his ear.

“They look so sweet, don’t they?” Freddie whispered.

Leo nodded.

As they stared at their naked brothers, they heard Doug lightly snoring. They went to look and found Doug and Marcia naked and snuggling together, the duvet in a pile on the floor. Doug had moved onto his back which had caused him to snore.

“Do you think they are serious?” Leo asked.

“Don’t know. What does it matter? They’re enjoying themselves.” Freddie shrugged.

“I suppose so. Dad hasn’t been with a woman since my mum died, not even a date.”

“Then he deserves some fun. I know my mum does.” Freddie said. “Let’s leave them be and get some breakfast. I’m starving.” Freddie smiled, recalling the energy he expended last night. Fucking and being fucked undoubtedly gives you an appetite in the morning.

They didn’t bother getting dressed before going downstairs, and for ease, they just grabbed a box of cereal and ate around the kitchen table. They ate in silence, only the crunching of the cornflakes could be heard.

Freddie must have inhaled his breakfast as it was gone so fast. “I needed that. You give a growing boy quite an appetite Leo.” He grinned over at Leo, who was still eating.

As Freddie watched Leo’s smooth face munch on his breakfast, he could feel his cock grow hard. He had never felt this way before about any of his boyfriends and was surprised that the sight of Leo doing something so mundane as eating could stir his cock.

There was no stubble on Leo’s face, despite being seventeen his was still smooth and only shaved about once or twice a week, he expected to get darker stubble later, but for now, it was fair and wispy, unlike his body hair. Dark tufts of hair poked out from Leo’s armpit, and although Freddie couldn’t see at that moment, a thick dark patch of pubes framed his pale, smooth cock nicely.

Freddie stood and went to stand next to Leo, showing him his hard cock.

Leo glanced at the drooling member and shovelled in another spoonful of cereal.

“I think my cock is impatient for you to finish.” Freddie smiled.

“Too bad.” Leo spluttered with a mouthful of cornflakes.

“Hurry up and finish.” Freddie was impatient and started to stroke his cock.

Leo shovelled in his cereal, and despite leaving a few dregs in his bowl, he picked it up and grabbed Freddie’s empty bowl to put them in the sink.

Freddie stood, watching Leo tidy up.

“Now!” Leo declared, “I’m ready for you.”

Leo pushed his chair aside and crouched down to suck in Freddie cock. He loved the taste of his cock and was pleased when it pulsated and deposited precum onto his tongue. Leo loved the sweet nectar of his fifteen-year-old boyfriend. Freddie’s cock was a nice size to fit in his mouth, not so big that he gagged; he loved the sensation of Freddie’s knob hitting the back of his throat while his nose was buried in his lush, mousey pubes.

Freddie ran his hands through Leo’s hair as he moaned and rocked his hips, moving his cock inside Leo’s mouth.

Leo reached below and gave his cock a few short strokes, and a rope of precum ran from his exposed knob to the shiny kitchen floor.

Both boys groaned. This was something they both enjoyed. But Freddie wanted more, he wanted Leo’s arse, and Leo was willing to give it.

Leo spat out Freddie cock and sat on the edge of the kitchen table, he leant back and raised his legs in the air, now Freddie understood why Leo cleared the table.

Freddie dived down and started to lick and probe Leo’s hole with his tongue. Leo grabbed onto his knees, hugging them close to his chest, his face contorted with the pleasure Freddie was unleashing onto his anus.

Leo could feel his hole open, and he instinctively bore down, a pearl of old cum emerged to be lapped up by Freddie.

Freddie smiled as his tongue tasted the cum coating Leo’s inside. Ready lubed, he thought.

“Don’t keep me waiting!” Leo chuckled, and could now feel Freddie’s tongue pushing deep inside his arse. It wasn’t enough for Leo, he needed to feel Freddie’s cock deep inside, tickling his bowel walls and pushing against his prostate.

Precum flowed from Leo’s cock, smearing his stomach as he held his legs high. He desperately wanted to drape them over Freddie’s shoulder’s as the effort was becoming too much.

Freddie straightened up and pointed his hard cock at Leo’s gaping hole. He took hold of Leo’s ankles and pushed his cock inside Leo with a firm and steady thrust.

Leo gasped as he felt his arse filled with cock, expanding his insides and rubbing against his prostate. He arched his back and closed his eyes as his cock throbbed at being stimulated from the inside.

“Fuck, Leo. My cock was made to be inside you.” Freddie groaned as he could feel Leo’s bowels squeezing his cock.

Freddie leant forward and kissed Leo. This forced Leo’s knees behind his head and his hips to curl upwards, stroking Freddie cock.

Their mouths were still locked together when Leo told Freddie to fuck him. Leo wanted to feel Freddie’s cock ramming hard inside him, pushing deep.

“You want it hard?” Freddie smiled as he pulled away from the kissing, their lips wet with saliva.

“Fuck me, Freddie. I need to feel you deep inside me. I want you inside me forever.”

Freddie pulled back and rammed his cock back inside Leo.

Leo grunted and the loud slap reverberated around the kitchen. Leo’s skin shook, sending waves up his body and his cock spewed out precum which flew around the kitchen.

“Yes!” Leo gasped, the sensation sending his head into a world of delight.

He wanted to heighten his pleasure and attempted to grab his cock to stroke it while Freddie rammed his arse. But he couldn’t manage it, his body was limp, and the forceful fucking made it difficult to grab hold of anything. Leo let his arms fall to the side and simply bathed in the endorphins Freddie was fucking into his bloodstream.

Sweat was beading on Freddie’s forehead as he carried on as hard and fast as he could, but he didn’t have the stamina and was forced to slow down a moment. He gasped to catch his breath before starting again.

Leo squealed with pleasure. The noises coming from the kitchen must be travelling upstairs. Anyone awake would be able to hear them fucking on the kitchen table. But neither boy cared. Freddie just needed to release another load inside Leo, and Leo needed to feel Freddie’s thick cock inside his arse.

Neither boy noticed a very naked and very hard Andy leaning in the doorway, his arms folded. He was restraining himself from wanking while watching his fifteen-year-old brother fuck his seventeen-year-old boyfriend. But the casual way and his cock, occasionally bouncing, betrayed his feelings.

Freddie was on the verge of collapse, exhausted and sweating profusely. He was determined to cum soon. Either that or die trying.

Leo bore down on the invading cock making Freddie grunt.

“Fuck!” Freddie growled through gritted teeth. “I’m cumming.”

Leo helped Freddie and bore down on his cock again. He slipped his legs from Freddie’s shoulders and wrapped them around his waist, his feet resting against Freddie’s arse, pushing his cock deeper inside.

Freddie grunted again and stood suddenly motionless as his cock spewed cum deep inside Leo’s arse. His face was contorted in some frightening rictus as the waves of pleasure overwhelmed him while his cock throbbed, painting Leo’s insides.

His balls ached after his wild ejaculation, and he was exhausted. Freddie collapsed on top of Leo, panting.

Leo turned his head and saw Andy standing watching them. He had a massive smile on his face, and his cock was still hard and throbbing with his heartbeat.

“Will you ask your brother to fuck me, please?” Leo whispered to Freddie.

Freddie jolted his head to see Andy standing in the doorway.

Leo sighed and began to feel empty as Freddie slowly pulled his cock out of his arse.

Freddie went over to his brother, and Leo could hear them whispering to each other. Andy shook his head, and Leo felt disappointment, but Freddie kept talking, and Leo smiled when Andy walked towards him.

“I’ll hold his legs.” Freddie tried to be helpful as he reached over to grab Leo’s ankles and lift his legs, splaying them as wide as he could.

Andy disappeared from view, and Leo felt a finger touch his gaping hole. Andy appeared and sucked his brother’s fresh cum from his finger.

Without saying a word, he pushed his cock into Leo.

Leo squealed in ecstasy, Andy’s cock was thicker than Freddie’s and stretched him further.

Freddie let go of Leo’s legs and let them rest on his brother’s shoulders. He went to kiss Leo, but they kept butting heads and teeth as Andy fucked him hard.

Andy’s fuck was quick. But when Andy noticed Archie and Grace, naked, standing in the doorway watching him fuck Leo, in the same place where he had watched his brother fuck Leo, his face went bright red, and his thrusting cock began to stutter.

Andy was about the pull his cock out of Leo. He felt the need to apologise to Archie, but Archie nodded, indicating he was okay with what was happening.

“Don’t worry, I know he wants it. He’s wanted it for some time now.” Archie smiled and enjoyed watching the sex show which Grace grabbed his cock and slowly stroke him. In return, Archie slipped his finger into her cunt and played with her clit. She was wet from watching Andy pound Leo and even let out a faint squeak as she came and gripped onto Archie’s fingers with her cunt.

Freddie was now a spare part. His cock was damp and limp as he watched his brother fuck his boyfriend.

Archie beckoned him over, and he put his arm around him.

“You’ve turned my brother into a sex maniac. I knew this would happen once the Genie was let out of the bottle. He’s making up for lost time.”

Freddie looked apologetically at Archie.

“Don’t worry,” Archie laughed, “I’m so glad my little brother has finally found love and the intense pleasure that a good fucking can give him.”

Freddie smiled. “I know you were his first, so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you had thirsty thirds.”

Archie looked over at Grace, his eyes asking permission. She shrugged and smiled. Her cunt tingled at the thought of watching Archie fuck his brother.

Archie almost bounced up and down with excitement. Andy was in his final throes and was pumping his cum into Leo.

Andy collapsed on to Leo, just like his brother had, and Leo smelt the sweat from the man’s body.

Archie came up behind Andy and gave him a firm slap on his backside. “Get up you lazy arse.”

Andy heaved his dead weight of a body from Leo, his cock slipping from his well fucked hole.

Archie watched as cum began to seep out of Leo’s hole and decided to quickly plug the gap. His cock slid in so easily, he thought he had missed, but the Noble brothers and well and truly opened up Leo.

Leo mustered the energy to lift his head and smile at Archie as he gently fucked his brother. Archie could never fuck him hard, use him as a mere object to make him cum. Each stroke was made with tender loving care, their eyes not straying from each other. These two brothers certainly had a connection, and it was at its most tender and evident when Archie and Leo were physically connected, cock to arsehole. Archie didn’t fuck Leo, he made love to him.

The Noble brothers stood either side of Grace and watched. Freddie was hard again, and Andy was slowly getting back up. Grace reached over and slowly stroked the brothers.

The brothers reached over and played with Grace’s cunt. Freddie gently caressed and rubbed her clit while Andy thrust three fingers inside her cunt, finger fucking her.

The three spectators were slowly coming to their climax as they watched the beautiful Dartos brothers make love in front of them.

Grace came first, followed by Freddie. Andy took a little longer, but he eventually came and shot his spunk onto the kitchen floor. He noticed that he shot further than Freddie.

The two Dartos brothers were in a passionate clinch, their chests glued to each other and the lips connected as they gently kissed while Archie’s hips twisted and rotated as he moved his cock inside Leo’s arse.

Archie groaned and gave his hips a couple of firm thrusts. He was coming.

After a final kiss, Archie climbed off his brother and looked down at Leo’s hard cock. He still hadn’t cum. Archie looked lower and at his brother’s arse. It was still open with cum smeared around the edges and seeping out.

Grace came behind Archie and gently pushed him aside. She poked his well fucked hole and scooped out some cum.

“This boy needs to cum.” She said and pushed the cum from his arse inside her cunt. “What better lube,” She declared and climbed onto the kitchen table.

“Have you ever fucked a girl?” She asked Leo.

He shook his head and just watched as she grabbed his hard cock and guided it into her slimy cum riddled cunt.

It didn’t take long before her gentle riding on his cock made Leo cum.

She climbed off and left him exhausted, drained and flat on his back on the kitchen table.

Grace noticed Doug and Marcia standing behind the boys, having watched some of the action.

Doug burst out laughing, turned to Marcia and said, “Shit! If she gets pregnant, that kid is going to have four dads.”

The Dartos and the Noble family had indeed forgotten their initial distrust, and possibly hatred, of each other from when they first met. These two families were going to be joined for a long time to come.

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